Matt Light Football Camp back for 30th year - Miami Valley Today (2024)

Matt Light Football Camp back for 30th year - Miami Valley Today (1)

Kids participate in a past Matt Light All-Conference Football Camp held in Greenville annually, which will hold it’s 30th camp on on June 17-18 at Jennings Field.

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GREENVILLE — The Light Foundation, founded by former New England Patriots offensive tackle and three-time Super Bowl Champion, Matt Light and his wife Susie, are gearing up to celebrate three decades of football excellence.

The much anticipated 30th Annual Matt Light All-Conference Football Camp is set to take place on June 17-18 at Jennings Field in Greenville. This milestone event will welcome 300 young athletes between grades 2-8 for two days of skill-building, camaraderie, and mentorship.

The Matt Light All-Conference Football Camp has long been recognized for its commitment to fostering athletic prowess, leadership development, and sportsmanship among youth football players. Now in its 30th year, the camp continues to inspire and empower young athletes from across the region, said a press press release from the Light Foundation. This is proven by how quickly the registration fills up. This year it filled in under three hours.

This year’s camp will feature an exciting lineup of activities, including specialized coaching sessions, skills drills, and friendly scrimmages. It continues to attract aspiring football stars from across the region, providing them with expert coaching, valuable skills training, and a chance to learn directly from one of the NFL’s finest.

“We are thrilled to commemorate 30 years of the Matt Light All-Conference Football Camp,” said Matt Light, Founder of the camp in the press release. “This milestone anniversary is a testament to the dedication of our coaches, volunteers, staff, and participants who have made this event a cherished tradition in our community.”

Of the 300 students attending the camp, 250 will participate in traditional camp activities tailored to their grade levels, focusing on skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Meanwhile, 50 students entering grades 7 and 8 have registered under the Light Leaders’ mentor program, where they will have the opportunity to lead and inspire the younger generation under the guidance of experienced coaches.

“The two-day program will offer attendees a chance to learn about pride, discipline, attitude, and team play, with an opportunity for Light Leaders to take on a more challenging role,” says Shaffer, in the release. “This is where Matt played during grade school, and it’s really inspiring and very memorable for these young athletes.”

Schools represented at this year’s camp include: Ansonia, Arcanum Butler, Brookville, Carlisle, Celina, Coldwater, Concord, Cookson, Covington Exempted School, Eaton, Englewood Hills, Forest Elementary, Franklin Monroe, Greenville City Schools, Heywood Elementary, Hollinsworth East, Homeschools, Hook Elementary, Immaculate Conception Catholic School, Legacy Homeschool Center, Little Miami, Marion Local, Minster, Mississinawa Valley, National Trail, Newton, Piqua, Piqua Central, Preble Shawnee, Randolph Eastern, Rushmore, Springcreek, St. Patrick School, St. Mary’s Catholic School, Tippecanoe, Tri-County North, Tri-Village, Troy Christian, Troy City Schools, Van Cleve, Venice Middle School, Versailles and Weisonborn.

“Larry Masters initiated this tradition three decades ago with a vision of making it accessible to the entire community, which led to the vital involvement of local businesses as financial backers,” said Light. “That commitment from our local partners persists to this day. Each year, we emphasize to attendees and their families the invaluable support provided by our local sponsors, urging them to show appreciation by supporting these businesses and acknowledging their contribution to this indispensable program.”

Financial support for the Light Foundation’s Matt Light All-Conference Camp has been provided by the following: Touchdown Sponsors: Greenville Moose Lodge, McBo’s Lanes, Schmidt Photography, Jon Coomer Investment Management, and Christopher McKieran. Next up are the First Down Sponsors: Pepcon | Poeppelman Materials Co., Greenville National Bank, Wayne HealthCare, Dairy King, Win Nutrition, VPP, and Greenville City Schools. A nod of gratitude goes to the Second Down Sponsors: Turtle Creek, Flaig Lumber Co., Dave Knapp Ford Lincoln, Prosperity Promotions, Park National Bank, and MM Defense. The Third Down Sponsors stepped up to help, too. Thank you to: Moeller Door & Window, Gordon & DeSantis Orthodontics, Brethren Retirement Community, Dr. Stephen R. Stentzel, D.D.S., Troutwine Auto Sales, Wolf Tent, Cater Box Food Catering, and Zechar Bailey Funeral Home. Thank you to the Fourth Down Sponsors as well: Bruns Animal Clinic, Double M Diner, Walker Construction, Scott Family McDonald’s, and Dominos.

The Light Foundation,, was established in 2001 by three-time Super Bowl Champion and three-time Pro-Bowler Matt Light. Matt was drafted in 2000 out of Purdue University and become the anchor for the Patriots Offensive Line until his retirement in 2012. The Light Foundation strives to instill and augment the values of responsibility, accountability, and hard work by providing youth with unique outdoor learning experiences that assist them in reaching their highest potential. Its goal is to lead young people down a path to becoming responsible members of their communities who can pass on the torch of leadership and achievement to their friends and families. Matt Light received the third New England Patriots Ron Burton Community Service Award in 2005, and in 2008, was presented the President’s Volunteer Service

Award for his outstanding work in the community by the Bush administration. In 2012, he won the Pop Warner Humanitarian Award, and in 2014, was selected by All Sports United as its Humanitarian of the Year. Since its inception in 2001, the Light Foundation has raised nearly $6 million for various programs and initiatives. For more information, please check out the Light Foundation’s social media pages at and

Matt Light Football Camp back for 30th year - Miami Valley Today (2024)
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