How to Get the Shark Race V3 in Blox Fruits: Player Guide (2024)

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Learn all the ins and outs of the Shark Race V3 in Blox Fruits

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  • Getting the Shark Race V3
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Are you curious about the Shark race’s abilities in Blox Fruits and want to unlock them for yourself? The Shark race is known for its considerable damage reductions, especially with V3 unlocked—and, of course, the ability to swim in water freely, like a real shark. Reaching V3 means getting V1 and V2 first and doing a series of quests, so we’ve compiled this step-by-step guide to unlocking the Shark race V3 in Blox Fruits!

Quick Guide to Unlocking Shark V3

  1. Switch your race to Shark V1 by purchasing a race reroll.
  2. Find the Alchemist and track down a red, blue, and yellow flower for them.
  3. Reach level 1,000, defeat Don Swan in his mansion, and collect at least $2,000,000.
  4. Find Arowe in a cave under Diamond’s Hill and accept his quest for the Shark race.
  5. Locate a naturally-spawned Sea Beast in the Sea 2 or 3 and defeat it.
  6. Speak to Arowe once more and pay $2,000,000 to upgrade to Shark V3.

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Getting the Shark Race V3

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  1. 1

    Switch your character’s race to Shark (if it isn’t already). Your race in Blox Fruits is assigned randomly when you first begin the game, with a 12.5% chance to get Shark right off the bat. If you still need to get V1 of the Shark race, you can buy a race reroll (or as many rerolls as you need to become a Shark). Buy them from:[1]

    • Tort, an NPC at the Café
    • The in-game shop for 90 Robux
    • Special event NPCs at Event Shops
  2. 2

    Complete the Colosseum quest from Bartilo. Find Bartilo in the Second Sea’s Café and accept his quest, which is actually a string of assignments. He’ll first ask you to defeat 50 Swan Pirates in the Kingdom of Rose, then defeat Jeremy, a boss enemy on the tallest mountain to the right of the Kingdom of Rose. Lastly, you’ll have to rescue gladiators from under the Kingdom of Rose’s Colosseum.[2]

    • To rescue the gladiators, you must solve a puzzle under the Colosseum—but luckily, the solution is on a table in Don Swan’s mansion.
    • The following characters best resemble the puzzle’s code: Y, ∞, C, S, M, F, N, B. Simply press each symbol on the wall under the Colosseum to complete the puzzle.
    • Remember that you must be level 850 or higher to do this quest, which unlocks the ability to speak to a key NPC, the Alchemist, who can upgrade you to Shark V2.


  3. 3

    Find the Alchemist and complete their quest. Look for an NPC called the Alchemist in the Green Zone, under a blue mushroom near the bridge. They’ll have a quest for you: to find a red, blue, and yellow flower for them so they can unlock your potential (which means upgrading you to V2). However, you must finish the quest before leaving the server to save your progress.[3]

    • Yellow flower. To find the yellow flower, travel to the Second Sea and kill any NPCs in the area until a flower spawns.
    • Red flower. Red flowers only bloom during the daytime. Search around during the day, and check different locations if you can’t find one at first.
    • Blue flower. Blue flowers only bloom at night and won’t spawn while the Darkbeard raid boss is spawned. Make sure you wait until night to look for this flower!
  4. 4

    Return to the Alchemist and pay them to unlock Shark V2. Bring your flowers back to the Alchemist, and they’ll offer to make a potion for you—but only if you can pay $500,000. Gather the money (if you haven’t already) and pay the Alchemist; once you do, they’ll upgrade your Race to Shark V2.[4]

    • You can easily (and consistently) make money in Blox Fruits by completing Raids, Sea Events, and Elite Hunter’s quests.
  5. 5

    Defeat Don Swan in his mansion and reach at least level 1,000. Don Swan is a boss enemy with a mansion in the Second Sea; he’s level 1,000 and respawns every 30 minutes. Travel to his mansion and get the key to his room by giving Trevor (an NPC near the pool) a physical fruit worth $1,000,000 or more. Then, use the key to enter Don Swan’s room so you can face and defeat him.[5]

    • It’s also important to note that you must be at least level 1,000 to upgrade to Shark V3, so spend some time leveling up if you haven’t gotten that far already.
  6. 6

    Find Arowe and accept his Shark race quest. Arowe is an NPC located in a hidden cave under Diamond’s Hill. He’s responsible for all V3 race upgrades—and, unlike the Alchemist, each upgrade quest is race-specific. Speak to Arowe, and he’ll ask you to kill a naturally-spawned Sea Beast (not a summoned Sea Beast) to qualify for the Shark V3 upgrade.[6]

    • If you don’t meet all the requirements for V3 (upgrading to V2, reaching level 1,000, and killing Don Swan), Arowe will say, “Come back when you’re prepared enough.”
    • If you don’t have $2,000,000 (which is also needed), Arowe will say, “You’re still lacking $2,000,000.”
  7. 7

    Defeat a naturally-spawned Sea Beast. Find a boat and sail away from any islands in Sea 2 or 3, where a Sea Beast can spawn.[7] From there, the goal is simple: fight the Sea Beast and win the battle! Because of your Shark form, you won’t take any damage in the water, so you can freely attack the Sea Beast with everything in your arsenal.

    • You can usually buy a boat from a location with sea access, especially a dock. Boat prices vary based on the type, but it doesn’t matter what kind of boat you take to find the Sea Beast.
  8. 8

    Return to Arowe and pay him to upgrade to Shark V3. With the Sea Beast dead, let Arowe know you’ve won your battle, and he’ll ask for $2,000,000 (although you need to have that much money to get the Sea Beast quest in the first place, you won’t have to pay until afterward). After you pay Arowe, he’ll give you the Shark V3 upgrade—congratulations![8]

    • If you leave the server or die before finishing Arowe’s quest, you’ll have to restart it by speaking to him again.
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Shark V3 Benefits & Abilities

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  1. Shark V3 unlocks the Water Body ability. When activated, Water Body decreases the damage you take from other players and NPCs by 65% and increases your swim speed slightly. This ability lasts for 4.5 seconds and has a 30-second cooldown time. Upgrading to Shark V3 will also change your appearance, giving you two extra fins on your arms.[9]

    • Shark V1. V1 of the Shark race decreases the damage you take in water and increases your speed while in the water. It also gives you a blue shark fin on your back.
    • Shark V2. V2 of the Shark race makes you fully immune to taking damage from water and gives you a speed boost both in and out of the water.

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Pros & Cons of Shark V3

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  1. 1

    Pros Water immunity is a significant benefit of the Shark form since it can often substitute for a boat (although you won’t be immune to water damage with Shark V1 yet). Thus, Sea Events can be much easier with the Shark race, especially if you don’t have fruits that enable you to walk on water (like Magma V2).[10]

    • Shark V3 is super helpful for surviving combos and powerful attacks, which also makes it useful for PvP (especially players who may be new to PvP).
  2. 2

    Cons Fruits like Ice V1 and V2, Magma V2, Buddha V2 (transformed), Dough V2, and Kitsune can help you walk on water, meaning you might not need the Shark race’s abilities (although the Shark’s abilities can still protect you from being pulled underwater, while the fruits can’t).[11]

    • If you have high energy or mobility, you might also be able to cross oceans faster with air dashing and using the mobility skill than you could while swimming.
    • Despite these potential drawbacks, the Shark race still has some nice benefits overall!
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