Hof van Vronestein 7 (2024)

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Hof van Vronestein 7

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  • 57,0 m 2
  • floor
  • €1,032.00 excl.*Conditions apply. See price details.
  • Available per Per direct beschikbaar

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Hof van Vronestein 7

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  • Lottery
  • Semi-furnished

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Building nameHof van Vronestein 1 (More about building)
AddressHof van Vronestein 7 (Show on map)
More about location
Residence typeApartment
Living area57,0 m2
Max. occupantsFamily (parents with children)
Private outside area
Pets allowed
Location in building
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Energy label
More about this residence
Type of contract
Minimum stay12 Months
See requirements
Basic rent€1,032.00
See price details

About residence

Stay at Hof van Vronestein
Welcome to one of the 240 apartments at Hof van Vronestein. Starting off in the living room, there’s plenty of space to create a seating and dining area. One of the highlights of the living space is the outside balcony. A great place to enjoy listening to birds waking up and soaking up the first or last rays of sun.

The open kitchen works great for cooking up your favorite meal while staying in contact with those in your living room. Designed in white with a dark kitchen top, it has a soft and timeless elegance. Appliances include an induction plate, fridge with small freezer compartment, dishwasher, and cooker hood. There are enough sockets for appliances such as your kettle and coffee machine. Utensils are in easy reach – as well as your snacks. Need more space? There’s a small storage for essentials you don’t use daily or want to store away.

This apartment has two bedrooms with enough space for a big bed and optional closet. Use the other room as an extra bedroom, office space, or hobby room. Your bathroom is the place where you start and end your day, and where you sing a cappella as if no one is listening. The walls are completely tiled with white tiles, in contrast with the dark grey floor tiles. It’s equipped with a hanging toilet, shower with a glass door, a sink with vanity and mirror, and a design radiator to dry and warm up your towels. There’s a connection for a washing machine.

What’s included
This apartment comes semi-furnished, meaning you can decorate the space to your own liking. We serve you with a warm wood-like PVC floor, creating an elegant blend with furniture of your choice. This home includes white walls and fitting curtains. Style-wise, the rest is yours.

Good to know:

  • Gasless building
  • Semi-furnished apartment
  • Wood-look PCV flooring installed
  • All walls finished in white
  • Blackout curtains to cover up the windows
  • Kitchen with appliances (induction, dishwasher, fridge, combi oven)
  • Connection for washing machine in bathroom
  • Storage room

Shared spaces at Hof van Vronestein
Hof van Vronestein is designed to foster a sense of community. Positioned around a shared garden, there’s a good balance between privacy and connectivity. Serving as the heart of the community, this is a place where neighbors gather or to simply unwind by yourself. Understanding the importance of convenience, there’s a possibility to park your car in the parking lot. There’s bike storage as well.


Find Hof van Vronestein in down-to-earth Nieuwegein, in the middle of some proper nature and neighboring Kasteel Rijnhuizen. Nieuwegein borders Utrecht and is one of the fastest-growing Dutch areas. It’s not big, but has everything to suit your needs, making it a popular place to rent. With one step in the big city and one in the countryside, you’ve got the best of both worlds.

  • Stock up on your groceries at one of the supermarkets nearby, taking you maximum 10 minutes by bike.
  • Close to the attractive shopping mall Cityplaza where you can find fashion shops, supermarkets, bakeries, and plenty of recreation as a cinema and theater.
  • There’s a bus stop (Wattbaan) only a block away, taking you to Utrecht Central Station or into Nieuwegein. Feeling fit? Grab your bike and cycle to Utrecht’s city center in 30 minutes.

See where Hof van Vronestein can take you on Google Maps.

General requirements

To rent this residence, you have to register in the Basisregistratie Personen (Personal Records Database) at the municipality.

Income requirements
• Working professional

You can book this residence as a working professional.

Your gross monthly income (including the average bonuses, allowances and holiday payments), should be at least:

Gross monthly income

Booking as a couple? Your joint income is the highest income plus 50% of the second income


To verify your income, you need to upload your employment contract and 3 recent salary slips after booking.

Dutch young professionals can be guaranteed by parent(s). Reach out to us to discuss your options.

• Temporary agency worker

As a temporary agency worker, you can only book if you've been working for your agency for more than 52 weeks (Fase B or Fase C). Note that having a secondment contract doesn't guarantee that we accept your booking. We'll evaluate your case to determine if you're eligible to book. Contact us at info@holland2stay.com to check if you can book this residence.

• Self-employed or own business

We need additional information to determine if you’re eligible to book. Reach out to info@holland2stay.com to discuss your possibilities.

• Any doubts?

Please contact us at info@holland2stay.com for more details.

Price details

Please see the overview below for all the details on pricing of this residence:

Monthly rent
  • €1,032.00
  • €57.00
  • This includes an advance payment for the cleaning and energy costs of the common areas, the caretaker, and other service and maintenance costs. Every year in July, we will send a settlement bill of the service costs from the previous year.

  • €215.50
  • This includes an advance payment for heating, water, and upholstery. Every year in July, we'll send a settlement bill of the service costs from the previous year. Please note that electricity and internet & TV are not included. You need to arrange this yourself.

  • €1,304.50
  • €1,300.00
  • In order to confirm your booking, you need to pay €200. This amount serves as a partial deposit payment. You need to pay the remainder of deposit after signing your contract
Housing allowance
  • Housing allowance is a subsidy provided by the government to residents on a low income with a relative high rent. Read more

  • No
Hof van Vronestein 7 (2024)
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