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Chapter 6281

President Pei had planned everything,

But he didn’t expect that he would trick Jacob into submitting his resignation application.

In fact, his original intention was not to trick Jacob.

He really wanted to keep a director position for him,

But later his wife whispered in his ear that it was no longer worthwhile for him to help Jacob at the time,

And it was a losing business.

So he simply used the resignation application that Jacob had already submitted to kick him out of the association.

In his original expectation, this matter would not have any other negative impact except causing Jacob’s dissatisfaction with himself.

After all, even Master Orvel was too lazy to care about him,

So what else did he have to worry about?

However, he was just playing around and didn’t expect that Master Orvel could actually come back and punish him with the resignation application right away,

Which made him unable to cope with it.

President Pei, who was extremely nervous, hurriedly defended himself,

“Master Wu, this matter is not what you imagined.”

“I am indeed under too much pressure.”

“You should know that the incident that Jacob had with Ervin before had a very bad impact.”

“Countless eyes were staring at me, waiting to see how I deal with it.”

“If I didn’t deal with it impartially,”

“It would have been difficult to convince the public!”

Orvel said coldly, “Of course, there is no problem with impartiality,”

“But your behavior of deceiving others to submit resignation applications and then taking the opportunity to drive them out of the association, is it a means of impartiality?”

“The so-called impartiality of your association is not so despicable?”

President Pei was speechless.

He also knew very well that Orvel’s entry point for asking for punishment was perfect.

He could always use how serious Jacob’s crime was to excuse himself,

But no matter how he excused himself,

The resignation application could not be explained away.

At this moment, he couldn’t help but curse his wife in his heart:

“This prodigal woman is getting smarter and self-righteous every day!”

“If she hadn’t given me this bad idea, I would definitely still protect Jacob.”

“In that case, Master Orvel would definitely not come to me to blame.”

“He might even thank me for my loyalty to Jacob.”

“Now, I’ve become a villain in front of Master Orvel.”

Seeing that President Pei stopped talking,

Orvel’s tone became even colder, and he asked:

“What’s the matter, President Pei,”

“Don’t you want to pay attention to me?”

President Pei hurriedly said: “No, no, Master Wu,”

“I don’t want to pay attention to you, I… I’m reflecting…”

Having said that President Pei sighed and said devoutly:

“Master Wu, I was indeed wrong in this matter.”

“Please give me a chance and let me try my best to make up for it.”

Orvel asked him: “I remember that your association’s official account has already released the news of his resignation.”

“What can you do to make up for it now? Tell me first.”

President Pei explained: “Master Wu, our official account has indeed posted the news,”

“But Jacob hasn’t come back to handle the resignation procedures yet…”

“I will call the vice presidents in the association to have a good chat,”

“And find ways to get them to nod their heads,”

“Cancel Jacob’s resignation application, and let him come back.”

Orvel asked again: “How confident are you?”

“This…” President Pei wiped his sweat and explained,

“Master Wu, I can’t guarantee you 100%,”

“But I will definitely do my best to promote this matter.”

“I don’t think the problem should be too big.”

Orvel asked again, “What position are you going to give Mr. Willson?”

President Pei sighed and said, “Master Wu,”

“I won’t hide it from you. I really can’t give the position of executive vice president to him,”

“Because when he got into trouble before, this position had already been taken by the vice president below.”

“If I let him give up his position now, and give it to Jacob,”

“He might make a fuss to the provincial government…”

Orvel said: “Although you handled this matter very unfairly,”

“I will not make it too difficult for you.”

“I will not ask you to re-assign Mr. Willson to the position of executive vice president,”

“But you must at least find him a middle-level management position.”

“In addition, I hope you can find an opportunity to express your apology to Mr. Willson in person.”

“You handled the matter so ungently, and it is essential to apologize in person.”

“Okay, okay! I will definitely do it!”

President Pei dared not say a word to Orvel, and could only agree.

It was not difficult for him to apologize to Jacob in person,

But how to find a middle-level management position for Jacob?

If he had not listened to his wife’s instigation and did not mess around before,

It would have been a good opportunity to deal with Jacob,

Demote him, and let several key positions be promoted to one level.

But after all, he missed that good opportunity to go with the flow,

And now it is like sailing against the current to do it again, which is somewhat difficult.

However, although it is difficult, he did not dare to bargain with Orvel.

Orvel hummed coldly and reminded him,

“Since you said you can definitely do it,”

“Then give me a clear answer this time tomorrow.”

“Okay!” President Pei gritted his teeth and agreed, saying,

“Don’t worry, I will call them to a meeting to discuss it right away!”

Orvel smiled and reminded him casually, “President Pei,”

“I don’t think you can leave the Calligraphy and Painting Association for a while.”

“You and Mr. Jacob will work together in the Calligraphy and Painting Association for a long time in the future.”

“I hope you can get along well.”

After Orvel finished speaking,”

“He hung up the phone without giving him a chance to react or respond.

His words suddenly awakened President Pei from a dream.

He suddenly understood why his upward path was suddenly blocked by the so-called layoffs.

It turned out that the crux was Orvel!


The crux was entirely on Jacob!


Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 6281 – MTL Novels (2024)
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