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By Jason R. Rich

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Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (2)

Memorial Day weekend is here, and so are the Memorial Day discountson big-ticket items like TVs.

Whether you're ready to spend top-dollar on a cutting-edge TV, or you're on a tighter budget and want a great TV that offers really good value for less money, take advantage of the deals being offered during Target's Memorial Day sale to find the ideal TV for your living room, bedroom, guest room, kitchen, or family room. And if you want to go big -- very big -- you'll find TV's with 75-inch and larger screens on sale, too.

Best TV deals available right now at Target

Right now, during Target's Memorial Day sale, you'll find more than 80 TV models, from a variety of brands, currently on sale. Most of these TVs are being offered in a variety of popular sizes. Our in-house team of shopping experts has curated this roundup that features some of the best TV deals you can take advantage of at Target right now.

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Samsung 65" Crystal UHD 4K smart TV: $400 (save $130)

Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (3)

If you're seeking an affordable television set for a guest room or child's bedroom (or even for a smaller size living room) this Samsung 65-inch Crystal UHD 4K TV is a great option now that's it's priced at just $400. (That's $130 off.)

Like all Samsung TVs, this one operates using the intuitive Tizen operating system, so it's simple to find the programs you want to watch, when you want to watch them -- on any of the streaming services you subscribe to.

This isn't a cutting-edge TV, but it does offer 4K resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate. It uses a backlit LED display and contains two HDMI ports on the back. To enhance picture quality, the TV supports HDR10+, HLG and HDR10. It comes with a stand, but can just as easily be hung on a wall using an optional mount.

$400 at Target

Samsung 55" Frame 4K smart TV: $1,400 (save $100)

Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (4)

Samsung's Frame TV is a top pick amongst our readers and with good reason. It features an ultra-thin, matte finish display that can showcase your favorite shows, movies and video games with the utmost clarity and using vivid colors.

What sets this TV apart is that when you're not watching shows or movies, the Frame displays high-resolution versions of famous artworks (and they look incredibly real). As a result, this TV will help to decorate your living space and never force you to look at a black rectangle on your wall. When the Frame TV is hung on a wall, it resembles a framed picture (and you can even choose your frame color and style, so it matches the room's decor).

During its Memorial Day sale, Target has cut the price of this popular and versatile, 4K resolution TV by $100, so you can purchase the 55-inch version for just $1,400. The Frame will immediately enhance the overall appearance in whichever room you place it.

For more information about Samsung's Frame TVs, check out our in-depth review.

$1,400 at Target

TCL 32" Class S3 1080p LED smart TV: $140 (save $20)

Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (5)

A 32-inch smart TV is a bit small for a living room or bedroom, but it's the ideal size for a kitchen, for example. Right now, this TCL LED smart TV is on sale for just $140. Keep in mind, it only offers 1080p resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate (not 4K with a 120Hz refresh rate), but it does support HDR10 and HLG.

This TV showcases an elegant, edge-to-edge glass design that provides a modern appearance that blends seamlessly into any home. And if you want a private viewing experience, you can pair this low-cost TV with any Bluetooth headphones or wireless earbuds.

In addition to having two HDMI ports on the back, the S3 smart TV supports Chromecast and runs using the popular Google TV operating system. This means it's ready to stream content from all of the services you subscribe to. And it works with Google Assistant, too.

$140 at Target

Samsung 85" Q60D QLED smart TV: $2,200 ($100 off)

Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (6)

The true cinematic experience that so many people crave can be achieved with this premium Samsung 85-inch QLED smart TV. It runs using the Tizen operating system. Not only can it easily stream content from all of the services you subscribe to, but Samsung provides plenty of free live and on-demand programming you can access at any time.

The Q60D displays 100% color volume using Quantum Dot technology, so it's able to showcase breathtaking colors that stays true at any level of brightness. The TV is able to display more than one billion colors -- brightly and accurately.

When it comes to watching action movies and sports or playing your favorite video games, the TV's Motion Xcelerator feature ensures that all of the action appears smooth and fluid, with minimal lag or blur.

The Q60D will made the perfect addition to a living room or any room where you want to create a dazzling home theater set up -- that is, if your viewing space can accommodate a massive, 85-inch display.

During Target's Memorial Day sale, save $100 on this popular TV and pay just $2,200.

$2,200 at Target

Samsung 98" DU9000 HDR Crystal 4K Smart TV: $3,800 (save $200)

Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (7)

If you thought a 75-inch or 85-inch TV offered a stunning, larger-than-life immersive picture, just wait until you check out the incredible picture that this Samsung 98-inch smart TV produces. This TV is truly massive, so make sure your viewing space can accommodate it and that viewers will be able to sit at the proper distance away from the screen to truly enjoy whatever's being watched.

We love that this TV uses artificial intelligence to handle 4K upscaling in real-time. This means that when you're watching content produced in native 720p or 1080p resolution, the television will automatically upgrade the picture quality to as close to 4K as possible.

And when you're watching action-oriented sports or movies (or playing video games), the TV's Motion Xcelerator feature will kick in to provide a quick, 120Hz refresh rate that ensures whatever you're watching appears fluid.

Overall, this is a great quality TV and it's on sale for $200 off at Target, so you can purchase it right now for just $3,800.

$3,800 at Target

Samsung 65" Class Q60D QLED 4K smart TV: $900 (save $100)

Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (8)

A 65-inch TV is the perfect size screen for most average-sized living rooms and bedrooms. And we're fans of the overall quality and features packed into Samsung's TVs, including this Q60D model.

It features a sharp and vivid QLED (dual LED) display that's able to produce 100% color volume using Quantum Dot technology. The Q60D also does a great job upscaling native 720p and 1080p content to as close to 4K resolution as possible. And it's ready to stream all content from the video streaming services you subscribe to. You also get access to live and on-demand programming that's offered for free from Samsung.

Like all of Samsung's higher-end TVs, this one supports the company's Q-Symphony feature, which means you'll hear incredibly lifelike sound when you pair the TV with a Samsung soundbar or surround sound system. Another great feature is that you never need to worry about the remote control's batteries going dead. The TV comes with a solar-powered remote.

Head over to Target right now and take advantage of the $100 off deal being offered during the company's Memorial Day sale. You can take this popular TV home for just $900.

$900 at Target

LG 48" Class 4K OLED smart TV: $1,000 (save $300)

Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (9)

To experience bright, crystal clear and detailed visuals -- with an extra level of contrast and depth -- we recommend investing in a TV with an OLED display. So, if you're looking to add a smaller size TV (in this case 48 inches) to a more compact viewing space within your home, check out this LG 4K OLED TV. It's now on sale at Target for $1,000 -- a $300 savings.

Thanks to its 120Hz refresh rate, this TV is perfect for gaming, watching sports, enjoying action movies, or becoming immersed in whatever you're viewing. The TV supports both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos which work together to produce a high-quality picture that's combined with impressive sound (even without having to use a soundbar with the TV). You also get support for HDR10+ and HLG.

This OLED TV is powered using WebOS and it supports Apple AirPlay. It also has four HDMI ports built in, so connecting your gaming equipment, a soundbar or other gear is easy.

$1,000 at Target

Sony Bravia XR55X90L 55" 4K LED smart TV: $1,048 (save $252)

Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (10)

This is the 2023 version of the premium Sony Bravia XR55X90L smart TV. It features a 55-inch, full-array LED display and a 120Hz refresh rate. This hardware configuration makes it perfect for watching high-action movies and live sports without experiencing pixelation or blur.

And since this is a Sony TV, it's designed to work seamlessly with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 video game consoles. We're fans of this TV because its Cognitive Processor XR delivers a picture with wide dynamic contrast and natural colors. It nicely replicates how people see the real world. We're also big fans of the TV's integrated IMAX Enhanced and Netflix Adaptive Calibrated modes.

From this Bravia TV display, you can expect to see deep blacks, high peak brightness and billions of accurate colors continuously displayed. With its 55-inch screen, this TV is ideal for smaller living rooms and bedrooms.

During Target's Memorial Day sale, you can buy this TV for $252 off its regular price, so you'll pay just $1,048.

$1,048 at Target

LG 65" OLED Evo C4 smart TV: $2,297 (save $403)

Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (11)

The LG OLED Evo C4 will make the perfect addition to an average-sized living room or bedroom. You get a premium-quality OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Plus, LG's signature OLED technology creates an incredible viewing experience and stellar picture quality that's nicely illuminated using more than 8 million self-lit pixels.

You'll experience rich and accurate colors -- from the brightest to darkest parts of each scene -- thanks to 100% color volume and 100% color fidelity. When it comes to gaming, this TV supports NVIDIA G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium and VRR. It's also ready to stream all of your favorite content from whichever services you subscribe to, along with the more than 300 free channels that LG makes available on-demand.

The Evo C4 taps the power of LG's α9 AI Processor Gen7 processor to provide superior image and sound quality. Right now, you can save $403 on this TV at Target and pay just $2,297.

$2,297 at Target

LG 83' Class 4K OLED smart TV: $3,300 (save $1,500)

Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (12)

There's that saying, "Go big, or go home." Well, head over to Target and purchase this LG 83-inch, 4K OLED TV, so you can go big and take it home (assuming this massive size screen will fit comfortably within your viewing space).

This year, extra-large size TVs have become wildly popular. This is your chance to save $1,500 and add one of these huge screens to your living room, family room or home theater room. For a limited time, Target is selling this bestselling LG TV for just $3,300.

As you'd expect, this TV's OLED display can showcase sharp and accurate colors, deep blacks, bright whites and incredibly good contrast. It even has a brightness booster feature to ensure consistent lighting across the entire screen (that adapts to what you're watching).

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support further enhance the picture and sound quality this TV can produce, whether you're watching native 4K resolution content or using the TV's AI-based upscaling to improve the image quality of native 720p or 1080p content. And when it comes to watching action-oriented content, the display's 120Hz refresh rate will make everything look fluid.

$3,300 at Target

Whatever you're shopping for throughout this Memorial Day holiday, be sure to check out all of our latest sales and deals coverage. It could help you save a fortune.

Jason R. Rich

Jason R. Rich ( is an internationally recognized consumer technology expert with more than 30 years' writing experience. He's also an accomplished author and photographer. One of his most recently published books, The Remote Worker's Handbook: How to Effectively Work From Anywhere ($24.99, Entrepreneur Books) is now available from Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Best Memorial Day TV deals at Target (2024)


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65 inches8 – 9 feet10 – 12 feet
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