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Chapter 4048

In the end, this rejuvenating elixir was sold to a Jewish businessman in his seventies for eighteen and a half-billion dollars.

This businessman had been suffering from various chronic diseases.

Such as diabetes, hypertension, and coronary heart disease for many years, and his health was declining.

And some time ago, his doctor found out that his blood creatinine index was high, and his kidneys had also started to irreversibly decline.

Coupled with other medical conditions, doctors speculate that he will enter the end stage of kidney disease in a few years.

At that time, he would have to rely on long-term dialysis to sustain his life or hope for a kidney transplant.

With so many chronic illnesses plaguing him, plus his already very poor health.

The doctors estimate that his life expectancy will hardly exceed ten years.

If you look at him this year he is only seventy years old, but he already looks old.

With half the appearance of seventy years old, but one can say eighty-five or even ninety years old.

When he succeeded in auctioning this rejuvenation pill, he slowly walked up to the stage with the support of his son.

On the stage, after praying reverently, he gratefully took the rejuvenation pills that the staff fed into his mouth.

This time, the whole audience witnessed the turning back of time.

The old man, who was so old, became much younger at a speed visible to the naked eye.

And his originally hunched body gradually straightened up.

The tycoon, himself, did not know how much the chronic disease in his body had improved at this moment.

But he could feel that the state of his entire body was improving at an extremely fast pace.

And soon made him feel lighter all over his body.

Not to say ten years younger, but at least back to the state of five years ago.

This makes his heart excited, a person kneeling on the ground, looking up to the top of the head.

In his mouth chanting some kind of religious ritual.

At this moment, the monitoring room.

Issac saw the old man kneeling on the ground, his mouth constantly breaking into pieces.

And couldn’t help but spit out a sentence, “It’s obvious that the Rejuvenationing Pill helped him,”

“But he turned his head and wanted to thank God.”

Charlie smiled faintly and said, “From a materialistic point of view, it’s true that the Rejuvenation Pill helped him,”

“But if we look at it from a nonmaterialistic point of view,”

“He may feel that God entrusted my hand to bring the Rejuvenation Pill to him,”

“And this situation is not uncommon. In fact, this mode of thinking is similar across the religions, and there is no need for us to judge others.”

Issac nodded and said seriously, “You are right, young master.”

Charlie couldn’t help but smack his lips at this time and spoke,

“The situation is a bit beyond my expectation, a quarter of the Rejuvenation Pills have been auctioned to 18.5 billion,”

“So it seems that the finale of the whole Rejuvenation Pills, breaking 100 billion shouldn’t be a big deal.”

Speaking of this, Charlie could not help but think in his heart,

“According to the analysis of Elder Lai’s trigram,”

“The probability is that Douglas Fei will not be able to bid for the Rejuvenation Pill,”

“Which means that at today’s auction, there must be a certain big shot hidden who is more powerful than him and can overpower him.”

“Otherwise, Douglas, with a value of nearly a trillion dollars, is absolutely proud of the whole audience at today’s auction,”

“So it doesn’t make sense that he can’t take this Rejuvenation Pill.”

“Who could that big shot be? Among all the registrants, there is simply no way to see such a powerful existence,”

“After all, even Douglas himself has only declared assets of 100 billion dollars.”

“As for that Bernard Elnor who was forced by me to match the goods with two billion yuan,”

“Although on paper data, it looks like the person with the highest value in this auction,”

“But he simply can’t be Douglas’s opponent.”

At the thought to this, Charlie through the security camera stared at No. 99 that Conrad Huo for a long time.

His heart secretly said: “Could it be that hidden in the shadows of the big man it is him?”


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Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4048 – MTL Novels (2024)
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