The charismatic Charles Wade Chapter 3301-3350 - EthicLearner (2024)

Chapter 3301

Hearing Joseph’s words, Chengfeng finally breathed a sigh of relief, indeed, he did not expect that being an old lick dog would be so tiring.

So he promised: “Don’t worry, I will personally go to your parents’ grave to pay my respects!”

He said, he deliberately sighed, “I am now waiting for the day of Qingming you smoothly k!ll on Wadrest, oh no, smoothly k!ll on Wanerest!”

Sure enough. Chengfeng’s sentence of emotion immediately shifted all the conflicts in Joseph’s heart to the Wade family.

Joseph gave a fierce laugh. Gritting his teeth, he said, “A mere Wade family, what can stop me from k!lling at Wanrest? When the time comes, there is no need for me to personally take action, just send one of the four commanders under my command, the Wade family will not be able to resist!”

After saying that, his expression became colder and colder, and he said in a stern voice: “But. I still want to let the Wade family feel what is called crushing!”

“At that time, my four commanders will definitely gather at Wanrest Mountain! I’ve waited for this day for twenty years, these twenty years I’ve been lying in wait, enduring humiliation, just to not leave any room for the Wade family to turn back when this day comes!”

Chengfeng resumed his dog licking face and said with a smile, “In that case, I will return to the capital on the day of Qingming, and I will be there when you move the graves of your parents on the second day of Qingming!”

“Good!” Joseph nodded and said offhandedly, “After I move my parents’ casket into Wanrest Mountain, I will immediately lead the Four commanders to Aurous Hill personally, no matter what, I will find out the truth about Uncle Su’s disappearance, as long as he is still alive, I will definitely bring him back safely!”

Chengfeng said excitedly, “Joseph with your personal efforts, I believe Zynn will be able to return safely!”

Joseph added: “Don’t worry, when we find out who is behind the attack on Uncle, I will definitely cut him off and never leave any hidden problems for Uncle Su!”

Chengfeng was so excited that tears were coming out, he actually did not care whether Zynn could come back alive or not. What he really cared about was the benefactor of Zhiyu, as long as he could be k!lled, he would not have any worries!

At this moment, Joseph’s subordinate, who was extremely powerful, suddenly picked up a satellite phone and said to Joseph, “Supreme Commander, it’s a call from the Green-Eyed Wolf King!”

The Green-Eyed Wolf King was the War Commander Walter, one of the four War Commanders of the Cataclysmic Front. Moreover, he was the Commander who was the most sk!lled at leading troops into battle in the entire Front.

For this cooperation with Syria, Joseph then handed over more than ten thousand elites, as well as the entire command, to him.

Chapter 3302

Although the Cataclysmic Front is a modern mercenary organization, its internal structure is very much in the martial arts style.

The four War Commanders of the Cataclysmic Front also followed the example of the four guardians of the Ming Cult in martial arts novels and gave themselves four fancy names with a strong martial arts flavor, namely the Green-eyed Wolf King, the White-clothed Tiger King, the Black-faced Panther King and the Golden-furred Lion King.

Among them, the Green-eyed Wolf King and the White-clothed Tiger King are both of Chinese descent. The Green-Eyed Wolf King is naturally Walter, who is in Syria, while the White-clothed Tiger King is the young man with superb strength beside him.

As for the black-faced Panther king and the golden-furred lion king, they are black of African descent and a blond white of American descent respectively.

At this moment, the black-faced Panther king is in Yemen, while the golden-furred lion king is in Palestine.

Seeing that Walter called him, Joseph immediately said with a smile, “It seems that our Green-Eyed Wolf King is going to send me the latest good news today!”

“Since the moment he entered Syria, he has been able to destroy and break through the country. The war in Syria has already advanced by half, and the remaining opposition groups are no longer in a state of flux, so I think we will be able to purge them in a few days.”

As he spoke he was in a good mood, immediately took the phone from the white tiger king, opened his mouth, and said with a smile: “Walter, how many battles have you won today?”

Walter on the other end of the phone said in a shameful tone,

“Supreme Commander! Today, the troops of Robin’s encountered unprecedented resistance in the attack against Hamid’s armed forces, and Robin’s army is k!lled, and the Cataclysmic Front lost a total of 1,534 elites!”

“This is because of my incompetence in command, so please punish me!”

Joseph’s expression suddenly became incomparably gloomy.

He questioned in a cold voice, “What did you say? The Robin is dead? And lost over fifteen hundred soldiers?! Are you joking with me?”

“Supreme Commander, this …… is not a joke ……,” Walter said in agony, “According to what I know, they were using the normal infantry and artillery But I did not expect the other side to build a strong permanent fortification.”

“The artillery bombardment simply did not cause a substantial blow to the other side, and then the other side relied on the permanent fortification, in the process of our attack on us to cause heavy defeat ……”

Joseph asked sternly: “Then how did Robin die? He was a five-star war general, was he also k!lled by the enemy hiding behind the fortifications? As our highest commander in this war, did he also personally charge into battle?”

Walter let out a long sigh. Explained: “Supreme Commander, after the frontal attack was ineffective, Robin led 1,000 soldiers to make a detour through the enemy’s flank.”

“But unexpectedly, the other side also built a large number of hidden fortifications on the flank, and they mistakenly entered the enemy’s fire range. Where the other side unilaterally slaughtered them, Robin also failed to escape ……”

Speaking of this, Walter sadly continued: “The scouts took pictures of the enemy cleaning the battlefield, our brothers died too badly, everyone was shot more than a dozen rounds, and the ba5tards are really too inhumane.”

“Cleaning the battlefield, not only the weapons and ammunition of our soldiers were seized, even their pants, boots, were stripped off. It’s really worse than animals ah!”

Hearing this, Joseph grabbed his wine glass and slammed it on the ground, then stood up and cursed angrily, “What a disgrace! What a disgrace!”

“You are all the elites of the elites that I have carefully cultivated, and Robin was even a top five-star general, but you were defeated by a trash army in Syria, 1,500 elites died in battle, and even a five-star general died.”

“This has never happened before in the history of the Cataclysmic Front! Even in the most tragic battlefield, we have never lost a five-star war general!”

When he said this, Joseph was already so angry that his veins were rippling, he gritted his teeth and questioned, “Are you guys worthy of the fame that the Front has built up in the global mercenary field for so many years?

Walter was ashamed and said, “Supreme Commander! This time it was my misconduct in command, I am willing to accept all punishments, even if you dismiss me on the spot, I have no complaints ……”

“The first thing I want to do is to give you a chance to avenge brothers with my own hands! Give me three days, within three days, I will take Hamid’s base and use his head to pay tribute to my dead brothers!”

Chapter 3303

Joseph was not exaggerating, since the establishment of the Cataclysmic Front, it had never experienced such a tragic defeat and blow.

In a single battle he lost more than 1500 people, what is this?

Many mercenary organizations, from top to bottom, even the fighters with miscellaneous levels, the entire number of casualties together is not that much.

Blackwater led a large number of inadequately trained miscellaneous army, followed the United States in the Middle East for so many years of war, a single battle has never seen casualties of more than 100 people.

Of course, this has a lot to do with the powerful firepower of the U.S. Army.

This time, the Cataclysmic Front lost so many people in one breath, in the field of mercenaries, this is indeed astonishing.

A moment ago, he was confident and boasted in front of Chengfeng. Now, he was suddenly hit in the face by such a painful defeat, and deep inside, he was naturally furious to the extreme.

He wanted to pull Walter to the front and beat him half to death with his own hands.

But at this time, Walter is in Syria, and out of reach.

He could even think that after today, Cataclysmic Front would quickly become the biggest laughing stock of the entire mercenary field, and there was no telling how many people would poke his backbone behind his back.

Moreover, the death of more than 1,500 people, for the Cataclysmic Fronte, in addition to the loss of numbers and reputation, there is a huge amount of pension to be paid by him.

The people recruited by Blackwater, in addition to a small number of retired soldiers, most of them are some American street gangsters.”

“In the country, can only work as a warden, they put such people to the battlefield with simple training, both training costs and salary costs are not high, relatively, the pension standard is not high.

However, the Cataclysmic Front is different.

Its recruitment standards are very important to the soldiers, the threshold is very high, for each soldier, the actual combat ability is not weaker than the United States active-duty troops, many of them are even stronger than the Marines such an elite force of soldiers on a cut.

Therefore, the salary of the Cataclysmic Front is high and the pension is higher as well.

Everyone is tying their head to the waistband of their pants and coming out to do this kind of work, so they attach great importance to the pension because once they die in battle, they can still leave their families with a good amount of money for them to live well.

In order to strengthen internal unity as well as the loyalty of the soldiers, the level of pension of the Cataclysmic Front is sixty times the monthly salary of an individual.

That is a full five years of salary.

If a person, with a monthly salary of thirty thousand dollars, his pension would be one million eight hundred thousand dollars.

As for a man like Robin, whose monthly salary was more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, the pension alone will be ten million dollars.

So, for these more than 1,500 people, the pension alone will be more than two billion dollars.

Moreover, there is a special standard in the pension system of the Cataclysmic Front.

This sixty times the monthly salary of the pension standard refers to the case of a person who died in battle normally, leaving the whole body to the family.

If the whole body can not be left, the pension will also compensate for an additional part of the spiritual loss.

Chapter 3304

After all, no matter which country’s funeral traditions, the precepts are the same, the burial tradition naturally requires the whole body into the coffin, and even cremation, the whole body cremation is best, so if there is no whole body, an additional 20 months of monthly salary is paid.

If it is completely impossible to give the body to the relatives, even if it is not even a stump, then the compensation has to be even higher, plus twenty months on top of the previous one.

These more than 1,000 soldiers, all have gone without return, if the final fight downs Hamid, put the body in a coffin, sent to relatives, that the cost is relatively low.

But if they can’t fight, and can’t get the bodies back, and can’t let these people rest in peace, then the pension rate is a hundred months’ salary per person.

So the calculation, three billion dollars are not even enough.

The Front’s annual profits of about ten billion dollars, this battle, may directly cost a third of it.

Moreover, the market recognition of the Front is likely to decline rapidly because of this battle, just like the company, mercenary organizations also need to focus on their reputation and performance.

If the company has had major mistakes and scandals, will certainly affect the recognition of the company by other customers, and then affect the actual revenue for it.

Angry to the extreme, Joseph immediately cursed into the phone, gritting his teeth, “You immediately gather all the generals of Cataclysmic Front in Syria, I don’t care what kind of methods you use, within three days, give me Hamid’s head!”

“Okay!” Walter, on the other end of the phone, said without hesitation, “Please rest assured, Supreme Commander, if I fail to complete the mission, I will bring my head to you!”

Joseph’s voice was extremely cold as he said, “Remember your words!”

After saying that, he angrily hung up the phone, his face was incomparably blue.

The young man beside him was full of shock and asked, “Supreme Commander, how can there be such a powerful armed force in a district of Syria, do you want me to fly over to support the Green-Eyed Wolf King immediately?”

Joseph coldly said, “No need, it’s just some civilian armed forces, it’s not worth sending out two battle commanders at the same time! Let Walter take care of it himself, and if he fails to do so, I’ll make sure he gets the blame!”

The young man nodded gently and said, “I’m at the disposal of the Supreme Commander!”

At this time, Chengfeng, aside, has a heart more or less a little shocked.

The satellite phone was similar to the intercom when talking, so he heard the situation clearly, as soon as he heard that Joseph’s men had suffered a defeat in Syria, more than 1,500 people died at once, he was also scared to breathe.

On the one hand, because the number of deaths is really frightening, the entire Su family does not have 1,500 courtiers, but Joseph lost so many people in one wave, which is indeed extraordinarily shocking.

On the other hand, it is also because this Joseph really looks very angry, Chengfeng does not dare to touch his head at this time.

Sure enough.

Just a moment ago, he was still expressing his ambition at the wine table, but at this time, he directly threw the satellite phone to the table and said in a cold voice: “No more, depart for Eastcliff immediately!”

Chengfeng didn’t expect that Joseph would leave, he hurriedly got up and said, “Hey Joseph, you came back from abroad, you’ve been running all the way, you’d better take a good rest for a few days first.”

“My villa has a dozen rooms vacant, why don’t you guys stay here for a few days and rest, anyway, it’s still early before the Qingming Festival.”

“No.” Joseph waved his hand with a grim expression and said indifferently, “In a few days, it will be the anniversary of my parents’ death, I have to prepare in advance, first pay my respects to them at the cemetery, and then prepare the best coffins for them.”

“Prepare the grandest grave moving ceremony, after I have flattened the Wade family so that I can move my parents’ coffins over there!”

Chengfeng was just being polite, and did not really want them to stay, after all, although Joseph is very strong, but in the end, he is the head of an overseas mercenary organization.”

“While he is a nationally known businessman, if it is known that he is closely associated with such people, it is never a good thing.

Moreover, if the Wade family is really trampled by him in the future, he is too close to him, will be thought by others as joining hands against the Wade family, such a pot once carried, in this circle, no one would dare to touch.

Therefore, when he heard these words of Joseph, he hurriedly stood up and said seriously, “Joseph, the revenge of parents is greater than heaven, since this is the case, then I will not let you waste time!”

Chapter 3305

Soon, Joseph, who was incomparably angry in his heart, took his men and drove to Eastcliff.

On the way, Joseph received a video sent by Walter from Syria.

This was the footage taken by the scouts from the Syrian side near Hamid’s west wing positions.

When he saw the soldiers under his command, even the five-star general, being str!pped off and thrown into the cliff like dead dogs, Joseph’s lungs were about to explode with anger!

He said angrily with a gloomy expression, “Pass my order to Walter! Make sure to wipe out this man and his forces, leaving no one behind! When the time comes, I will use their corpses to pay tribute to these dead men!”

The messenger beside him immediately said, “Yes, Supreme Commander! I’ll convey your order to the Green-Eyed Wolf King!”

Joseph narrowed his eyes, his fingers kept thumbing an old gold ring on his left middle finger, and muttered under his breath, “If I didn’t have to take revenge on my parents right away, I would have gone to Syria and finished this Hamid with my own hands!”

At this moment, Hamid did not even know that he had become a great enemy that had to be eliminated in the eyes of the Lord of the Cataclysmic Front.

He only knew that the enemy had retreated and he had won, and it was as easy as winning.

Once the front and west flank positions were cleared, he found that he had killed more than three thousand enemies, while his own side had lost less than a hundred soldiers.

This was the biggest victory he had experienced so far, bar none, and it was enough to brag about for the rest of his life.

And the soldiers under his command were also rejoicing.

Originally, they thought they were going to be completely cold this time, but unexpectedly they had won a big victory, which was a great morale booster.

Zynn, who had been hiding in the anti-slope trench, was also finally relieved at this time.

He was really afraid of Hamid’s defeat, and then he was treated as a soldier under his command and was killed.

But now, it seems to be safe for the time being.

Although the war was a great victory, but unfortunately, Hamid’s base house was almost destroyed by artillery fire about 80%.

The vast majority of the soldiers’ living space is gone, as well as some supplies and personal belongings that could not be evacuated in time.

Seeing the base become a ruin, Hamid’s heart more or less regretted.

But he also knows very well, this kind of earth house built in the valley, under enemy fire is the same as paper mache, can be preserved rather strangely.

Moreover, according to the current trend, in the future, he is not afraid to eat and sleep in the pit, because the pit is really safe.

Therefore, seize the time to continue to excavate the pit and permanent fortifications, it became his immediate and urgent matter.

So, on the front slope of the mountain, the cleaning of the battlefield was not yet finished, while on the opposite slope of the mountain, the engineers and the construction team from Iraq began to take up their wind picks again and work desperately.

Chapter 3306

Meanwhile, Hamid also rushed to call Charlie.

As soon as the phone call came through, he excitedly reported to Charlie: “Brother Wade, the enemy has retreated! I have won an unprecedented battle! It’s all thanks to you!”

With that, he gave Charlie a detailed report on the specifics of the war.

Hearing this, Charlie was relieved and a little surprised at the same time, not expecting that the well-trained Cataclysmic Front could also suffer such a big loss at Hamid’s hands.

Therefore, the first thing that came to his mind was that the Cataclysmic Front, which had suffered a big loss, would definitely launch a revenge operation against Hamid.

So he hurriedly reminded, “Brother, you have indeed fought a beautiful battle, but the hidden danger is also really not small, the Cataclysmic Front has suffered such a heavy loss at your hands, but they will definitely try every way to make you pay.”

Hamid sneered and said, “Let them! I know how their weapons are equipped, the most powerful is just 152mm artillery, it has been proven that this kind of artillery can not cause any substantial blow to our base, if they want to attack my base, they can only use corpses to pile up one by one!”

Charlie seriously said: “The enemy will be once gullible, but not twice, they have now figured out, your general situation and reliance, know that the hidden fortifications are your core defense, so they will definitely next target this point for precise surprise defense and strike.”

Saying that, Charlie added: “You should not forget that the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front are well-trained special mercenaries, if they give up the frontal charge and change to all-round secret infiltration, your advantage will also be greatly offset.”

“Do you remember how I burst into your base? I parachuted at high altitude, opened my parachute at low altitude, and landed quickly, your soldiers could not discover me at all??”

“If the other side sent hundreds of special forces parachuting inside your base at night and secretly infiltrated you from inside the base, what would you do?”

Hamid’s mood suddenly calmed down.

This feeling was like just warming up with a pot of charcoal fire for nine days, and then immediately being poured with a pot of ice water.

He realized that Charlie was right, the real reason he was able to win, one is the opponent’s gullibility, and another is that his side has a strong fortification.

And the other side launched a frontal attack war, did not give good play to the true strength of the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front.

If they change the frontal attack war into a special assault war, their own soldiers are afraid that they can not resist!

If your own hidden fortifications are quietly pulled out by the other side one after another, how can you cope?

If the other side’s soldiers infiltrate directly into their own positions and turn them into pieces, how should they respond?

Thinking of this, he hurriedly asked Charlie: “Brother, you give me an idea, how exactly should I prevent next? I don’t want to win this war in a flash and then be decapitated by the other side!”

Charlie thought about it and said, “The most important thing now is to find a way to prevent the other side’s special warfare team from parachuting in at night and then responding from the inside.”

“Yes!” Hamid gritted his teeth and said, “I killed so many people from the Cataclysmic Front this time, they would pick my skin and eat my flesh!”

Charlie said: “Don’t worry, the Cataclysmic Front is powerful, compared to the United States is not even a mole, so as long as you play it safe, they can not help you.”

Hamid heard this, slightly relieved, said: “This is also …… Brother you say so, my heart relaxed more.”

Charlie hmm, and said: “You must strengthen the reconnaissance of your base within a twenty-kilometer radius, if you find that a large force has begun to converge on your base again, you must play twelve points of spirit, in addition, once the night, must be wary of airborne.”

Hamid said: “Brother, I’m not going to lie, I have several hidden posts around my base, all built in the mountains, some even in the cliffs.”

“So as long as they come in large forces, I am sure to control the movement in advance, my only worry is airborne, they will fall directly on the head, nothing good way to prevent!”

Charlie faint smile: “It does not matter, I have a way! Guaranteed they have no return.”

Chapter 3307

As soon as he heard Charlie say there was a way, Hamid immediately asked excitedly, “Brother, what good way do you have, hurry up and pass it on!”

Charlie opened his mouth and asked him, “I remember you said that you seemed to have purchased a batch of thermal imagers?”

“Yes!” Hamid hurriedly said: “I spent a lot of money to buy a batch of Russian-made thermal imagers, all military-grade, one can be exchanged for a Mercedes-Benz car, if you had not helped me to solve the funds, I certainly could not afford to use this thing.”

Charlie then said, “That’s good, you were doing big construction, the vigorous development of infrastructure, there should be a special demolition team, right?”

“Yes, there is.” Hamid said: “Here to open up the mountain and dig a hole we rely on blasting, usually first drilling holes in the rock, bury explosives, blasting and then on the human excavation.”

Charlie asked him, “The detonation method is electronically controlled?”

“Yes.” Hamid replied affirmatively, “Electronically controlled, each blaster equipped with detonators, after laying the wire, a twist of the switch detonation point.”

“That’s good.” Charlie said: “so, you first let your engineers in the various key defense areas lay traps, mainly choose the kind of open land suitable for paratroopers landing, and then choose a suitable blasting point.”

“Get a sufficient amount of explosives buried in the ground, covered with a large number of rusty nails, iron and various other metal objects, the principle is smaller, sharp edges a little best;”

“Then these blasting points must carefully be camouflaged so that can not be detected by people, and most importantly, the detonating wires must be hidden well, so that no one can find out the end;”

“If you have thirty detonation points, then be sure to number each detonation point and then draw a map with the location of each detonation point clearly marked;”

“If the enemy uses parachute raids at night, they certainly will not scatter and jump down and attack individually, they must first land and then quietly assemble together and turn into a whole before launching an attack:”

“So, once your thermal imaging detects that the enemy has finished assembling, immediately detonate the nearest blasting point to k!ll them extensively;”

“When the sudden explosion makes them disoriented and the debris and iron pieces cause a mass hit to them, immediately have your soldiers launch a saturation attack on the area where they are, without giving them any chance to escape!”

When Hamid heard this, he said excitedly, “Brother, I understand! I’ll arrange it right away and do everything as you said!”

Charlie admonished: “Remember, be sure to number the burst points, the best way is to your entire base and the hill are distinguished in accordance with the ABCD way, and then each area of the bursting point and then by 1, 2, 3, 4 so sorted.”

“Then if the observation of the enemy falls in the A1 area, immediately let the blaster detonate the A1 area of the bursting point, if the enemy ran to the B2 area, then immediately detonate the bursting point of B2, do not get it wrong.”

Hamid immediately said: “Brother do not worry, I will immediately order down, if anyone gets it wrong, I will shoot him!”


Chapter 3308

At this moment, Walter, the green-eyed wolf king of the Cataclysmic Front, had already gathered all the soldiers of the organization who are all in Syria.

The death of Robin as well as the other brothers has made this group of Cataclysmic Front members extremely indignant.

They could not wait to rush up to Hamid’s position and shoot him to death, so as to avenge the death of their soldiers.

And Walter is even more so.

Robin was his favorite for many years, and now he died at Hamid’s hands, he could not wait to cut Hamid’s body into pieces.

So, Walter gathered all the officers of the Cataclysmic Front and met to formulate a battle plan.

The dozen or so officers present agreed that, given the current situation, the built of Hamid’s fortifications were so strong that they far exceeded the power of their conventional firepower.

And the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front itself are strong in the ability of single combat, especially the ability to infiltrate and assault, each one is almost the level of special forces.

Therefore, the best way is to take advantage of their unpreparedness and surprise.

Everyone has unified the strategic direction, the next is the specific tactical development.

As we now know that Hamid’s front and west flank have fortifications, so no one is sure, east and north flank or not.

In this way, the way to sneak in quietly from the outside, is blocked.

The reason is that, without knowing the enemy’s fortifications, if they sneak in quietly, they are likely to be covered by the other side’s hidden fire points.

Even if their soldiers are strong, they are all flesh and blood, which can beat the opponents hidden in the steel and concrete fortifications.

So, this plan was quickly passed.

Can not quietly sneak into, then the only remaining program is airborne.

Airborne has a huge advantage, it makes you able to directly bypass the opponent’s defenses, just by being airborne in the opponent’s hinterland.

If it is this kind of offensive battle, airborne can directly avoid the mountain slope, landing directly near the prism of the mountain top, so that the opponent’s slope of the fortifications are all null and void.

Moreover, as far as they knew, Hamid did not have a system of anti-aircraft weapons.

He has no anti-aircraft radar, no medium and high altitude surface-to-air missiles, the transport aircraft from high altitude, they simply can not detect, and even if they find it, it is impossible to threaten.

Hamid’s only shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles can fight helicopters, but for the rest, they are basically useless.

In this way, it would be possible for the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front to perform high-altitude parachute jumps at night, jumping directly near the prism of the mountain top.

Walter’s plan is to send a thousand paratroopers, divided into two parachute echelons, before and after the twenty-minute interval parachute drop.

And two echelons landing in the south of the base, and landing in the north of the base, after landing each assembly.

The reason for dividing into two echelons is also to put on double insurance.

If one of the echelons is discovered by the enemy, the discovered echelon immediately can find cover in place to wrangle with the enemy and attract enemy fire to ensure that the other echelon could successfully assault the defense.

Two echelons, 1,000 men, and directly bypassed the enemy’s frontal defense, in Walter’s opinion, this tactic was foolproof enough.

However, at the same time, Hamid was also making preparations to deal with the paratroopers’ surprise attack.

The plan given by Charlie was very practical for him.

Because he had long purchased a large amount of explosives in order to build fortifications.

This explosive is very powerful, even thick rocks can be blown apart, so use to bury the explosive point, the power is very amazing.

And his soldiers have also gone to the base blown into ruins, looking for a variety of suitable metal objects, and then loaded into a barrel, a barrel of delivery to the Hamid ordered explosive points.

He was afraid of the other side to a decapitation operation, so this time in the entire base on all sides of the arrangement of more than one hundred and forty burst points, almost all the inventory of explosives all pike.

He thinks, as long as they can carry through this wave, even if the explosives are all used up, this won’t matter.

But if he can’t resist this wave, even if there are more explosives left, there is no point.

So simply all bet on it, so that, even if the other side airborne armored vehicles, can also give it a blast!

Chapter 3309

After nightfall, a military airport in Damascus was extraordinarily busy.

In order to drop 1,000 soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front onto Hamid’s base, the only few transport planes in Syria were pulled over, and in addition to that, two cargo planes were called from civil aviation.

A total of six planes were responsible for tonight’s flight, and Walter also selected the strongest 1,000 elites from the 8,000 soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front, and had them armed and ready for the early morning airborne.

In order to kill the enemy in one blow, Walter gave all the high-end equipment to these one thousand people.

This includes a full set of the best single weapon for each person, a best bulletproof vest, a lightweight bulletproof helmet, a set of head-mounted night vision equipment, and multiple thermal imagers.

This kind of high-end standard equipment is expensive, and there are very few channels to buy it, and even Cataclysmic Front can’t afford to do one set per person.

Walter felt that since it was a night raid, the night vision equipment was simply a godsend gift. In the night when the visual distance of the naked eye is less than five meters, soldiers with night vision devices are simply as open, with great advantages.

And the soldiers have very strong protective equipment, when the short fight, even if the enemy hits fire coverage, the soldiers will have great probability to ensure that the vitals are not shot, so you can further increase the advantage.

In addition, Walter also specially equipped the 1,000 soldiers with a very cruel weapon, incendiary grenades.

This incendiary grenade, the standard equipment of the U.S. Army, is similar in principle to napalm, except that it is made into the shape of a grenade for easy use by a single soldier.

The incendiary grenade utilizes an aluminum thermal reaction that produces a high temperature of up to 3,000 degrees upon detonation, melting even steel.

If you throw two of these grenades into an almost completely enclosed shelter, it is enough to burn the soldiers hidden there into charcoal.

If the space inside the hidden fortification is large, it does not matter, this kind of bomb if fully burn, can lead to internal oxygen depletion, the people inside even if not burned to death will suffocate to d3ath.

Using this weapon to attack Hamid’s hidden fortifications, in Walter’s opinion, was the most appropriate.

With superior weapons, superior vision, superior defense, and even more superior combat power, he believed that his 1,000 elites must inflict great injuries on the other side.

And just inside the barracks next to the airport, the 5,000 soldiers of the government army were also making their final assembly.

This is also Walter’s third set of insurance, if the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front airborne face a fierce battle, the periphery of thousands of government soldiers will immediately launch a charge, inside and outside to annihilate the enemy.

The 5,000 soldiers, too, no longer used the daytime battle plan, they no longer carried tractor artillery and a large number of shells, but directly used nearly 100 various types of carrier vehicles, and quickly marched towards Hamid’s base, and in a few hours, if they were fast, they could destroy Hamid’s base at the foot of the mountain.

Just when the 1,000 soldiers were still checking their equipment, the 5,000 soldiers had already departed and set off, their movement speed was not as fast as the planes, so they had to set off one step earlier.

As for the soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front, they would board the plane at 1:00 a.m. and then take off one after another within half an hour to head over to the enemy base.

While the soldiers were checking their equipment, Walter was still explaining the tactics to them, telling them to make sure to give full play and use all their advantages, and do their best to ensure the successful completion of the mission.

At 1:00 a.m., the soldiers carrying parachute packs began to board the plane in an orderly manner.

Walter also personally boarded one of the military transport planes.

Although he would not personally lead the parachute jump, he was going to be on this military transport plane to receive the battlefield situation in real-time through the communication equipment on the plane.

So that he could provide tactical command at the first time when the soldiers needed him.

Chapter 3310

The planes then took off one after another and lifted off, dividing into two echelons in the air, one in front of the other, heading towards Hamid.

Meanwhile, 5,000 government soldiers, just under forty kilometers away from Hamid’s position.

Since they were fully mobile, they were expected to reach their intended location in 40 minutes.

In Hamid’s base, it was a frenzy of activity.

More than 140 blast points that had been pre-planted long ago were controlled by 14 blasters and engineers.

Each of them in front of the blaster has marked the location and number of the bursting point, while they also hold a special channel using the walkie-talkie.

Once the enemy appears, once the soldiers responsible for reconnaissance to determine the location of the enemy, will inform through this walkie-talkie channel indicating the need to detonate the bursting point.

At that time, the person responsible for blasting as long as they find the need to detonate the explosive point in their control range, immediately explode the designated explosive point in the first place.

In this way, even if more than 10 people control more than 100 detonation points, there will be no mishandling.

At the same time, Hamid’s scouts are also concentrating on each road into the mountains, the drones are always guaranteed to lag, although the night drone observation ability is greatly reduced.

But if the other side is a large mobile march, there will certainly be lights, and lights in the dark mountains, although it is difficult to be found, but the perspective of the drones can be unobstructed, so in the night is easier to find the enemy.

Walter, sitting in the co*ckpit of the plane, was observing the ground outside the window.

The mountainous areas of Syria are very remote and closed, and at night, there are only a few scattered points of light in the vast hilly areas. These, mostly, are villages located in the mountains, and there are also some belonging to small-scale opposition groups.

The two pilots of the aircraft are soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front, because of the fear that the Syrian Air Force pilots are not experienced enough to fly, so Walter removed them with his own people.

At this moment, the captain spoke up and said, “Commander, we will arrive at the jump position in twenty minutes.”

Walter looked out the window and said thoughtfully, “This place is really too backward, it is said that many villages in the hilly areas are not connected to electricity until now.”

“Yes.” The captain nodded and said, “Most of these points of light that we can observe from above are torches burning in the villages, but anyone who has access to electricity is basically the opposition forces, and only they can afford to use generators.”

Walter smacked his lips and said, “I really can’t understand, fighting this kind of backward armed people, how can they k!ll our brothers …… there is a strong sense of the unknown in my heart, getting me a little distracted.”

The captain was busy saying, “Commander, you don’t have to worry too much, we lost the war during the day, mainly because we were light on the enemy, plus the enemy fortifications are there, we really do not have the advantage.”

“But the night raid, they certainly can not cope with!”

“Other than that, with the night vision equipment alone, I’m afraid they simply can not afford to match, even if there are estimated to be only a few sets of great equipment.”

“Once we press up a thousand people, their sets of night vision equipment are useless, even if there are more soldiers, most of them are blind, and they certainly can not carry our attack.”

Walter nodded slightly: “I hope we can wipe them out in one fell swoop this time with our divine army!!!”

Ten minutes later, the alert light inside the cabin came on.

The hatch at the rear of the plane slowly opened, and the soldiers knew very well that this was a signal to prepare for jump, so they got up and checked each other’s parachute bags.

Twenty minutes later, as the planes arrived at their jumping positions one after another, batch after batch of soldiers fell from the sky, raining down toward Hamid’s position.

Before the first paratrooper had even landed, Hamid was alerted by the scouts that they had spotted the parachutists jumping through the night sky with thermal imaging equipment.

So, everyone was pumped up and waiting for the gang to throw themselves at each other once again!

Chapter 3311

As the first 500 men, one after another, landed near the south wing summit prism, another group of 500 men, also leaping from the aircraft, began to drift down toward the north wing summit prism.

Since paratroopers were affected by wind speed, wind direction, and personal control ability, it was difficult for them to jump to the same area at the same time, so they could only land near the target individually first, and then move together in all directions toward the target area.

Generally speaking, paratroopers in the air to prevent parachutes from entangling with each other, will maintain a safe distance from other comrades, so the landing deviation of several hundred meters to near thousand meters is normal.

Especially for night parachuting, it is not strange to be off by even a few thousand meters.

Therefore, the first 500 people after landing, the first thing to do is to quickly assemble towards the target area.

However, what they didn’t expect was that during their parachute jump down and movement assembly, they didn’t find any defending soldiers, nor any enemy hidden fortifications.

Checking the whole peak through the night vision device, they did not find any traces of the enemy except for their own men with special markings on their bodies.

Some soldiers carrying thermal imagers also immediately began to check the surroundings, but still, nothing was found.

The reason why they couldn’t see any enemy was that Hamid’s soldiers were at the moment hidden inside the bunker fortifications on the sloping sides of the mountain.

And the thermal imaging equipment used to observe the mountain top was also transmitted to the fortifications through signal lines, so the whole mountain top prism was in an undefended state at the moment.

When the commander reported this situation in real time to Walter, who was circling in a large circle at high altitude, he was not too surprised.

Because, he knew that the enemy had bunkers on both the front and back slopes, it was not strange to ignore the hilltop defense.

If it were himself, he would not waste his energy defending the hilltop when the front and back slopes were solid, after all, under normal circ*mstances, one had to pass through the front slope to break into the hilltop.

So, he immediately reminded his front-line commander that he must take advantage of the enemy’s negligence in defending the hilltop to finish assembling as soon as possible, and then the first echelon would strike the surprise attack.

And the second echelon would take the opportunity to encircle from the north side and directly block the enemy in the pit to eliminate them.

Walter is followed by Joseph all the way to the present conquest, similar to the attack battle he fought many times.

He deeply understands the truth, when fighting hidden fortifications, if your side is far away from the fortifications, then the other side has the advantage, but if your side is very close to the fortifications, then your side has the advantage.

When the war in the southwest, once the enemy was blocked in the cat’s ear hole, almost only one way to die, our soldiers with a few grenades into them, can make their cat’s ear hole become their grave.

Therefore, Walter has already made up his mind at this moment, tonight, will be the total annihilation of Hamid’s troops!

Chapter 3312

The first echelon of 500 paratroopers quickly assembled, thinking that they had been very successful in their infiltration, not knowing that they had been completely exposed to Hamid’s surveillance.

Moreover, what made Hamid excited was that there were a full six burst points that could be covered near the area they were assembling.

And those burst points, buried are able to explode the rock of high explosives!

Twenty minutes later, the first echelon of soldiers assembled, and at the same time, the second echelon of soldiers have also completed parachute drop, began to assemble.

When the second echelon was almost finished, the commander of the first echelon ordered an attack!

They intended to directly attack the pit on the front slope, dismantling the enemy’s defense while drawing out the enemy on the reverse slope, and also attracting the enemy hidden in several other directions.

At that time, the second echelon would feel up from behind and directly dumpling the opponent.

At the same time, as soon as the defense force on the front slope collapses, those thousands of soldiers of the government army will immediately rush up, and at that time, Hamid’s armed will have nowhere to escape.

The commander of the first echelon spoke over the intercom system of the Cataclysmic Front, “Our troops are ready for battle, please ask the second echelon to confirm the assembly situation.”

The voice of the second echelon commander came over the intercom system, “Our troops have basically finished assembling, and we are confirming the pre-battle equipment.”

The commander of the first echelon immediately spoke up, “Our department requests to launch an attack, please ask Commander Walter for approval!”

Walter said with great enthusiasm, “Approved! Launch the attack immediately! Within ten minutes, finish off all the soldiers on the oblique side! Avenge our dead brothers and sisters!”

“Yes!” The commander of the first echelon immediately said in a dignified manner, “Please rest assured, Commander, we will live up to the name of the Cataclysmic Front! We will definitely take revenge for our dead brothers!”

“Good!” Walter laughed and said offhandedly, “Attack immediately!”

The commander of the first echelon immediately ordered to the soldiers around him, “All of you! Start the attack!”

As soon as the words fell, Hamid inside the pit also gritted his teeth and shouted, “Area B 03, 05, 06, 08, 09, 11 explosive points, start the explosion!”

The two engineers in charge of Area B immediately used the fastest speed on the detonator to detonate the designated explosive points.

Just as the first echelon of 500 soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front was about to rush towards the main sloping fortification, loud explosions suddenly rang out around them one after another!

Three of these explosive points were at the feet of these five hundred people, and the other three explosive points were distributed at the edge of their parameter, the moment the explosion started, at least a hundred people were lifted high by the explosion wave.

Strong explosion waves left these five hundred people with different degrees of injuries, and even a number of people were directly killed by the blast shock.

And even more tragic is that the explosion wave set off a diffuse k!lling broken pieces of simply like the martial arts novels of the storm pearly needles, all-round will cover these five hundred people in it!

The explosion is extremely powerful, metal fragments in the explosion wave, each piece has a powerful potential energy.

Although the five hundred soldiers were wearing bulletproof vests and helmets, their limbs, faces, and necks were all exposed to this intensive fragmentation attack!

In just an instant, all 500 soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front, without exception, were hit by a large number of metal shrapnel!

Some of the unlucky ones, directly cut off by the fragments of the trachea or arteries, before they could be rescued, they had already lost their breath.

And those who were lucky, although not fatally wounded, but the face was hit by shrapnel, blinded instantly.

And more, there were extensive injuries to the limbs.

Especially the hands and arms, almost blown to a bloody mess, even if they were well trained before, now they could not even hold their guns.

Walter heard the sound of explosion in the wireless communication, as well as the sound of his own soldiers’ ghostly cries of pain, the whole person’s scalp instantly tingled, and asked offhandedly, “What’s going on? What happened?!”

The commander of the first echelon had already lost his eyesight, both eyes were pierced by at least seven or eight metal fragments, covering his eyes at this time, helplessly cried: “Commander! We …… we’ve been ambushed!!!”

Chapter 3313


Hearing this, Walter’s heart thumped and he asked offhandedly, “What is going on? What kind of ambush is this!”

The commander replied with a sobbing voice: “It’s an explosion! A very powerful explosion! They should have planted a lot of explosives, the explosion set off a large number of anti-personnel fragments, my eyes are blind, legs, hands are wounded, but now can no longer identify the actual weight of the wound!”

“How could this happen!” Walter said offhandedly, “Quickly let the people around you help you!”

At that moment, another person’s voice came over the communicator, crying, “Commander Walter, Captain Javier’s limbs have been hit by at least dozens of fragments, there’s nothing we can do!”

Walter roared, “You should at least find a way to get your commander’s vision back, otherwise how will he command you to break out of the siege?”

The man broke down emotionally and cried out, “Captain Javier’s left eyeball is pierced by a broken piece and has been bleeding heavily, and his right eye is hit by the flying stones from the explosive and collapse because of the night vision device.

“The night vision device is smashed directly into the eye socket, the eye has been completely squeezed out …… I …… I can’t do anything about it ……”

Walter heard the other party’s description, his heart throbbing incomparably in pain.

The two echelons that jumped tonight are the strongest soldiers and commanders under his command.

Hearing the news that his own men have been blown blind and covered in wounds at this moment, Walter wanted to jump down and rescue them himself.

The background of the communicator was full of the soldiers’ wailing and crying, which made Walter’s grief unbearable.

At this point, the commander of the first echelon on the other end of the phone cried, “The enemy has long laid a trap, just was waiting for us to step in, in the explosion just now, we suffered heavy casualties commander!”

Walter’s veins flared up and he roared through clenched teeth, “Hold on a little longer, I’ll send the second echelon over to support you!”

The commander blurted out, “No! Don’t let them come!!!”

The commander said urgently, “Commander, you quickly let the second echelon withdraw! The other side has already prepared for this, and I’m afraid they have already laid a net.

Walter never dreamed that the commander of the first echelon would be so pessimistic.

He muttered in his heart, “Could it be, could it be that they really have no chance of surviving? Could …… this Hamid really has such a strong ability and insight into all his tactical planning in advance?”

Incredibly puzzled Walter does not know, just in the south wing of the first echelon just encountered ambush after ten seconds, the northern flank of the hill, eight explosive points are also ready at the same time!

The north wing of the five hundred people, is too unlucky.

The entire north wing peak is relatively steep, but the only relatively flat area, no matter who is allowed to command, will definitely choose this area to assemble.

This is like the blazing sun only such a tree, people must subconsciously go to the tree to cool off the same.

It is precisely for this reason that Hamid’s men have densely arranged eight burst points here.

The second echelon of men was assembling when they heard the explosions from the south and thought it was their troops on the south flank who had started the assault.

They were about to finish assembling and immediately rush over to outflank them when they didn’t expect Hamid’s men to detonate all eight burst points around them right then and there!

The deafening explosion made the whole valley tremble.

Such a dense and flying fragmentation, killing coverage is extremely wide, dense cross-coverage, even it is difficult to avoid for a housefly, let alone these towers of flesh and blood!

So, after the explosion of these eight explosive points, the second echelon was directly annihilated, more than half!

The rest, almost all seriously wounded, instantly lost combat power.

Immediately after, the second echelon commander shouted in horror: “Commander, we …… we are ambushed …… explosion is very powerful, we … …we almost lost everything! The brothers who are still alive are all seriously wounded, there is blood and broken limbs everywhere ……”

Chapter 3314

Hearing these words, Walter’s entire body instantly froze.

He had never dreamed that the northern flank was also in the enemy’s anticipation.

In this way, the one thousand elites he sent were all assassinated by the other side!

He had clearly gone to attack the other side, and sent out all the elites who were most suitable for the beheading mission, why are they killed and injured as soon as they landed? How in the world did the enemy plan and set all this up in advance?

Just when Walter was in extreme self-doubt, Hamid’s soldiers attacked in full force!

Hamid long ago according to his brother’s instructions, had divided the entire base into five areas.

And each area, in turn, was divided into dozens of detailed coordinate bearings based on the location of the bursting point.

Therefore, the soldiers in each bunker according to the marked map, knowing which burst point explosion, immediately after a clear understanding of the enemy’s current location.

Immediately afterward, Hamid dispatched eight hundred soldiers from the forward slant and the reverse slant to surround the first echelon.

At the same time, the artillery in the south flank backslope pit, immediately launched twenty small mortars, from the south flank pit hole aimed at the location of the north flank explosion point, ready to launch another round of shelling on the second echelon of the north flank.

The mortar’s structure is simple, to put it bluntly, it is just a tripod fixed slender barrel, this kind of gun has a short-range, small power, compared with the traction artillery, it is simply a small witch.

However, this weapon also has its advantages.

The biggest advantage is the mobility and portability, come and go, hit and run.

Firing is also very simple, just adjust the angle, put the shell through the muzzle, and it will instantly strike.

During the Anti-Japanese War, Japanese Army Lieutenant General Abe Gishu, known as the flower of the famous general, was taken away by a young artilleryman of the 8th Route Army with a single shot from a mortar.

It is because of these advantages that this mortar has not been eliminated from the army for decades.

These artillerymen of Hamid knew the location of each burst point on the north flank by heart, so they adjusted very quickly before the shelling.

After a minute or two, these twenty mortars began a round of uninterrupted bombardment round after round!

And the shells landed with great accuracy, exploding almost right in the middle of the second echelon’s rally point.

The five hundred soldiers of the second echelon of the Cataclysmic Front, who had been bombed very badly already, now had no time to make any adjustments at all when the dense mortar shells, like hailstones, landed all around them.

Now, the hill on the north flank simply became a hell on earth.

After a few rounds of shelling, the battle death rate of the soldiers of the North Wing had exceeded 90%.

Those who were left are all dying by now.

“Tommy! Tommy! Answer quickly when you hear it!” Walter was about to collapse, and he shouted the name of the second echelon commander within the communication system.

However, on the other end of the intercom, there was nothing but the sound of heavy artillery, but no one could respond to him.

The second echelon commander, Tommy Johnson, had already been killed by mortar shells during the first round of shelling.

Walter listened to the sound of mortar shells exploding inside the communicator and could not stop the tears from flowing down his face.

He knew that the second echelon was powerless, so he immediately said to the commander of the first echelon: “Javier! Don’t give up! I’ll have the 5,000 government soldiers launch a charge to get you back, no matter what!”

The commander of the first echelon, Javier Kenta, laughed miserably and said, “Commander, don’t bother …… the enemy has already rushed up …… goodbye …… commander ……”

Chapter 3315

As soon as Javier’s words fell, the sound of fierce gunfire rang out around him.

At this moment, although there are still a small half of the people alive, but almost all are lingering, still able to hold a gun, but this strength is not even one-tenth.

Moreover, even if they can still hold a gun, their bodies also suffered considerable damage in the explosion, which at this time reduce their large-scale combat power?

What’s more, Hamid’s soldiers were not highly trained, but they fought with great enthusiasm.

They knew they were poorly trained and weak, however, they also knew that the other side was now a wounded tiger, so they did not even directly rush up to fight and k!ll, but engaged in all kinds of fire suppression from a long-distance away.

In addition to intensive bullets, many soldiers with stronger arms began to throw grenades frantically at the location of the first echelon, not giving the other side a chance to wrangle at close range.

This method of consuming the opponent to death was extremely practical, not only further hitting the enemy hard, but also little loss on their side.

At this time, several grenades exploded next to Javier, causing him, who was already on the verge of death, to completely lose his breath.

Listening to the gunfire and explosions over there, Walter almost collapsed.

He immediately switched channels and shouted to the government commander, “My soldiers have been ambushed, make your soldiers launch an attack! Hurry!”

When the other side heard this, they blurted out, “If your men haven’t destroyed the other side’s fortifications, we won’t rush up and get k!lled!”

Walter’s eyes were red and he roared, “If you don’t help me, I’ll shoot you later!”

The other side said disdainfully, “If you have this ability, why don’t you go and save your men yourself? Want me to use my men’s lives to help you save them, it’s just a daydream!”

“You ……” Walter almost spit out a mouthful of blood and cursed through clenched teeth, “You’re f*cking impatient to live! I’ll protest to your superiors now! Just wait to be court-martialed!”

“Sick.” The other party didn’t bother to pay attention to him and directly hung up the phone.

Although Walter was furious to the extreme, he knew very well in his heart that it was too late to do anything by himself now.

There was no way he could do anything more to bring back the living brothers.

Even, it is likely that none of those 1,000 brothers are alive anymore.

At this moment, the shouting and explosion sounds coming from the communicator had become closer and closer.

Walter knew that Hamid’s soldiers had already rushed up and started the final closing.

This also proved that his own soldiers had been k!lled and wounded, and most likely had been completely wiped out.

Subsequently, the sound of gunfire was getting closer and thinner, and when he could clearly hear the sound of footsteps, the gunfire had completely stopped.

At this moment, Walter has clearly realized that the 1,000 elites have all perished in battle, no one was spared!


Chapter 3316

Hamid was once again victorious.

Miraculously, this time there was not a single casualty among his soldiers.

Even though these paratroopers were all the elites of the Cataclysmic Front, even though they all had very complete weapons and equipment, under his brother’s tactical arrangement, this group of people had no chance to play to their strengths.

In front of the extremely powerful explosion, even a torrent of steel could not withstand, let alone these men with flesh and blood.

Hamid, who learned of the total annihilation of the enemy, was thrilled to the core.

He personally went to the area where the first echelon of the Cataclysmic Front died in battle and watched his soldiers clean up the battlefield under the light of the strong flashlight, and his heart was overwhelmed with excitement.

Today, he had fought two all-conquering battles one after another, the most glorious moment of his life.

Just as he was exhilarated, his adjutant came over with the same excitement and reported, “Report, Commander! We have harvested a lot of weapons and equipment, as well as hundreds of bullet-proof vests and helmets! All good stuff!”

“Although all this equipment has suffered some damage to varying degrees, they are definitely still usable. I estimate that the situation on the northern flank is similar, and we will be able to sort out at least 600, 700, or even 700 or 800 sets of bulletproof equipment by then.”

“This will definitely further enhance our overall advantage if we allocate them to our frontline soldiers!”

Hamid said excitedly, “Great, great! After fighting these two battles, our soldiers’ equipment has gone up another level! This Cataclysmic Front doesn’t seem to be a top mercenary organization, they are a top transport brigade!”

The adjutant was busy saying, “It’s not over yet Commander! These five hundred people, all equipped with head-mounted night vision devices, I just had someone check them out, the vast majority are good and workable! With this single soldier night vision equipment, our combat power at night will also skyrocket!”

“In addition to that, there are several thermal imagers, although three are broken, there are still five that can be used, and the three that are broken may be able to refurbish again if the parts are swapped!”

Hamid excitedly sipped his teeth and exclaimed, “Tsk! Tsk, tsk! These guys from the Cataclysmic Front are really rich!”

He said, “Damn, what good can money do? I still beat the sh*t out of them, didn’t I?”

The adjutant hurriedly added, “We also seized a large number of new grenades from them that we hadn’t seen before!”

“New type of grenades?” When Hamid heard this, he frowned and asked, “What kind of man-on-man grenades, bring them to me.”

The adjutant hurriedly handed an American-style incendiary grenade to Hamid.

Hamid took a look at it, and his whole expression instantly became horrified.

This kind of incendiary grenade, he had seen it before, when a dozen of his comrades were surrounded by enemy troops inside a narrow cave, and instead of rushing in, the other side directly threw two of these grenades.

With just two of them, all the dozen pe0ple inside were burned to black charcoal.

That experience still haunts him to this day.

At that time, they called this weapon the devil’s fire.

Now when he saw this kind of weapon, he still had palpitations.

Immediately after that, he gritted his teeth and cursed, “These beasts of the Cataclysmic Front are really ruthless, they were trying to use this kind of weapon to burn us alive in the bunker fortifications!”

Saying that, he cursed angrily again, “These beasts really deserve to die! We have never provoked them and never had any conflict with them, but they came to our country and hunted us without mercy, damn, really k!ll them all!”

The adjutant also said with the same anger: “These mercenaries of the Cataclysmic Front are a bunch of trash with no faith and no morals!”

“Whoever pays them is their master, and as long as they pay more money, they can k!ll their own relatives with their own hands! Evil mercenary organizations like this should be wiped out!”

Hamid said in a cold voice: “This time, I will release a signal to Cataclysmic Front, telling them that I, Hamid, am not so easy to mess with!”

Chapter 3317

Experiencing two big battles in one day, Hamid’s heart gradually changed from the initial nervousness and apprehension to the current exuberance and excitement.

In addition to that, there was also a kind of openness and pain after being completely open-minded.

In his heart, he understood that he had k!lled two or three thousand mercenaries of the Cataclysmic Front twice, and had completely tied the knot with the Cataclysmic Front.

Since the matter has come to this, it is better to go all the way to black.

So, with a cold expression, he asked his lieutenant, “Has the battlefield been cleaned up?”

“Almost.” The adjutant spoke, “The weapons and equipment that can be used have basically been cleared.”

“Okay!” Hamid said with a grim expression, “Gather all these incendiary grenades and put them in a separate shelter away from the personnel, these weapons must be carried with you as a last resort, let alone brought into any other shelter, violators will be confined for thirty days!”

The adjutant immediately said, “Okay commander, I’ll give the order.”

Hamid nodded, and then picked up the incendiary grenade and reached out and pulled the ring off.

The adjutant was startled by his action.

He was about to say something when Hamid already threw the incendiary grenade onto the pile of bodies.

With a boom, the dark grenade exploded into a cloud of intense flames, which attached to the c0rpses and burned rapidly at a very high temperature.

What appalled all the soldiers was that the flames from this grenade explosion seemed to have some kind of magic power, as long as a tiny bit attached to the body, it could keep on burning until the c0rpse was burnt to black charcoal.

Many soldiers had never seen such a scene at all and asked, “What kind of evil weapon is this ……?”

Hamid, with a black face, said in a cold voice: “This is an incendiary grenade, which is filled with napalm, white phosphorus and all kinds of gelatinous substances, as long as it sticks to the body, it will keep burning and will not die when it meets water ……”

Immediately afterward, he said with a grim expression, “Adjutant! Throw a few more incendiary grenades over there, make the fire burn bigger, and then shoot the video and send it to everyone tomorrow!”

“I want the Cataclysmic Front to see with their own eyes how their soldiers are burned to ashes by their evil weapons! If they still dare to come and invade me, it will be the same fate!”

“Yes!” The adjutant saluted excitedly, and then immediately instructed his men to throw a few more incendiary grenades over.

Afterward, he took out a cell phone and filmed all this footage in.

After the video, the adjutant looked at Hamid and said, “Commander, this time your wisdom and plan will definitely go down in history!”

“I believe that when the day dawns tomorrow, all the brother camps will extol you after learning about your glorious battle results!”

Hamid couldn’t help but exclaim: “I’m f*cking brilliant, my a55! What level I am, I know too well in my own heart, I’m still alive now, thanks to my brother Wade!”

“If it wasn’t for his advice, you guys would have been wiped out with me!”

“Or, we would have been burned to death in the fortifications we dug with our own hands, using these incendiary grenades!”

Speaking of this, Hamid said, “You guys quickly clean up the battlefield and then go back to your respective fortifications to continue to police the boundary, I have to call Wade brother! Tell him the good news!”

The adjutant said, “Commander, it’s not appropriate to call at this hour, is it? Will it affect Mr. Wade’s rest?”

Hamid scolded, “I told you to read more when you have nothing to do, but you just don’t f*cking do it! China and we are not in the same time zone, we are now at 3:30 a.m., and it’s already 8:30 a.m. on his side!”

Chapter 3318

Charlie just got up thinking that Hamid must have experienced another big, hard battle last night.

However, he was not worried.

Because he knew that Hamid had already arranged more than a hundred burst points throughout the base, which could already be called a devilish level of defense.

With this level of defense, it was impossible for the enemy to defeat him.

As expected, he just finished his breakfast, Hamid’s call came.

As soon as the call came through, Hamid said excitedly, “Brother Wade, you are really a god! They really sent a large group of paratroopers at night, if you hadn’t reminded me and given me the solution, I would have died long ago!”

Saying that, he gave Charlie a detailed report of the results of the battle just now.

Charlie couldn’t help but be surprised after hearing it.

He wasn’t surprised that Hamid would win, but he just didn’t expect that he would win so comprehensively.

The total annihilation of a thousand elites of the Cataclysmic Front and not a single casualty on his side was indeed very incredible.

Hamid said excitedly: “The main thing is that your idea was great! After the detonation of the bursting point, the other side lost all combat power almost instantly.”

“Plus our soldiers kept a distance from them and used grenades and even mortars to close the door, so we didn’t give them a chance to return fire at all!”

Charlie laughed: “I just came up with a plan, mainly because you guys were able to implement it perfectly.”

Saying that, Charlie asked again, “These two battles yesterday should have replenished you with a lot of weapons and equipment, right?”

Hamid said offhandedly, “Brother, I was about to report to you! These sons of b!tches are so rich that their equipment is no match for the U.S. Marines or even the Navy Seals!”

“I’ve got a full set of equipment for a couple of thousand special forces! I’m going to hurry to buy a batch of NATO-style ammunition, in the future, my first-line troops, all use the NATO-style weapons captured this time.”

“This batch of weapons is more advanced, power and shooting accuracy are far more than the Russian-made weapons”

Charlie could not help but exclaim: “That’s great! With good equipment, you have to solve the problem of the soldier training, you must select the most combat-capable, and the most leading people from your direct troops, and train them as basic officers and middle-ranking officers respectively!”

“The larger the team, the more you have to focus on management, it is best to simply start a training course for officers and concentrate on training outstanding talents in bulk.”

Hamid immediately said, “Don’t worry, I will definitely train up the full-fledged officers!”

Saying that, he added: “Right, brother, after these two battles, I now have more weapons and equipment than I can use, just the collected long and short weapons up to six or seven thousand!”

Charlie laughed: “That’s good! When the day dawns, your popularity in Syria will be known to everyone, then I don’t know how many people will join you, with so many weapons and equipment, it’s enough for you to form a larger team.”

The two battles, I have people filming video footage, tomorrow morning, it will be widely publicized, anyway, I have become a mortal enemy with the Cataclysmic Front, do not care to continue to stimulate them.”

“By then my reputation, I will be able to take in a lot of stragglers, and may even make other armed formations to come over to join!”

“I also intend to, if I can attract two or three thousand people to come over to join, immediately integrated a thousand to fifteen hundred people size of engineering troops, seize the time to continue to expand the fortifications within the mountain, this is my top priority ……”

Chapter 3319

At the same time, Eastcliff suburban cemetery.

Wearing a black suit and black sunglasses, Joseph, holding a bunch of white chrysanthemums in his hand, walked up to a cemetery where couples were buried together.

Behind him, followed by more than a dozen young men also dressed in black, these people are yellow and white and black, and even a few brown people, each of them looks extraordinary.

Among them, the usually cool white tiger king Harmen Lu, also changed into black clothing from head to toe.

Joseph slowly stood in front of the tombstone, looking at the words and photos on the tombstone, and two lines of tears cut out under his black sunglasses.

He was stunned for a moment, poof kneeling on the ground, the sunglasses off, two eyes red choked: “Dad …… mom …… your son is here to see you! Son unfilial …… so many years have I have not been able to come back to see you, but also hope that you in heaven can forgive me ……”

After saying that, he bent down and kowtowed three times in front of the tombstone.

Immediately after, he raised his head, stroked the picture of his parents on the tombstone, and said resolutely, “Dad, Mom, your son has made some achievements in these years overseas!”

“This time, your son will not only avenge you, but also rob the Wade family’s Waderest Mountain, and move you both to there for burial in style! I must let all of Eastcliff, all of China, and even the whole world witness that the Wade family pay a huge price for your deaths!”

After saying that, he wiped away his tears and said seriously, “Dad, Mom. Please wait for a few days, and on the day of Qingming Festival, your son will bring them all and treat them together!”

At this time, a sharp beep suddenly came from the Bluetooth headset of the white-clothed Tiger King Harmen.

Hearing this sound, his eyebrows instantly tightened up.

He knew that this sound, was an emergency notification alert tone that would only be used when a major emergency occurred, and generally whenever this sound rang, it was not a good thing.

Subsequently, he gently turned around, pulled his cell phone out of the inner pocket of his suit, looked down, and the whole person was appalled!

The message was from Walter.

He was originally going to call Joseph directly to report the battle situation, but Joseph’s phone was turned off before he entered the mausoleum, so he sent the message to Harmen.

In the message, Walter wrote the battle situation very directly, which read, “Harmen, please report to the Supreme Commander on my behalf: 1,000 elites from my department parachuted in a surprise attack on Hamid’s base an hour ago.”

“They encountered an ambush on the hills of Hamid’s south and north flanks, and the enemy used a large number of potent explosives to k!ll and injure in a large area, and al 1,000 elites have now been completely wiped out!”

Harmen was surprised to the extreme.

He couldn’t understand that Walter, who had followed the army to the north and south with countless achievements, would suffer two consecutive defeats in Syria!

In the history of the Cataclysmic Front, this was absolutely groundbreaking!

In this way, the Front lost more than 2,500 men in a battle in one day, almost equal to the total loss of two standard regimental formations!

His first thought was to rush to report to Joseph when such a major event happened.

However, when he looked at it, he was hesitant as he saw him pay tribute to his parents.

After all, Joseph was taken out of the country when he was less than ten years old, and for the first time in more than twenty years, he came back to pay respects to both parents, and at such a time, it was not good to interrupt.

Chapter 3320

And Joseph at this time seems to be aware of what said in a cold voice: “What is it, just say!”

Harmen was a little shocked, but he quickly calmed down, stepped forward, and said in a low voice: “Supreme Commander, the Green-Eyed Wolf King sent a battle report, the 1,000 elites he sent out were ambushed by the enemy after the drop, and all of them have been wiped out!”

“What?!” Joseph stood up, turned around, and grabbed Harmen’s collar, angrily questioned: “One thousand elites from the Cataclysmic Front, who took the initiative to sneak attack those stragglers, could be completely wiped out? Are you teasing me?”

Harmen was grabbed by his neck, can not move at all, with some difficulty he said: “Supreme …… Supreme Commander …… I said …… all …… sent to me by the Green Eyes Wolf King, you …… if you do not believe, you can read the message ……”

Joseph snatched his phone over with one hand, and when he looked down at the contents of the text message, the whole person had fallen into extreme anger.

He struggled to slam Harmen’s phone to the ground, smashing it to pieces, then gritted his teeth and roared, “Just yesterday more than 1,500 people died, and today another 1,000 people, is this Walter a waste?”

Harmen coughed twice, but did not dare to answer.

Joseph said with an extremely grim expression, “These two defeats will definitely bring our Cataclysmic Front into disrepute!”

“It may even make our ranking in the world mercenary organization, a breath of 10 out of 10! The entire mercenary world has not seen such a tragic sacrifice in recent decades! This is really a big joke!

Then, he immediately took out his cell phone, turned it on and opened Walter’s number, came up, and cursed: “You rice bucket! I gave you such a simple task, and you gave me this look today?”

Walter was ashamed and said, “Supreme Commander, please listen to my explanation ……”

Joseph gritted his teeth and questioned, “After such a big defeat, what else do you have to explain? Are you worthy of the title of the Four Battle Kings of the Cataclysmic Front?”

Walter said decadently, “Supreme Commander …… I’m sorry to you, sorry to the Cataclysmic Front …… but, this time the enemy is indeed extraordinary, not only have they already made very strong fortifications long ago, and even able to accurately predict our every step of tactical planning.”

“Our people randomly selected two parachute landing sites, the results of these two sites all have their advance buried potent explosives, so I believe they must have arranged explosive points in all places throughout the base, no matter where our soldiers landed, they were within their k!lling range ……”

Speaking of this, Walter said with great sadness and anger, “Supreme Commander, I accept whatever punishment you give me, even if you directly court-martial me and shoot me, I have no complaints ……”

“But I have to say, Hamid and his ministry, and we previously encountered the opposition groups have extremely huge amazement, this person’s strategic vision and tactical arrangements are very precise, and extremely ruthless ……”

“By now all our contacts with him, we can see that he is an extreme pragmatist, all his fortifications, all the tactical arrangements, have only one purpose, that is to do everything possible to k!ll the enemy, never leave the enemy any way to live ……”

“This kind of person we must pay attention to and treat seriously in order to be able to defeat him, if you shoot me, please also consider carefully in the next strategic arrangements, never underestimate this guy ……”

Joseph’s expression was extremely gloomy, he was silent for a moment and said in a cold voice: “After fighting two unprecedented defeats in a row, based on this alone, I shot you twice is not much!”

Speaking of this, Wan Breaking Jun turned his words and continued, “But now is not the time to take your life, but the time to let you wear the guilt and merit! The more we lose on this Hamid, the more we can’t let him go.”

“It won’t take long, the whole mercenary world will know about this, and then everyone will see all our jokes, so we must completely annihilate this man, and get back the face we lost!”

Walter blurted out, “Supreme Commander …… Now Hamid has made his base like an iron barrel, it is difficult for us to attack, unless we use c0rpses to pile up ……”

Joseph gritted his teeth and said, “We can no longer blindly launch an attack, that will only bring more damage, we can’t afford a third defeat now!”

I will immediately draw you a group of troops from Yemen and other regions to give you enough 15,000 men to surround this base! Surround it like an iron barrel! Not a single fly is allowed to enter!”

“In addition, as long as there is a living creature inside the barrel, k!ll every one that comes out! Even if a fly dares to fly out, you must k!ll it! Even if they surrender, don’t accept it! No one will be left alive! This time, we’ll fight him to the end, to the end!”

Chapter 3321

Although the always strong Joseph is extremely angry, at this moment he is also clear that he cannot leave China before the Qingming Festival, otherwise if something delays his revenge plan, then how can he face his parents who died tragically many years ago?

Therefore, he can only continue to put his hope in Walter.

However, he also knew that Walter might not have any way to reduce casualties and at the same time completely solve the other side.

Therefore, in order to prevent him from taking the wrong path, Joseph gave his solution: “Since this son of a b!tch, Hamid, has built his base into an iron barrel, let’s completely surround him, so that he will be isolated and left to die!”

Siege warfare is actually a very cruel tactic.

As long as the besieging side had enough troops to block everything, and at the same time has a constant supply of food and ammunition as supplies, they could exhaust the other side indefinitely.

They don’t believe this Hamid can have many strategic reserves, as they can see it, he will run out of ammunition in three to five months, or one or two months!

From now on, Hamid and his men will either die of hunger, thirst, or death. In short, they will not allow any of them to walk out of their base alive.

Walter immediately said in a loud voice, “I understand, Supreme Commander! Don’t worry, I will not allow a single fly to come out of Hamid’s base alive!”

“Good!” Joseph said in a stern voice: “This is your chance to wear your sins to merit, if this matter is still not done well, then military justice will be dealt with!”

Walter choked up and said, “Don’t worry, I will complete your mission even if I die! I will earn back face for the Cataclysmic Front!”

Joseph said, “Remember what you said!”

After saying that, he simply hung up the phone.

In his opinion, even if Walter couldn’t consume the other party, it didn’t matter, as long as he waited for the Qingming Festival to pass, he would personally go to Syria and personally take care of that man.

With his super strength, even if Hamid’s defense is strong, he has absolute certainty to take his head in the midst of an army of 10,000 people.

Walter followed his orders and immediately did as he was told.

But he did not immediately go to blockade Hamid, but first wait for the rest of the Cataclysmic Front to come to his aid, then give Hamid a surprise attack, then directly surrounded him to death, to catch him by surprise.


The two defeats of the Cataclysmic Front soon spread throughout the mercenary world.

The image of invincibility that had been erected was instantly collapsed.

The entire mercenary world was watching the jokes of the poor Front, and even many countries in the West had brought the matter to the news, mocking Cataclysmic Front explicitly and implicitly.

And with the Waterloo of Cataclysmic Front’s reputation, Hamid’s deeds spread throughout Syria, and soon even the entire Middle East.

Who would have thought that Hamid would be able to win two big battles in a row when the opposition forces were losing one after another! In the eyes of others, this was like a god from heaven.

So, as soon as the day dawned in Syria, a large number of stragglers came to defect.

Immediately after that, there were several leaders of small armed forces who brought their own teams and formations to defect.

The vast majority of these people had been worried that they would soon be annihilated, so after seeing Hamid’s great strength, they came to surrender for a chance to save their lives.

So, after only half a day, Hamid’s base had incorporated more than 5,000 people.

Two days later, the base had already enrolled more than eight thousand people, and the total number of people had broken through ten thousand, and the entire base was overcrowded at once.

Chapter 3322

Hamid firmly carried out Charlie’s instructions, whether it was a small team of 10 people or a large team of 1,000 people, as long as they came to him, the team must be broken up and handed over to the leadership of his men.

Moreover, in addition to some old comrades who know the roots, the rest of the people, almost all of them were temporarily disarmed by his soldiers.

The number of soldiers who were disarmed was five thousand.

And these five thousand people were all incorporated into a temporary engineering unit, following the construction workers to continue to open the mountain.

The automated equipment was not enough, so this group of people purely smashed with hammers and used human wheelbarrows to transport the rubble out.

The reason why so many people digging together, mainly because the number of people is really too much, have to hurry to build a large number of reverse ramp pits, to ensure that the gang has a safe shelter.

The thought of digging defensive tunnels for themselves, these people are really more hardworking than anyone else, even if they are disarmed, they do not care at all, and only want to dig more tunnels as soon as possible, so that they have a place to land.

The 8,000 people who came to join were almost all armed and equipped, but the rations they brought with them were not much, on average, they could only last for three or five days, but it was good that Hamid himself had enough strategic reserves.”

“He had enough food to feed two or three thousand people for two or three years, even if it was 10,000 people, it was no problem to eat for more than a year.

Moreover, he also purchased a large amount of food from the neighboring country’s traders, and this food is coming from the north around the clock by land transport.

Charlie was relieved to hear that he had so many men.

But just when Hamid’s ministry was expanding several times and carrying out infrastructure with full force, 5000 Cataclysmic Front soldiers detoured back to northern Syria and cut off Hamid’s land transportation with the north fifty kilometers north of Hamid’s base.

Hundreds of trucks transporting food to Hamid, only less than thirty were sent in, and the rest were all stopped.

After that, Walter led 5000 soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front to cut off Hamid’s land transportation from the south, and then, another 5000 soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front seized several highlands around Hamid’s base, and then also began to build fortifications, looking to surround him to death.

When Hamid received the news, it was already too late.

The soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front had already completed their formation, and if he ventured to break out, he would definitely encounter a powerful attack.

When he reported this matter to Charlie, Charlie blandly said: “You do not have to worry about this matter, for the time being, the cost of their mercenary wages is very high, ten to twenty thousand people in Syria to besiege you, a day of military costs may have to be tens of millions of dollars.”

“Really want to consume a year, I believe they simply can not stand, not to mention, if a year still can not take it, they are more face No existence, continue to spend there is not enough to lose face, then definitely they will retreat.”

Saying that, Charlie instructed: “Anyway, your current strategic reserves, enough to support you for a year, so you do not care how they surround you, now the most important things are one or two.”

“One is to continue to do your infrastructure, strengthen your mountain fortifications, the other is to play twelve points of spirit too, absolutely can not let them have the opportunity to launch a decapitation operation!”

Hamid said: “Brother, to be honest, I’m not worried about any of this, my only worry is that you said that in a few days to pick up that Su’s trip back to the country? How am I going to send him out?”

Chapter 3323

Hamid is worried that once his base is besieged by the other side, it will be very difficult for him to send Zynn out.

And he knows very well that Zynn is very important to Charlie, and in a few days Charlie will have to get him back to his country.

Although Hamid is not sure what Charlie wants him back for, but he can feel that Charlie attaches great importance to this matter.

Hearing Hamid’s worry, Charlie spoke: “You don’t have to worry about this matter, for the time being, they have now surrounded and blocked you, it is not realistic for you to send Zynn out now, why not get down to business and get your defense right first.”

“If there is really no good opportunity then I will find a way to come there personally and bring Zynn back. “

This time, the Wade family Qingming ancestral ritual, Charlie has a total of two purposes.

The first, naturally, is to pay good respect to his parents on this very important day for the Wade family.

The second is to let Zynn kneel in front of his parents’ graves and repent to his parents for the matter of forming the Anti-Wade Alliance back then.

Therefore, on the day of Qingming, Zynn must appear at Waderest Mountain.

When Hamid heard this, he hurriedly said, “Brother, I’m in great danger here, you must not risk your life for this Su, how about this turn around I’ll organize a death squad and find a night to send him out by night!”

“No way.” Charlie firmly replied, “Although I have a grudge against this person, but right now this person can not die.”

Charlie had promised to leave Zynn a dog’s life long ago and had promised Zhiyu that he would return Zynn after she became the head of the Su family.

Therefore, he definitely could not let Zynn die in Syria, in that case, it would be like breaking his own promise.

So, he said to Hamid, “You don’t have to worry about Zynn for now, just do your best to guard your base, and if the enemy hasn’t retreated by the end of March, then I will personally come over there.”

Hamid heard this, had no choice but to agree, said: “Then what is the situation over here, I will report to you first!”


In the next few days, calm was temporarily respite restored in Syria.

The soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front no longer fought with the government army, but gathered all their forces to prepare to consume Hamid, while the government army lost a powerful helper and could only temporarily slow down the pace of the attack.

At the same time, Eastcliff is already undercurrents.

These days, the other two war kings of the Cataclysmic Front, as well as nearly a hundred war generals, traveled one after another from all over the world to rejoin Joseph in Eastcliff.

They were the mainstay of the entire Cataclysmic Front, and also the candidates that Joseph was going to bring up to attack Waderest Mountain this time.

This time, Joseph not only wanted to trample down the Wade family and avenge his parents, but also wanted to return to the stage of Eastcliff as the Heavenly Dragon Descending, representing his parents, the Cataclysmic Front, and the Wan Family.

He still remembered the situation of his parents in Eastcliff back then, because of various reasons, the majority of people were not very favorable to them, more or less despised his parents.

And even many people continued to ridicule and attack him after his father’s death, saying that he was a waste, saying that he could not even do well as Zynn’s dog, etc. This has always been a pain in Joseph’s heart.

So, this time, after stepping on the Wade family, he wants to become a god in the eyes of all the families in Eastcliff! He wanted to make all the big and small dignified families in Eastcliff grovel in front of him.

Only in this way can he double the lost face for his dead father.

Chapter 3324

The Wade family, who was also in Eastcliff, knew nothing about the actions of Joseph and the Cataclysmic Front.

All of Zhongquan Wade’s thoughts were focused on the upcoming ancestral ceremony.

This time, the ancestral ceremony is also very significant for him too.

This time, not only is the ancestral ceremony once every twelve years, but also the first ancestral ceremony after the Wade family’s ancestral tomb was moved to the Waderest Mountain.

More importantly, his eldest grandson Morgan, the son of Charlie’s eldest uncle Andrew Wade, will be engaged to a young princess of the Nordic royal family after the Qingming Festival.

The matter of intermarriage with the Nordic royal family is something that the Wade family has been planning for a long time.

In any large family, the eldest son, the eldest grandson, is the most important facade.

Therefore, Zhongquan wanted to find a good daughter-in-law for his eldest grandson, who was a good match for his family.

However, if we look at the country, there are only two girls who can really match with Morgan.

One is the only granddaughter of the Su family, Zhiyu.

Another, is the Gu family’s only daughter, Sara.

The daughters of those other families are more than a notch lower than Morgan.

However, Morgan has no chance to deal with Zhiyu, a woman who sees everything.

As for Sara is even more impossible, who does not know, she has been waiting to marry Charlie.

Moreover, a few days ago her concert made such a big noise, he thought with his toes also know is for Charlie, so he also has no chance to fix Sara.

And Morgan is two years older than Charlie, soon to be thirty, if thirty years old still not married, indeed some not quite like it, so his current priority is to get married as soon as possible.

Looking around, Zhongquan can find the most suitable candidate for his grandson, is the princess of the Nordic royal family.

First of all, in the background of the world now, there are few royal families left, so the royal family in high society is also considered very rare, marry a grandson-in-law, the face is naturally nothing to ordinary.

Secondly, the royal family of many constitutional monarchies now, although long gone from real power, but the status is still high and highly respected.

And because their ancestors have been royalty for generations and held the real power in the years bygone, the assets of the royal family are also very considerable, contacts, resources are also very wide.

If they can marry the princess of the Nordic royal family, for the Wade family, not only the reputation, even give them a greater breakthrough in the overseas market.

In itself, behind the marriage is the intermingling and exchange of resources and capital.

The royal family of Northern Europe wants to use the financial power of the Wade family to seek a bigger cake, while the Wade family also wants to use the contacts and influence of the royal family of Northern Europe to open up the entire European market.

Therefore, the marriage of the two families will certainly bring many benefits for both sides.

Moreover, the Nordic princess, whether age, looks, temperament, education, are the best among the European royal princesses, it is said that when she was young she was still the Crown Princess, as well as the first in line to the future throne.

But later, for some unknown reasons, she was replaced by her cousin and became the second in line to the throne.

With her and her cousin coming of age one after another, her cousin was formally made the Crown Princess, which was also tantamount to declaring that she was completely unrelated to the throne, and was only then pushed out by the family to join with the Wade family in marriage.

Morgan is also very satisfied with this future wife, after all, marrying a Nordic princess is such a bullish thing, in China is still almost no one has done before.

Therefore, he also longed to be engaged as soon as possible, and then choose a big day, the scenery of the big event, the princess married into the door.

The Nordic royal family is also very generous, knowing that the Wade family will soon hold an ancestral ceremony, so they are prepared to make an exception and let the princess come to Eastcliff a few days early, first as the future daughter-in-law, to participate in the Wade family’s ancestral ceremony.

After the ceremony, other members of the royal family will fly to Eastcliff to attend their engagement banquet, at which time the marriage will be officially announced to the public.

For Zhongquan, as long as the news of the wedding is announced, the Wade family’s fame will definitely rise to another level!

But how could he know that at this moment, a net of heaven and earth, has been slowly unfolded towards the Wade family!

Chapter 3325

The princess from the Nordic royal family soon decided on her itinerary.

She will depart for China in two days, and her itinerary is planned to stay at the Wade family for a few days, and then on the day of Qingming, she will attend the ancestral ceremony with the Wade family.

And then the other royal family members will fly to Eastcliff, and the princess will stay at the Shangri-La Hotel in Eastcliff together with the other royal family members.

And her engagement ceremony with Morgan would also be held at the Shangri-La Hotel.

So, Zhongquan brought Leon to discuss, and said: “Leon, the Nordic princess will come the day after tomorrow, you have to hurry up and bring people to set up everything at home, everything must be prepared to the smallest detail, and there must not be any negligence in the etiquette.”

Leon said, “Master, don’t worry, I’m already working on it.”

Zhongquan nodded with satisfaction and smiled, “At the ancestral ceremony, I will announce the marriage between Morgan and her in front of all the Wade family’s direct and collateral relatives.”

“As the first domestic family to intermarry with the European royal family, my Wade family will definitely have a great reputation!”

Leon immediately said respectfully, “This marriage with the Northern European royal family will be a great help for the Wade family to enter Europe, and it might be the next breakthrough point for the family, congratulations, Master!”

Zhongquan smiled faintly, first nodded, then could not help but shake his head slightly and spoke, “There will definitely be some help, but the breakthrough point is not yet talked about, these constitutional monarchies, the royal family has no political rights.”

“There is nothing but popularity and some special treatment, want to rely on them, to bring us a huge breakthrough, the possibility is slim to none.”

He further said: “I see the main is an additional layer of royal endorsem*nt, to make the European market to trust us more, less wariness.”

“Morgan to Northern Europe, can be regarded as a local son-in-law, more or less can bring us some convenience, but that’s all, want to do big and strong, or we have to rely on our own strength.”

“Yes.” Leon agreed and said, “As long as Young Master Morgan can make good use of this advantage, our chances of success in Europe will be mostly good.”

Zhongquan nodded slightly, then couldn’t help but sigh, “Actually, I think what I’m looking forward to more than Morgan’s marriage, is Charlie’s recognition of his ancestors!”

“Young Master Charlie?” Leon was surprised and asked, “This time, is it to allow Young Master Charlie to recognize his ancestors and officially return to the Wade family?”

Zhongquan said without hesitation, “That’s right! That’s my plan!”

He has been away from the family for too long and has no feelings for the Wade family, I can understand that, but feelings or no feelings, he has been away from home for almost twenty years, it is time for him to return.”

Chapter 3326

Leon said at this moment: “Master, now let Young Master Charlie return to the Wade family may not be so easy, after all, he still has a wife in Aurous Hill, and his contacts, career are basically in that city, this matter I personally think, it is best to think long term.”

“So what if he has a wife?” Zhongquan said with a serious expression, “My original intention was to think long term, that’s why I didn’t have a tough attitude at the beginning to let him come back, but took two hundred billion to buy the Emgrand Group for him!”

“I originally thought that after he got his identity back and owned that Group, he would realize the difference between him and Claire and leave that woman of his own accord!”

“But what I didn’t expect was that after such a long time, he still hasn’t gotten a divorce!”

“You tell me, does he intend to live with that woman for the rest of his life?”

Leon hurriedly said, “Master, matters like feelings are not something we can influence, I think you still have to respect Young Master’s choice.”

Zhongquan waved his hand and said seriously, “As the head of the Wade family, I really can’t accept my own grandson, marrying such a woman with lowly origins!”

He further said with some emotional excitement, “I say that Claire has a bad origin, not only because the segment of that Willson family is really too low!”

“It’s more because, that Claire’s grandfather, was originally our Wade family’s family slave!”

“You tell me, what big family would let their grandson, marry the granddaughter of their own slave as his wife? Isn’t this smearing the face of the old ancestor!”

“So, no matter what, he must divorce that woman!”

Leon opened his mouth and advised, “Master, this matter cannot be rushed, I think you should give Young Master a little more time and let him solve this matter on his own.”

Zhongquan said seriously: “I originally thought the same thing, considering that I have not seen him for so many years, lacking the basis of normal feelings between grandparents and grandchildren.”

“So I did not force him to divorce back to the Wade family at the very beginning, I gave him the Emgrand Group, just to let him take the initiative to leave Claire, but now it seems that this is my own fault!”

Originally, in Zhongquan’s perception, once men and women have created a huge class gap, it is only a matter of time before they separate.

Once Charlie has money, power, and status, he will probably lose interest in Claire himself, and will probably just give Claire a severance payment to send her off, and then completely end the marriage between the two.

But how could he have imagined that Charlie, after dragging his feet for so long, had not yet divorced Claire?

Moreover, according to some sporadic information he received, it seems that Charlie also has no intention to divorce her.

Even though Sara had already identified with him, he still had not divorced Claire.

This makes Zhongquan feel a little bad.

Thinking of this, he said somewhat depressed: “A few days ago I watched the entertainment news, the Gu family’s little girl in the concert confession, went all the way to Aurous Hill, but also on the day of Charlie’s birthday, do not have to think about it is to confess to him, but he?”

“He is still not divorced from that Claire? The Gu family girl and Charlie have a marriage contract ah! The fact that he doesn’t even care about this is proof that he doesn’t want to divorce at all!”

Leon naturally knew Charlie’s thoughts, so he said, “Master, I understand your feelings but have you thought about it, Young Master’s character is very similar to Young Master Changying’s.”

“If you force him to do something he doesn’t want to do, he will most likely resist to the end.”

Zhongquan said in a cold voice: “I’m just afraid that he will resist, that’s why I haven’t forced him, but this time I can’t continue to go with him, this time for the ancestral ceremony.”

“I have to put some pressure on him no matter what, otherwise, this matter may never be as I want it to be!”

He stood up, looked out the window, and said seriously, “Morgan’s marriage to the Nordic princess, Charlie’s marriage to the Gu family’s only daughter.”

“Once these two marriages have landed, the Wade family’s strength will completely surpass the Su family and become the number one family in China, so these two events, I will never allow anything to go wrong between them!”

Chapter 3327

In Zhongquan’s eyes, this ancestral ceremony, although he was looking forward to Morgan and his marriage, but in the end, what he valued most was Charlie.

The royal family does have money, and they do have status and face, but both their property and status can only be considered medium to high.

So, all things considered, the royal family is a jack-of-all-trades, all aspects are quite good, but there is nothing particularly outstanding.

If you really want to compare the overall strength, ten Nordic royal princesses, may not be able to match Sara Gu.

After all, although the members of the European royal family are not as large as the Middle East, but a family of at least a few children, but Sara is a proper only daughter, with the royal princess, how to compare?

Leon followed Zhongquan for many years, of course, knows his intentions, but for so many years, Zhongquan has little understanding of Charlie, he does not know Charlie’s character and style of action, but Leon is aware of it.

For so many years, Charlie almost grew up under the eyes of Leon.

Although Leon had never interfered with Charlie’s growth, nor had he deliberately made any arrangements for his education, he was very clear about Charlie’s situation.

With his understanding, he knew very well that Zhongquan’s planning for Charlie would hardly go as he wished.

However, he was also vaguely worried in his heart and couldn’t help but wonder, “If Young Master Charlie keeps failing to let the master get what he wants, then will the master turn against Young Master, and will he take the Emgrand Group back from him?”

“If the Wade family takes away the Emgrand Group and Young Master is unwilling to marry Sara, then the Gu family’s assets will also pass him by, what should he do then?”

Thinking of this, Leon’s heart became more and more apprehensive.

So, he looked at Zhongquan and asked tentatively, “Master, after you went to such great lengths to find Young Master Charlie, was it because you wanted him to marry that girl from the Gu family?”

“Of course not.” Zhongquan waved his hand and said with some emotion, “After all, he is my grandson and the bloodline of my Wade family!”

“As the head of the Wade family, I must let him return to the family, so that I can stand up to the long tassels and the ancestors of the family.”

“As for whether he marries that girl from the Gu family, in the end, it only concerns his own future.

Saying that, Zhongquan sighed lightly and said seriously, “I hope he can understand my good intentions.”

When Leon heard this, his heart suddenly became a little nervous.

He could see that Zhongquan was actually acting when he said these words just now.

But what he was nervous about was that Zhongquan was acting in front of him.

What was the purpose of this drama?

Naturally, he hoped that he could be fooled by him and then convey his words just now to Charlie.

Therefore, Leon immediately understood that Zhongquan already had doubts about him.

At least, in his heart, he must have already thought that his position was more biased towards Charlie than him.

Thus, Leon could only sigh stiffly, “What you said, Master, I believe that Young Master will understand.”

Zhongquan nodded in satisfaction, then waved his hand at him and said, “Alright, go back, I’ll rest for a while.”

“Okay, master.” Leon immediately bowed respectfully and said, “Master, you can call me anytime you need something.”

Chapter 3328

Zhongquan watched Leon leave the room with a gradually wooden expression on his face.

Thinking about Charlie, he actually didn’t have any feelings.

After all, Charlie had been away from home for so many years, the love of his grandfather and grandson had long faded for him.

Moreover, he had always been a little worried about Charlie in his heart, worried that Charlie would be angry with him because of his parent’s death.

Therefore, getting Charlie back would actually only be bad for him, not good.

He himself knew very well in his heart that finding Charlie back would most likely be getting back a white-eyed wolf.

However, the main reason why he insisted on bringing this boy back to recognize his ancestors, and even begged him to do so, was because of an experience he had in Singapore three years ago.

Many years ago, Zhongquan went to Singapore to attend an entrepreneurial summit.

It was a global event for top entrepreneurs, and there were no more than five entrepreneurs from China who were really qualified to be invited, and he was one of them.

The ones from other countries were all representatives of the top families with trillions of dollars in assets, and at that time, Zhongquan’s strength in that summit could only be ranked as a medium.

In addition to him, the top consortia of the United States and Japan, the historical superfamilies of Europe, and the financial giants of Russia, any one of them, were above him in strength.

The reason why so many top tycoons went to this summit is that behind this summit, there are three executive directors.

All the people who attended the summit, none of them are looking at the face of the three managing directors, and none of them are sharpening their heads to follow the three managing directors to close relations.

These three managing directors, are the world’s three top plutocrats representatives.

One is the representative of the Middle East royal family, one is the representative of the Ruthschild family, and another, is the representative of the An family.

Each of the three families was the executive director of the summit, and jointly managed all the affairs of the summit, and each with veto power.

The three families had gathered a lot of resources with their strength and influence, and because of this, all entrepreneurs wanted to mix in this summit.

Zhongquan also wanted to mix some resources and contacts in the summit, and coincidentally, the person sent by the An family to be the executive director happened to be Charlie’s own uncle, Marcus An.

Zhongquan naturally knew that the An family had always despised him, but after all, he was once a relative, and he knew that Charlie’s uncle, Marcus, had deep feelings for Charlie’s mother, so he had the cheek to try to get close to him.

He didn’t expect that when Zhongquan, who was a generation older, took the initiative to ask to see Marcus, Marcus didn’t even give him a chance to meet him, but only had his men reply to him.”

“That he only recognized one person surnamed Wade, and that was his sister Margaret An’s flesh and blood, Charlie! Apart from him, he will not see anyone surnamed Wade!

Marcus’s attitude made Zhongquan realize that his grandson, who had disappeared for many years, was the only remaining link between the Wade family and the An family.

Originally, he had thought that the An family had always looked down on the Wade family in a million ways, and was not even willing to acknowledge the in-law’s relationship between them.

He even thought that the An family must not look up to Charlie either, after all, they had always opposed Margaret’s marriage to Changying, and it was normal for them to have little affection for Margaret and Changying’s child.

However, he really did not expect that Marcus had left a chance for the Wade family.

In his opinion, whether Charlie’s grandparents care about Charlie or not, it is enough to have Marcus’s words.

Because, Marcus has long been set as the successor of the next generation of the An family, fixing him, is the same as fixing the An family!

Zhongquan has been dreaming of the overseas market all these years, but really rely on the Wade family itself, want to go abroad to develop, it is a difficult step.

The strength of the An family, more than dozens of times stronger than the Wade family, and in overseas strength, deep roots, if you can have the help of the An family, naturally can be as smooth as walking.

Therefore, in Zhongquan’s opinion, if they can let Charlie acknowledge his ancestors, let him marry Sara, and even let him go to the United States to establish a bond with the An family, then the Wade family’s future will be bright.

This is the core motivation that really pushed him to get Charlie back, but he had not told anyone about this, even Leon did not know about this secret.

Chapter 3329

The matter of Joseph’s return to Eastcliff was not known to anyone else in the outside world except Chengfeng.

However, long before Joseph returned to Eastcliff, he had already sent dozens of informants from the Cataclysmic Front to infiltrate Eastcliff.

These informants had infiltrated all walks of life in the city and knew everything about the wind and movement of all the major families here.

When the trip of the Nordic royal princess was set, the news soon spread in Eastcliff.

Many big families were envious of the Wade family’s upcoming marriage with the Nordic royal family, thinking that this family had seized a good opportunity to enter Europe.

Harmen Lu, the white-clothed Tiger King under Joseph, hurriedly came to him and said respectfully, “Supreme Commander, news has just been received. The Wade family has entered into a marriage alliance with the Northern European royal family.”

“That princess will arrive in Eastcliff, and it is said that this princess will also participate in the Wade family’s ancestral ceremony!”

“Nordic Princess?” Joseph disdainfully skimmed his mouth and said, “If I remember correctly, this eldest princess seems to have been secretly disinherited from the throne long ago, right?”

Harmen nodded and said, “We have a very clear grasp of all the information of the royal families in Europe, this Nordic Princess, originally meant to ascend the throne according to the royal succession law.”

“It is true that she should be the first in the line of succession, but I don’t know for what reason she was abandoned by the family very early.”

Joseph scoffed: “A renounced crown prince, to put it bluntly, is the fallen phoenix, this kind of goods in Europe, not much big family can look at, did not expect to send to China to become a treasure.”

Harmen said at the side: “The Wade family seems to want to go through this princess, to open up some channels in Europe.”

Joseph said disdainfully, “With me, the Wade family’s assets and business will only get smaller and worse, and I will never let them find the opportunity to enter Europe!”

After saying that, he coldly said, “Harmen, immediately arrange people to purchase a batch of the cheapest and most inferior coffins, when the time comes, I want to send a big gift to the Wade family!”

“Yes, Supreme Commander! I’ll go do it right now!”

“Wait a moment.” he called out to him and spoke, “Tell Walter that before April 1st, if there is no progress on the Syrian side, have him come to China immediately, and make sure to report to me in person in Eastcliff on April 2nd!”

At the time of the Qingming Festival to deal with Waderest is the most important thing for Joseph right now, there is no one.

At that time, one of the four battle kings under his command would be missing.

That’s why he told Walter to arrive in Eastcliff on April 2.

Although the matter of Syria is important. But in front of this matter, it is nothing.

Harmen did not hesitate to say, “Supreme Commander, don’t worry, I will contact the Green Eyes Wolf King later and relay your order to him!”


Chapter 3330

The Cataclysmic Front’s full-frontal blockade of Hamid had lasted for several days.

During this period of time, the Cataclysmic Front did not send troops to invade, the government army did not organize any new shelling, and Hamid did not send troops to test the reality.

Both sides completely fell into a stalemate stage where the two sides did not cross the river.

Hamid’s work these days is very busy, he has to command thousands of engineering teams to step up construction, while also organizing the first officers to participate in officer training, in accordance with Charlie’s explanation.

Actively train middle-ranking officers to strengthen the control of the entire team.

On the other hand, on Charlie’s side, hearing that Hamid has now entered the truce stage, he also breathed a sigh of relief, and then put all his energy into the preparation of the ocean shipping group.

Zhiyu complied with the terms of cooperation with Charlie and brought all the resources of the Su family shipping group in a package.

In order to cooperate with him, Nanako also personally appeared and established a joint venture company with Zhiyu.

Charlie then borrowed a word from each of their surnames and named the company ISU Shipping.

This joint venture company, ostensibly the Ito family and Zhiyu co-founded, and the Ito family holds 51% of the shares. Zhiyu holds 49%, but in reality, the 51% stake held by the Ito family is being held on behalf of Charlie.

The Su family’s ocean shipping group had previously been sanctioned and had all business qualifications revoked.

However, since the Ito family is a foreign-owned enterprise and has perfect qualification documents.

The nature of ISU Shipping this time, also became a foreign-led joint venture. All previous sanctions were bypassed for the Su family.

Since Melba has more experience in business management than Zhiyu, and there is her father Pollard behind her, the CEO of ISU Shipping is Melba.

Zhiyu, as the COO of ISU Shipping, is also the chief operating officer, who cooperates with Melba to manage the company together.

Although Charlie is the controlling shareholder of this company, but he still intends to do his hands off, under normal circ*mstances. Not to interfere with the company’s operations.

Since the Ito family is currently the number one family in Japan, and Zhiyu is also the granddaughter of the Su family, the number one family in China, and has previously received a lot of attention from the nation because of what happened to her.

So this time she took out the Su family’s shipping group to cooperate with the Ito family as soon as the news was released. It immediately made the front-page headlines of all major news media.

Melba felt that this was a good opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity to play a wave of free advertising, so she took the initiative to find Charlie and planned to pick a good day.

This was to hold a press conference to formally announce the establishment of ISU Shipping, so as to create awareness first.

Charlie naturally had no problem with it, so Melba discussed with Zhiyu and decided to strike while the iron was hot and hold the press conference as soon as possible.

It so happened that Nanako Ito had not left yet, so after several women sat down and discussed, they were going to let Nanako and Zhiyu take the lead and hold a huge launch event at the Shangri-La Hotel.

This conference, invited many domestic and foreign media outlets to participate, Charlie as the hidden big boss, but also by a few women must be present to support the scene.

So, on the day of the launch, he came to Shangri-La early to prepare for today’s press conference.

For this conference. So he specially redecorated the banquet hall of Shangri-La, which was enough to accommodate several hundred journalists and guests.

In addition to media reporters, many prominent figures in Aurous Hill were also invited to the venue.

When Charlie arrived at Shangri-La, the reporters and guests had not yet arrived at the entrance time. Issac came to the main entrance to greet him, and after handing Charlie’s car to the parking attendant, he said to Charlie,

“Young master, Miss Ito, Miss Su, Miss Song, and Miss Watt are all in the VIP lounge. Do you want me to take you there now?”

Charlie nodded and said, “Take me there.”

Issac hurriedly led the way in front, whispering to him as he walked, “Young master, butler Leon just called me and wanted me to confirm with you the time of your arrival in Eastcliff.”

Charlie then said, “The Qingming Festival is on April 5th, so wouldn’t I just arrive in Eastcliff on April 4th?”

Issac said, “He is afraid that you will be willing to move on the 4th, he said that on April 5th early in the morning is the ancestor worship ceremony, such a big ancestor worship ceremony, usually have to confirm all the ancestor worship process two or three days in advance.”

“Then have to hold a family meeting, you will also have to attend then.”

Charlie thought about it and said, “Just let them set the ceremony, I won’t be involved, I’ll go when it’s time to participate.”

Issac explained, “Young master, Leon knows that you don’t really want to go there early, but he still asked me to convey to you that he hopes you can go to Eastcliff on April 3.”

“The early family meeting can be dispensed with, but April 4 is the last meeting before the ancestral ceremony, you’d better be there, there are a lot of particularly tedious rituals and processes, if you don’t communicate well in advance, I’m afraid When the time comes, something will go wrong.”

Charlie hesitated for a moment, nodded, and said, “Okay, then I’ll go there on April 3rd!”

Chapter 3331

Originally in Charlie’s plan, as long as he goes to Waderest Mountain early in the morning on April 5, the Qingming Festival, to participate in the ancestral rituals on the line.

After attending the ritual, he would return to Aurous Hill directly and would not need to have too much contact with the Wade family.

However, since Leon wanted him to go there early, it wouldn’t hurt to do that.

Although he was somewhat repulsed towards the Wade family, he still trusted Leon.

When he arrived at the entrance of the VIP lounge together with Issac. Zhiyu was standing in the corridor on the phone, and when she saw Charlie coming, the two of them looked at each other. Charlie could see that she had a tight frown on her face and seemed to have something on her mind.

Then, she said into the phone, “Grandpa, I’m a little busy right now, I’ll contact you after the launch.”

After saying that, she directly hung up the phone. Respectfully, she said to Charlie, “You’re here, Grace.”

When Charlie saw that she was not in the right state, he opened his mouth and asked, “Miss Su, is something wrong?”

Zhiyu hesitated for a moment and gathered the courage to ask, “Grace, can I talk to you alone for a few minutes?”

Charlie nodded, then said to Issac, “Mr. Issac, you go in first, I’ll talk to Miss Su.”

Issac said, “Young Master, the next few lounges are empty, today the place is cleared, you and Miss Su can find a lounge to talk in detail, anyway, we still have half an hour before the launch.”

“Okay.” Charlie turned to Zhiyu and said, “Miss Su, let’s go to the lounge inside.”

Zhiyu nodded: “Okay.”

Both came to the innermost lounge, and just after entering the door, Zhiyu said impatiently, “Grace, I saw a press release from CNN two days ago this morning, and they said that the world’s top mercenary organization, the Cataclysmic Front, suffered a big defeat in Syria, losing thousands of people.”

“And the one who caused them great losses was the leader of an opposition group in Syria named Hamid, I want to ask you, is my father in this Hamid’s base?”

Charlie nodded and graciously admitted, “That’s right, your father is indeed at Hamid’s place.”

Saying that, he was a little surprised and asked, “This matter has already passed for several days, and you just learned the news?”

Zhiyu said, “This matter is basically not reported in the country, only that the situation in Syria is more volatile. I found out this morning on the overseas news website ……”

She asked nervously, “Grace, my father will not encounter any danger in Syria, right?”

Charlie lightly said, “It’s okay, don’t worry too much, the defense on Hamid’s side is still very strong, your dad’s personal safety is absolutely guaranteed.”

Zhiyu blurted out, “But I heard …… I heard that the Cataclysmic Front, reached an agreement with the Syrian government to help them purge all of Syria’s opposition forces, and then establish their own mercenary base there.”

“If that’s really the case, they will definitely spare no effort to wipe out that Hamid ……”

Chapter 3332

For Zhiyu, although she also has a lot of words about many of her dad’s practices, but after all, blood kinship is here, so after learning that the situation over in Syria is critical, she is most worried about her dad’s safety.

Charlie heard this. Inevitably some curiosity asked: “From where did you hear that the Cataclysmic Front engage with Hamid’s base?”

Zhiyu said: “I just called grandpa, originally wanted to ask him how much he knows about Syria and the Cataclysmic Front, after all, this is the first time I heard of the three words Cataclysmic Front, he told me this.”

Charlie was surprised and asked, “Is there any connection between Chengfeng and the Cataclysmic Front?”

“I’m not sure about that.” Zhiyu said, “I’ve never heard him talk about the Cataclysmic Front before, but just now on the phone, his attitude towards the Cataclysmic Front seemed to be a bit exuberant, and he was quite emotional.”

“Strange.” Charlie frowned and said, “Cataclysmic Front has been developing in war-torn areas, and the country has always been safe and secure.”

“The average person really has little chance to hear their name, how does he know so much, even the content of the cooperation between the Cataclysmic Front and the Syrian side?”

Zhiyu said, “Maybe he has some more well-informed channels.”

Charlie nodded his head. On the surface, he did not continue to dwell on this issue, but in his heart, he felt that Chengfeng and the Front must have some kind of connection. Therefore, he also reminded himself in his heart that he must be careful and on guard.

Subsequently, he said to Zhiyu, “As far as I know, your father is still relatively safe at the moment, even if the Cataclysmic Front wants to take Hamid, they will have to prepare for at least half a year.”

“While being prepared to sacrifice tens of thousands of people, not to mention that they are only surrounding Hamid now instead of fighting, so you don’t have to worry too much for the time being.”

Zhiyu said with a pleading face, “Grace, please let my father come back, although he has done a lot of things wrong. But after all, the punishment is not to death, even if you get him back to Aurous Hill, house arrest in Shangri-La can be ……”

Charlie refused without hesitation, “Impossible. In my eyes, his crime is not punishable by death? Just the fact that he organized the anti-leaf alliance back then, I could have k!lled him as a matter of course.”

“The reason why I left him alive was for the sake of you and Ruoli, the two sisters.”

Zhiyu said with red eyes, “My father has indeed done a lot of wrong things and needs to pay for his mistakes, but that place in Syria is too dangerous, the news said that the number of people k!lled and injured in a battle there are several thousand.”

“I’m afraid he can’t wait for me to become the head of the Su family, he has already met with an untimely death ……”

Charlie looked at Zhiyu, said with a serious expression, “Everyone has to take the risk and pay the price for what they have done. I sent your father to Syria, which is my punishment for him.”

“If he encounters any uncontrollable natural or man-made disasters in the process of receiving this punishment, it can only be said that his own life is unlucky.”

Zhiyu wanted to continue to fight with Charlie, but hesitated for a moment or gave up, she looked at him and asked, “Grace, you said that you would let my father go to your parents’ grave to apologize at Qingming, and that you would let him sign the divorce agreement with my mother?”

“But now that Hamid’s base has been heavily surrounded by the Cataclysmic Front, and the people of the Front hate want to k!ll them all, under such circ*mstances, can my father still come out?”

“Yes.” Charlie said indifferently, “If the Cataclysmic Front does not stop surrounding Hamid, then I will personally go to Syria and bring him back.”

When Zhiyu heard this, a pair of beautiful eyes instantly lit up, as if she had seen hope.

She was about to say something when he added at this time, “But I will send him back after it’s over.”

“You ……” Zhiyu couldn’t help but complain, “Grace, since you have decided to personally go to Syria to bring him back, why risk sending him back ah, aren’t you afraid of the danger yourself?”

Charlie said with a cold expression: “Everywhere there is danger, but I will not change my principles because of the fear of danger!”

Chapter 3333

Zhiyu looked at Charlie’s unwavering eyes and sighed deeply in her heart.

At this moment, there were a few feelings of guilt deep inside her heart.

In fact, she also knew that what Charlie said was the truth, if not for her and Ruoli’s sake, her father Zynn would not have had the chance to go to Syria to live.

The fact that he could go to Syria was already a netting of his side by Charlie.

She was begging him to take a step back at this time, which was indeed a bit too much.

So, she was ashamed and said to him: “I’m sorry, my lord, it’s my fault, when you made this decision, I accepted the terms of your three-year contract. Should not come back at this time to beg you to take another step back ……”

Charlie waved his hand and said blandly, “He is your father, after all, it is only normal for you to beg for him.”

After saying that, he looked at the time, “Okay, let’s talk about it, the conference is about to start, you still have to prepare for it.”

“Okay!” Zhiyu nodded and said, “I’ll go over the speech with Miss Ito again.”

At this moment, Charlie was also thinking in his heart, “It looks like I have to go to Syria again in the next two days!”

He thought that it would be easy to go to Syria by himself.

He could still use the same low altitude way of opening the umbrella last time, and believed that he could surely bypass the encirclement of the Cataclysmic Front easily.

However, if he wanted to be surrounded by more than 10,000 people. Bringing Zynn out, that is definitely not an easy thing.

Therefore, it was better to go over earlier, or have more time to prepare and see if there was a good way.

Otherwise, if the ancestral ceremony is delayed and Zynn cannot come to his parents’ grave to kowtow and accept his mistakes, how should he explain to his parents?

Moreover, Charlie was more or less worried whether Hamid’s defense could withstand the attack of ten to twenty thousand soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front.

If, after a period of time, the Front sees that the siege is not successful, and is willing to pay thousands and thousands of people together with the government forces to finish off Hamid, then Hamid may not be able to stop it.

So he must go over as early as possible to determine both things, and also to avoid the future night-long dream!


Charlie and Zhiyu came to the VIP lounge together, Nanako, Warnia, and Melba, were all sitting on the sofa at this time.

Nanako was holding several scripts and was communicating with Melba about something. When she saw Charlie enter, a sudden surge of joy came into her eyes and she stood up quickly and said with a smile, “Mr. Charlie, you’re here!”

Charlie faintly smiled and gestured to her, Melba also stood up, slightly nervous and shy, and said, “Mr. Wade you are here ……”

When Warnia saw Charlie, she likewise rose and said respectfully, “Master Wade, you’re here!”

Chapter 3334

Charlie nodded to several people with a smile and spoke, “You will have to work hard later. Two beautiful shareholders, a beautiful CEO, and another beautiful strategic partner.”

“You four beautiful women are such an existence and I can easily say you are national beauties. I believe today’s conference will definitely make a deep impression!”

Warnia couldn’t help but laugh: “Master Wade, you are too good at praising us, to say that the three of them are the national beauty, I am too old. Can not afford these four words …… and I am here today to make a sauce, the main character is the three of them.”

Nanako immediately said: “Sister Warnia you are too modest, the three of us, you are the most feminine, really to say that the national beauty, I think you also are!”

Warnia couldn’t help but laugh: “Oh, Nanako dear, you’ve been in China for these days, but you haven’t learned anything else, but you’ve learned the art of making speeches!”

Nanako dear winked mischievously and said with a smile, “A famous teacher makes a good pupil, following you every day to learn the sk!lls of sister Warnia, I must have progress!”

Charlie laughed: “You guys shouldn’t brag about each other. If you’re still so unorthodox at the launch, outsiders will definitely think that ISU Shipping is a particularly unreliable company.”

Nanako laughed: “Mr. Charlie, with Zhiyu, the CEO with superior ability, people outside will definitely not doubt the strength of ISU Shipping, after a few days of contact, I admire her a lot, I really want to poach her to the Ito Group to help me!”

Charlie said casually: “Then you can go back and discuss with your father, and integrate the Ito family’s business in shipping as well. The three of us will work together to make ISU Shipping the world’s top shipping group, and perhaps go public in the United States in the future.”

When Nanako heard this, her eyes lit up and she said, “That’s a good idea! Instead of just pretending to be a shareholder, we should really participate in the real sense.

Zhiyu also said very seriously: “I also feel that this plan of Grace is very feasible, if the three joint ventures, then Grace will hold 34% of the shares, and Nana and I will each hold 33% of the shares.”

“This way, our respective resources can be integrated together and work together. I believe we will be able to grow bigger and stronger!”

Melba said excitedly, “If we can really achieve this three-way merger, then we will be invincible in the whole of Asia. We can also avoid the internal conflict caused by competition with each other!”

Speaking of this, Melba said: “When the two domestic taxi software every day desperately burn money in a competition, they are k!lling the enemy with a thousand self-losses.”

“The two sides sparring is not the ability. Rather, the amount of blood. Who has more blood, who can live to the end.”

“However, this business model, the one that lives to the end, even if the victory month is a tragic victory, I’m afraid that by then it will be dying, it is easy for others to take advantage of the situation, so they choose to merge.”

“After the merger of the two sides, not only do not have to fight to the death, and even resource integration, the formation of a near-monopoly dominant position, all of a sudden the industry’s other competitors all squeezed to the edge of dying.”

“While they can also use their absolute dominance, and constantly raise prices, so over the years their prices are more and more expensive, service is getting worse and worse, that’s why!”

As soon as Melba’s words fell, Zhiyu immediately said, “If we combine our efforts to form an absolutely dominant position. Surely we can also influence shipping prices to a certain extent!”

Charlie laughed: “Let Nanako go back and talk to Mr. Ito about the feasibility of this matter, if Mr. Ito is interested, when the time comes, the few of you will set the specific details, I will not be involved.”

Nanako said, “My father has not left China yet, he is at Shangri-La, but because of his health, he does not want to be in the public eye, so he did not come down for the launch.”

“Later, when the launch is over, I will go to him first and ask him what he thinks.”

Charlie nodded: “This is better, maybe you can have a lunch date together at noon, and talk about this matter while eating.”

Nanako asked with an expectant face, “Mr. Charlie, do you want to join us at noon?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I have something to do at noon.”

Melba couldn’t help but spit out, “You’re too thorough in shaking off your hands, right? Even if you don’t get involved in small things, you don’t get involved in such big things?”

Charlie spread his hands and said seriously, “I’m not as professional as you guys in this area are, so I’m not going to join the fun.”

As he was talking, Issac came over and spoke, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the conference starts in five minutes, and the media and guests are already here.”

Zhiyu then said to the other three women, “Then let’s go there first.”

Charlie then said to them, “You guys go first, I’ll talk to Mr. Issac about something.”

Nanako was busy saying, “Mr. Charlie, don’t stay hidden in the lounge, remember to come over later to watch the launch!”

“Okay!” he agreed, and after seeing the four people leave, he immediately said to Issac: “Mr. Issac, tell my grandfather that I’m going to Syria first thing in the morning, and ask him to transfer the Concorde to Aurous Hill this evening!”

Chapter 3335

When he first sent Zynn to Syria, Charlie did not know that Hamid would be in such a big mess.

A small armed leader with only 2,000 to 3,000 people was surrounded by a group of more than 10,000 elite soldiers of the Cataclysmic Front, which should be unprecedented in Syria.

Charlie also did not expect that he would quietly sneak into Syria for the second time after a short period of time.

The last time he sneaked in, he wanted to bring Melba back, but this time, it was Zynn instead.

When Issac heard that Charlie was going to Syria again, he immediately said nervously, “Young master. The situation in Syria is not very stable recently, why are you going there again now?”

Charlie shrugged his shoulders and sighed lightly, “I want to pick up Zynn before the Qingming Festival, so as not to delay his Qingming Festival day. Go to Waderest Mountain to say sorry to my parents.”

Issac said offhandedly, “Young master, I heard that that Hamid has now offended the Cataclysmic Front, the whole base is surrounded, even if you can go in yourself, it’s not good to come out with that old dog Zynn!”

Charlie asked curiously, “Mr. Issac, you’re also concerned about the situation in Syria?”

Issac nodded and said, “After I went there with you last time, I became more interested in that Hamid. So I paid more attention to it.”

Issac said, “I’ve been in the Wade family for so many years, and I’ve mainly been collecting intelligence, so I have some information channels at home and abroad.”

Charlie nodded and asked him, “Then let me ask you, how much do you know about that Cataclysmic Front?”

Issac explained: “Cataclysmic Front last year in overseas was really quite famous, they seem to start from South America, there are many drug lords, perennial turmoil, very suitable for the development of private armed and guerrilla forces, mercenaries.”

“There they gradually become bigger, they left South America, began to enter Africa and the Middle East, where there is something always going on, the scale of the war these years is getting bigger and bigger. “

Charlie asked curiously, “Do you know who the actual controller of the Cataclysmic Front is?”

“This is not clear.” Issac said, “This guy has been quite mysterious, no personal information being circulated, the only thing that can be confirmed is that the founder of is a yellow man, said to be of Chinese descent.”

Issac added: “Young master, the Cataclysmic Front is said to be full of experts, you must be careful if you meet with this group of people.”

Charlie said blandly: “Actually, I’m quite interested in this Front. A mercenary army of tens of thousands of people, in some extra-legal places, the strength is really not to be underestimated.”

“Just this time also take this opportunity to feel the bottom of this Front, to see what level their elites are.”

The first thing that I want to do is to find out the truth of the Cataclysmic Front.” “I feel that the Front may have some kind of connection with Chengfeng, but it’s not very accurate right now.

Issac said, “Then I’ll go with you!”

Charlie waved his hand: “You don’t need to go with me, the situation in Syria is special now, it is not even like last time. I’ll have to find my own way out after I go in, it’s safest to be alone.”

Issac sighed and said, “It’s that old dog Zynn is too difficult to handle, you must not have many problems getting in and out by yourself, but if you take him out, I’m really afraid he will hold you back.”

Charlie laughed and joked, “Then what? I have promised Zhiyu to keep him alive, so I can’t go and bring him back in an urn, right?”

Issac gritted his teeth and said seriously, “If we can’t, we’ll dump the pot on Hamid or the Cataclysmic Front.”

Charlie waved his hand: “A great man keeps his word, since I said to keep him alive, I will never kill him.”

He added: “All right, you don’t have to worry too much, I have a way to take Zynn and get out safely.”

“Okay!” Issac instructed, “Then young master, you must be careful in everything!”

Charlie nodded and said, “Right, at eight or nine o’clock in the evening, you come to my house, say that I am invited to go out of town early tomorrow morning to look at the feng shui of a friend.”

“Then I will ask you the location. You just say it’s to Banyan City, and as for the reward, you just say it’s three million.”

Issac was busy saying, “Okay young master, I got it.”


Chapter 3336

When Zhongquan heard that Charlie was going to Syria again, his first thought was to discourage him as much as possible and not let him go.

After all, the situation in Syria was unstable, and the Wade family’s ancestral ceremony was about to begin, so Zhongquan did not want him to risk his life again at this time.

However, after thinking about it, he felt that it would be difficult for him to persuade Charlie.

The company’s main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. Can also exchange him some good feelings.

So, without saying a word, he immediately let the crew get ready and take off at night to Aurous Hill, in the night. First thing tomorrow morning can directly carry Charlie to Lebanon.

And Charlie returned home, as if nothing had happened, had dinner with his wife and in-laws, and the family was watching TV in the living room after dinner, when the doorbell suddenly rang.

Claire got up and came to the foyer. Seeing that on the video call screen it was actually Issac, she said to Charlie with some surprise, “Honey, it seems to be Mr. Issac from Shangri-La!”

Charlie then said, “Oh, then it’s possible that he’s here to see me, open the door.”

Claire nodded and pressed the unlock button, and soon, Issac came to the door and knocked gently on the door.

Claire opened the door and said politely, “Hello, Mr. Issac!”

Issac also hurriedly greeted, “Hello Mrs. Wade, sorry for intruding at this late hour, may I ask if Master Wade is home?”

Charlie called out from the living room, “I’m here, what’s up, Mr. Issac?”

Issac walked to Charlie with some embarrassment and said seriously, “Master Wade, there is something I want to ask you a favor.”

Charlie laughed: “Mr. Issac. You don’t have to be so polite, just say what you want.”

Issac then said as arranged by Charlie: “Here’s the thing, Master Wade, I have a friend doing business abroad, recently the company has encountered little business problems, he suspects that the newly moved house feng shui problems.”

“So he asked me to help, find a feng shui master over to take a look, I thought of you. I don’t know if you have time, if so, it’s hard for you to go.”

When she heard that someone was going to ask Charlie to look at the feng shui, Elaine’s two eyes immediately glazed over and asked him, “Mr. Issac, I wonder how much your friend can pay to ask my son-in-law to look at the feng shui?”

Issac said: “This is the case, Madam, my friend’s intention is to pay three million as long as Master Wade is willing to go, and five million if the problem can be solved!”

“Boy, so much!” Elaine said joyfully, “For our Charlie, it is really easy to make money!”

At this time, Charlie asked Issac, “Where is your friend?”

Issac said, “In Banyan, it’s about two hours by plane!”

Charlie nodded gently and said, “Then how about this, you book a ticket for me to Banyan at the earliest tomorrow, and then give me his detailed address.”

“That’s great!” Issac busily said, “I’ll have someone book the ticket for you, and I’ll give you the ticket information after it’s booked!”

“Okay.” Charlie then said, “Then that’s it.”

Issac nodded in understanding and said, “Master Wade, then I’ll leave you alone, thank you!”

Chapter 3337

The reason for looking at feng shui did not arouse the family’s suspicion.

Although Claire has not wanted Charlie to continue to run around to see feng shui, but also knows that she can not force Charlie, so did not say anything more.

Charlie simply packed two pieces of clothing with him and was ready to go out early in the morning before dawn, who thought that Claire also quietly set an early alarm clock and quickly got up from bed, insisting on sending Charlie to the airport.

Charlie saw her firm attitude, so he did not refuse, the two agreed to go to the airport when Charlie drove. After arriving Claire will drive straight back.

Charlie’s reasoning was that this would eliminate the need to waste time going to the parking building again to park. You can directly stop at the door of the departure area and go immediately.

Claire agreed, and the couple left home together.

She thought that he was just going to Banyan and had no idea that her husband was going to Syria, so on the way she also introduced the special snacks of Banyan to Charlie, so that he could try them if he had time.

To the airport. Charlie parked the car at the roadside of the departure area, then said to her: “Okay, you hurry up and drive home, while it is still early, you can still catch up on sleep for a while.”

Claire nodded, both out of the car, she changed to the driver’s side door, before getting into the car asked: “Husband, how long to come back?”

Charlie thought about it and said, “Fast if one or two days slow if two or three days, mainly depends on their side of the feng shui situation if it is not tricky, if more tricky, a few days later may also be possible.”

“Okay.” Claire nodded gently and said, “Then you have to take care of yourself in the next few days, eat on time and go to bed early.”

“Okay.” Charlie agreed with his mouth full and instructed her, “Pay attention to safety when driving back.”

“En, I know!”

She said before reluctantly getting into the car and leaving.

Charlie kept watching her car go far away before he stepped forward to the business aircraft building.

At this moment. The Wade family’s incredibly precious Concorde had already made all the preparations before taking off.

After Charlie went through the security check from the VIP channel and got on the plane, the time was six o’clock in the morning, local time, while Syria was five hours later than China at this time, and it was one o’clock in the night.

Charlie felt that Hamid would probably not sleep so early, so he used the satellite phone on the plane to call him.

Chapter 3338

Hamid received a call from an unfamiliar number, and after connecting. With some alert said: “hello?”

Charlie then immediately said, “Hi what’s up, it’s me.”

Hamid said excitedly, “Oh, brother Wade! Why are you calling me at this time?”

Charlie said: “I am on the plane now, the plane will soon take off to Beirut airport in Lebanon, after I arrive at Beirut airport, I will immediately switch to another plane to Syria, then like last time over your base, parachute down, if fast, I should be able to arrive in Syria before dawn local time.”

“What do you mean? You’re coming to Syria?” Hamid heard this. The whole person was so excited that he could not attach it and said offhandedly, “Brother Wade, are you not teasing me right?”

“Of course not.” Charlie said seriously, “I am coming over there to bring Zynn back to China, and by the way, I will also see how things are going on your side.”

“Great! That’s wonderful!” Hamid said with excitement, “I’ve been dreaming of you coming to help me out, but I never dared to hope, but I never thought I’d get my wish!”

“You are lukcy to have such a plane ……” Hamid exclaimed: “Concorde you have, I really admire it ……”

Charlie faintly said: “Not mine, borrowed.”

Hamid said offhandedly, “It’s also a skill to see such a bullish plane!”

Charlie smiled noncommittally and said, “You set an alarm clock to wake up in five hours, hurry up and rest. Let’s see you in five hours.”

“Okay!” Hamid said with exuberance, “See you in five hours!”

Soon, the Concorde flew more than 10,000 meters into the sky under the sunrise and headed west at great speed.


More than four hours later. The Concorde landed smoothly at Beirut Airport in Lebanon.

The person waiting to greet Charlie at the airport was still the same person who was under Zhongquan last time, Chester Han.

Charlie had just stepped off the plane. Chester hurriedly came forward and said respectfully, “Young Master, you have worked hard all the way.”

Charlie waved his hand: “No hard work, is the plane ready? When is it leaving?”

Chester pointed to the twin-propeller transport plane next to the Concorde and spoke, “Young Master, the plane is ready to take off at any time.”

“Good.” Charlie nodded, “It should not be too late, hurry up and set off.”

Chester hurriedly led Charlie towards that transport plane, while saying very seriously, “Young master, the situation in Syria now has changed greatly from the time you came last time.”

“The government army has now drafted more than 10,000 elites of the Cataclysmic Front from overseas, and has already fought two or three round trips with Hamid, and now they have completely blocked his base.”

“And is still narrowing the encirclement, you must be sure to control the direction when you parachute, do not deviate from the destination, once you deviate out, it is likely to land on the other side’s head.”

Charlie nodded and said, “I know, in addition. Does the other side have long-range ground-to-air weapons? Will your transport planes flying over their heads be detected by their radar?”

Chester waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, they don’t have anti-aircraft radar, nor do they have surface-to-air missiles, the only sets of anti-aircraft systems the Syrian military has are deployed at the border.”

“The none of the opposition forces in the territory don’t have fixed-wing aircraft, and they can’t use that kind of anti-aircraft system, and the same goes for Front, they are good at special warfare and don’t have much heavy weapons.”

“Good.” Charlie praised: “Old Han, you have a very clear grasp of the situation in Syria.”

Chester busily said, “I also knew that you were coming, young master, and temporarily found people and inquired many times during the night.”

Chester could not help but ask him, “Young Master, the master asked me to ask you a question for him, have you made a plan to retreat? Now in Syria, easy to go in but not easy to come out!”

Charlie smiled confidently and said seriously, “Don’t worry, I have my own plan.”

For Charlie, if he took Zynn out of Syria, there were only two ways.

One, is to take him all the way to sneak out, but this is too hard and risky, dozens of kilometers of mountain road, take Zynn out, and can not be found by the other side surrounded by soldiers, and tired and difficult.

Another, is directly let Hamid arrange helicopters to fly out, but this risk factor is even greater, because the helicopters fly low and slow, shoulder-launched Stinger missiles, although hitting fixed-wing aircraft have difficulty, but to hit the helicopter it is easy to do.

So, he thought about it and felt that there was only one viable way to bring Zynn out, and that was to capture the opponent’s top commander, as he did last time when he took Melba away, and then hold him to order the vassals!

Chapter 3339

When the sky in the east of Syria, just a hint of fish-belly white, Charlie carrying a parachute, leaped down the second time from the thousands of meters of altitude.

Hamid was waiting at the top of the mountain with Zynn, who was still awake, at this time.

Zynn these two days from the war movement is having a nervous breakdown, every day he is eating and sleeping badly, it was not easy to fall asleep for a long time, it was Hamid who himself dragged him out of the pit.

He was dragged out by Hamid in a confused manner. He thought Hamid was going to shoot him, and asked several times, Hamid did not say a word. It made his heart go up and down, making him apprehensive to the extreme.

Seeing that the top of the hill was bare and empty, he felt hairy in his heart and could not help but ask, “Commander Hamid, you …… brought me here so early in the morning, what do you want to do huh?”

Hamid impatiently said, “You cut the crap. Shut your mouth! As for what I’m going to do, you’ll know later!”

Zynn saw Hamid’s expression was impatient, so he had to resentfully shrink his neck and stop talking.

At this time, Hamid held binoculars, in the slightly bright sky he is constantly searching for something.

And his mouth, also read the words muttered: “It’s almost time, right? Where is he? I don’t see him.”

The more Zynn looked the more puzzled, thought for half a day, a thought suddenly popped into his head, so he asked nervously, “Ha …… Hamid Commander …… Qingming Festival is coming, is it Charlie to take me back?”

“I can not go now! Otherwise, it’s possible that before the helicopter flies a few kilometers, I will be taken away by a missile shot from the people of the Cataclysmic Front ……”

In fact, Zynn had recently been thinking about this matter of returning to China for the Qingming Festival.

Before the Cataclysmic Front declared war on Hamid, he was hoping that the Qingming Festival would come soon so that he could return to his country sooner.

Even if it was only for a few days and then come back, it was much better than staying in this sh*tty place.

But since the Cataclysmic Front and Hamid fought two round trips and suffered heavy mental torture, Zynn did not dare to leave.

He had also learned about the current situation in the past two days. Knowing that Hamid’s base had been surrounded, and knowing that Hamid was prepared to fight a protracted war with strong fortifications and a large amount of strategic reserves.

He was afraid that this guy Charlie would insist on getting himself back to his country.

He knew that at this time, staying at Hamid’s base was the safest.

Now, Hamid took him to the top of the mountain and looked around in the sky with his telescope as if he was looking for something.

This made Zynn mistakenly think that Hamid was waiting for a helicopter and wanted to use it to send himself away.

Therefore, he was in a very frightening mood.

Chapter 3340

Hamid heard him buzzing in front of his ears, very dissatisfied kicked him and cursed, “Chatter chatter chatter, I f*ck!ing told you to cut the crap, you do not understand ah?”

Zynn was angry and afraid, but he did not want to risk his own life, so he could only plead bitterly, “Commander Hamid. You listen to me, since the enemy has blocked us, they will certainly try to block our ground and air routes by all means.”

“But if I die along with a valuable helicopter, it would be too expensive for you, don’t you think?”

Hamid grabbed his collar and slapped him with two big slaps, saying, “Did I tell you to bullsh*t? Did I tell you to bullsh*t?!”

Two slaps to Zynn’s eyes and ears, did not wait for Zynn back to consciousness, Hamid took off his Stallone beret from the top of his head, hands hard to roll the hat into a ball, pinching two cheeks of Zynn. Just stuffed the hat into his mouth, cursing: “Say another word of nonsense, I let people feed you sh*t!”

Zynn almost collapsed.

He really had the heart to k!ll Hamid. But in his heart, he knew very well that with his own ability, it was really difficult to do so.

Not to mention that he is now Hamid’s prisoner. Even if he is still the Su family’s man which does not mean much, the Su family’s guard all pulled out, not enough in front of Hamid’s reinforced company of firepower.

So, this kick plus two slaps, and a beret of revenge, he is afraid that in this life there will be no opportunity to revenge.

When he thought of this, Zynn only felt that his life was gray.

But he did not dare to continue to touch Hamid’s bad luck, so he had to completely shut his mouth and stood aside and did not make a sound.

At this time, Hamid suddenly saw diagonally above his head suddenly blossomed a large black umbrella, a closer look. Then he saw a parachute has opened in less than a hundred meters above their heads, and then quickly descend.

Manipulate this set of parachute, it is Charlie all the way from China!

Hamid excitedly said to himself, “Here he is! Finally!”

Zynn looked up and saw that the parachute was already less than fifty meters above the ground.

He was totally dumbfounded, thinking: “This …… person is looking for death, right? Such a fast speed, such a low distance to open the parachute, not afraid of k!lling himself, so strange!”

Just finished. Then he saw that the rapidly falling parachute suddenly seemed to be cut off, then the umbrella lost tension, instantly flew backward, and another black point flew at a fast speed directly to the ground.

When the parachute was still about ten meters from the ground, Charlie directly used his aura to cut the rope, and then his whole body stood firmly on the ground, the huge acceleration of gravity seemed to have no effect on him, and he just landed, he took off the parachute bag and threw it aside as if nothing had happened.

At this time, Hamid dragged Zynn to run wildly, and when he was still a few dozen meters away from Charlie, he already shouted excitedly, “Brother Wade! We finally meet again!”

Charlie looked at Hamid running all the way, could not help but tease: “Older brother this leg is really sharp.”

Hamid came to stand in front of Charlie and said with a smile, “It’s all thanks to you!”

With that, Hamid threw Zynn over and pointed at him and said to Charlie: “Brother, I brought this guy along to greet you, and by the way, I’d like to review his life with you, he hasn’t lost any arms or legs during the time he’s been with me, you can check the goods!”

Zynn was dumbfounded.

He really didn’t expect that the person who jumped for suicide was actually Charlie.

This made him think in his heart: “Charlie this guy …… is in the end what kind of strength he has? Jumped down from such a height without any problems, this is not a f*ck!ing martial arts expert can be compared, right?”

In addition, he also did not expect that this guy Charlie would come to Syria at this time.

In his heart, he thought suspiciously, “Could it be that Charlie came to Syria this time in order to take me back to my country and participate in the Wade family’s ancestral ritual?”

“This guy …… This guy is too desperate, right? Risking so much danger to take me back? Why do you have to do this …… let me live alone in Syria in the cave where a cat can not?”

Chapter 3341

Charlie looked at Zynn and found that this guy’s mouth was bulging and his whole face was deformed, so he was a bit stunned and couldn’t help but ask Hamid: “Older brother, what’s going on with him?”

Hamid looked at Zynn and said with a smile, “Brother, this guy’s mouth chattering incessantly, annoying me to death, I first plugged his mouth.”

Said, and pinch Zynn’s cheek, hard will beret from his mouth ripped out.

Zynn painfully desperately rubbed both cheeks. Hamid crumpled beret in the hands of the flip, and on the legs snapped a few times.

After stretching the hat, he put it directly on his head, and also adjusted the position from side to side, and then took Charlie’s shoulders.

Enthusiastically said: “Come! Wade brother! Come to my office for a cup of coffee, we both need to have a good chat!”

Charlie looked at the beret on top of his head, and then looked at Zynn, who had a painful expression, smiled helplessly, and then asked him, “How are things these two days? Has the Cataclysmic Front come to trouble you again?”

“No.” Hamid spoke, “Our scouts received the news that they are now shrinking their encirclement, but I see that they have no intention of making a move anytime soon, they must be afraid of being beaten by me.”

Said. Hamid with thumbs up, and said gratefully: “Brother, this time I really rely on your great blessing, if you did not give me all this guidance, let me learn, ready to fight a protracted war, I may have been long ago wiped out by the gang of Cataclysmic Front!”

“Just because I listened to your instructions, I took out 3,000 to 4,000 of their men in two battles, without losing even a hundred of my own men, this brilliant battle is unprecedented.”

When Zynn heard this, his whole body was even more stunned and dumbfounded, he couldn’t even care about the severe pain in his cheek.

In his heart, he said with horror, “ it! Hamid played these strategic tactics, so it was Charlie’s idea for him! I say why does his style of play look so familiar, so he learned it from our a Chinese!”

“This guy Charlie is really a god, how can he remotely command a small warlord like Hamid to fight two battles with extremely disparate strength and amazing results, is he still a f*ck!ing human being?”

“Just Charlie this fancy, in the future, if he really wants to fight with the Su family head-on, what can the Su family do to fight him?”

“Moreover, the strength of Charlie is also incomprehensible, the so-called experts like Moby, it is estimated that in front of him, even a slap may not be able to carry, not to mention that he has Hamid the licking dog.”

“This licking dog now has almost 10,000 soldiers in his hands. Already counted as a big kingpin of Syria!”

At this time, Hamid enthusiastically pulled Charlie to go down the mountain, Zynn can only follow the two.

When he reached Hamid’s office, Hamid looked back at him and sternly shouted, “What are you doing here? Go back to your own pit!”

Zynn had to say flatteringly, “Okay Commander Hamid, I’ll go back now!”

Hamid turned his head to Charlie and said, “Don’t worry, brother, he doesn’t dare to go anywhere except his pit now, he definitely can’t run away.”

Charlie dumbly smiled and nodded gently.

Zynn indeed did not dare to go anywhere else.

Chapter 3342

In the past, Hamid was still afraid of him escaping, but since the battle, he was not worried about this.

Because if Zynn really dared to run away, he might not even run out a few kilometers before he gets k!lled by a shot from the sniper hidden in the shadows.

After all, after the loss of face, the Cataclysmic Front has long given a harsh word.

From Hamid’s base even a fly can not live out, so give Zynn a dare, he also dare not run.

Zynn was sent away, Charlie then together with Hamid, came to Hamid’s office.

To say this office, in fact, is just a larger area of the pit.

Through the pit, there are about a dozen square feet of internal space inside. Inside with electric lights, there is a ventilation pipe from the entrance to the pit directly to the interior, constantly sending air to the interior.

After going in, Hamid introduced to Charlie: “We are now fully excavating a large number of hidden fortifications and pits, in a short time, these pits can be connected together.”

“Even if we can not achieve full penetration, at least the first ventilation, water supply, and power supply to open up. Then continue to improve the internal environment, and strive to make the pit become more livable!”

Charlie nodded gently and said, “I see that the buildings in your valley have basically been blown flat, do you have any plans for such a large place?”

“Then what can be the plan.” Hamid said: “Once the other side opened fire, the artillery first hit the inside of the valley.”

“The valley mouth is large and small at the bottom, it would have been the best target for artillery, so there is little practical use.”

Charlie said: “I suggest you simply demolish all those houses, the construction waste out, and then dig some five or six meters deep rectangular pits in situ for water storage, taking advantage of the rainy season.”

“With these reservoirs to store a large amount of freshwater, and then find a way to add a cover on top. Reduce evaporation, so that even if the dry season is besieged for a long time, there is no need to worry about the lack of water.”

The Middle East is relatively arid and hot, and the rainy season in Syria is not that long. Once after the rainy season, freshwater resources, although not very scarce, but relatively valuable.

Charlie is now not worried about Hamid being taken out of the pot by his opponents, but is more or less worried that his opponents will make a full siege on him. Form a long siege without fighting.

In fact, for Charlie, the easiest way he could think of to solve Hamid was to deploy troops to completely cut his connection to the outside world from both sea and land lines.

In particular, it was necessary to cut off all means of entry of supplies, so that Hamid could not get any supplies from the outside world.

In this way, Hamid will have to consume his own reserves until he is exhausted.

Food and ammunition are relatively good preservation, in a place like the Middle East, find a dry and light environment, stable storage on two or three years is not a big problem.

But only a large amount of freshwater resources are not good to preserve.

With bottled water to reserve drinking water is not a big problem, but it is difficult to guarantee water for living.

Groundwater resources are not abundant, in case of another dry season, there may be no rain for several months, the groundwater will also be greatly affected.

In that case, to ensure normal water at the base, you have to transport it from the outside.

But once the enemy cut off the traffic. Freshwater resources can not be effectively replenished, several thousand people once face the lack of water, morale will certainly continue to decline until the collapse.

Therefore, Charlie proposed Hamid, can first find a way to do some water storage projects.

Seeing that Hamid had not yet figured out, Charlie said: “Anyway, your base has been bombed out of shape, and the enemy shelling fire is very heavy, you can not re-activate this base. Might as well dig a pit to store water and make more first-hand preparations for the future.”

“Moreover, the deep-digging reservoir you should not be afraid of shelling, even if the water is turned into mud, as long as it is settled and filtered, and then simply sterilized, it can still be kept for daily use.”

When Hamid heard this, he said approvingly, “That’s a good idea, brother! I will arrange a couple of hundred people to start doing it tomorrow!”

Charlie nodded, then, remembering something, he asked Hamid, “Right, old brother, I heard that the reason why the Cataclysmic Front cooperated with the government army was that after purging you, they would be approved to build a mercenary base in Syria, I wonder if that’s true?”

Hamid was surprised and asked, “Brother, I just heard about this news last night, where did you learn about it?”

Chapter 3343

Hamid has never known the way the Cataclysmic Front cooperates with the government army.

Originally he thought that the government army paid to hire the Front, but when he thought about it, he always felt that something was not quite right, because the biggest problem of the government army is the shortage of funds.

Their own soldiers lack medicine, guns, and ammunition, but which has enough money to hire the Cataclysmic Front mercenaries?

It was only yesterday that he received the news that the terms of cooperation between the Cataclysmic Front and the government forces were that the Front would help the government forces purge the opposition.

And that the government forces would provide a 100 square kilometer area of land in Syria for the Cataclysmic Front to establish its first mercenary base in the Middle East.

But Hamid did not expect that Charlie could know about this matter even from far away in China. So all of a sudden, he was amazed at Charlie’s information channels.

Charlie did not expect that Hamid, who had already fought two rounds with the Cataclysmic Front, would only know about this news yesterday.

This also means that this news is still relatively confidential.

This kind of confidential information. This further confirmed his suspicion that Chengfeng must have some kind of connection with the Front.

So, Charlie said to Hamid: “I suspect that this Cataclysmic Front is connected to one of my enemies in China, and the specific details of the Front’ cooperation with the government army were leaked from my enemy in China.”

Hamid blurted out, “Brother, if that’s the case. Then this Cataclysmic Front also has a certain threat to you!”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded and spoke, “The main thing is that I don’t know much about this organization either, I’m not sure about their specific situation, so how much danger the Front is to me is still uncertain.”

Hamid waved his hand and said, “Brother, I don’t think you need to worry about this, China has always had the nickname of the mercenary grave.”

“It’s because the security there is too good, in this case, overseas mercenaries can’t even bring a gun in, they are definitely not your opponent.”

Charlie said blandly: “Knowing yourself and your enemy will make you invincible in a hundred battles, the most passive thing about me now is my lack of understanding of the Cataclysmic Front, and I don’t know how close that enemy of mine is to this Front.”

Hamid then said: “Brother, I’ll tell you what I know so far, the Cataclysmic Front made its fortune in South America some years ago, and now focused on the Middle East and Africa, which also belongs to the Middle East market is the largest.”

“You can think of the Middle East countries, including Israel, almost no country does not cooperate with mercenaries, so the Cataclysmic Front would like to take root in the Middle East.”

He further said: “With the vast majority of mercenary organizations the biggest problem is the lack of heavy weapons, even the United States Blackwater. Also can only use ordinary light weapons armed mercenaries, they go to the Middle East with the U.S. Army, driving armored vehicles, helicopter gunships, almost all the equipment of U.S. Army.”

“If they leave the U.S. Army, the best equipment they can get in the Middle East, is the bucket rack with a machine gun Toyota pickup truck.”

“At this point, the same goes for the Cataclysmic Front;”

“Although they have some heavy equipment in South America, they are said to have only a handful of armored personnel carriers, and old Russian-made helicopters, and if they want to dispatch this equipment globally, they can only use shipping;”

“But there is another problem with shipping. Shipping companies all over the world have to follow a basic convention that they cannot carry any non-government armed weaponry, and no port in any country can allow any non-government armed weaponry to be loaded or unloaded from the port;”

“So, it is basically impossible for them to get their equipment from South America to the Middle East.”

Chapter 3344

Hearing this, Charlie opened his mouth and said, “That’s why they want to establish a base of their own in the Middle East, and then find a way to get some heavy equipment from here to arm themselves, right?”

“Right!” Hamid nodded and said seriously, “The Middle East is always at war and is itself a haven for mercenaries, although I don’t know how much the annual global output of the mercenary business is. But at the very least 60% are in the Middle East.”

Said here, Hamid said: “You do not see Africa is also very chaotic, but to be frank, those war-torn African countries, one is poor, if mercenaries go in that kind of place to fight, really can not earn any big money.”

“But the Middle East is not the same. Many countries in the Middle East are very rich, even if the long-term sanctioned Iran is actually rich, and they all have mercenary needs, and willing to spend money, so for mercenaries, this is a huge market.”

“And the Middle East has a lot of heavy weaponry, almost the exhibition hall of the East and West weapons, including the most Russian-made weaponry, as long as there is money, there is nothing that you can not buy.”

“Cataclysmic Front, if really get a base in Syria, and then from the Middle East to get a number of local heavy equipment. That future combat power in the region will skyrocket, it will certainly be very popular.”

Charlie asked with some confusion, “Why do your government forces want to cooperate with them, are they not afraid that the Front will affect the security of their country in the future?”

Hamid laughed heatedly and said, “For them. The Cataclysmic Front is much stronger than us, the opposition, after all, we are really fighting against them.”

“That’s true.” Charlie paused slightly for a moment and asked him again, “By the way, do you know who the top commander of the Cataclysmic Front in Syria is?”

Hamid immediately said, “It’s one of their four war kings, the Greenwood Wolf King. It is said that he is also a Chinese.”

Charlie nodded gently and said lightly, “I plan to find an opportunity to go over and meet him for a while.”

Hamid was very nervous and said, “Brother, you must not be impulsive, I have heard that the four war kings of the Cataclysmic Front, each of them is a top expert, and they not only have four war commanders, there are also hundreds of war generals with different stars, the strength is very strong, you rashly go over, the danger is too big!”

Charlie laughed: “I don’t know how, I always have a feeling that I and this Cataclysmic Front, may have many encounters in the future, and it may even be a big enemy of mine in the future;”

“If I were at home it would be fine. This time, since I’m here, I have to find a way to feel their way.”

“In addition to that, I want to take Zynn away, there is only this one way to go, so I have to go on this trip anyway, it is best to tie him out.”

Hamid said somewhat anxiously, “Brother, the Cataclysmic Front has at least fifteen thousand people around me. Even if that Greenwood Wolf King is at the front line, he must be in the hinterland of their army, where there are an unknown number of soldiers guarding.”

“It is already difficult for you to find him in the midst of ten thousand armies, let alone you want to kidnap him out from the midst of them, isn’t that even more difficult?”

Charlie smiled slightly: “It’s okay, I don’t have to sneak into his army to find him, I can go over to meet him in a big way.”

Hamid exclaimed, “What?! Are you crazy? As soon as you go out from here, their soldiers will definitely shoot directly and won’t give you a chance to talk at all!”

Charlie laughed: “Don’t rush, I haven’t finished talking.”

Speaking of this, Charlie gave a slight beating, and said: “Thus, you will put out the wind today, saying that you hope to have peace talks with them, and the contents of the peace talks include but are not limited to both sides shaking hands and making peace.”

“Or you conditionally surrender to the Cataclysmic Front as well as the government army;”

“But as for the specific conditions of surrender, you need to sit down and discuss face to face with the supreme commander of the Front, I believe they will definitely be interested.”

“At that time, you will tell them that you will send a negotiator to their territory to negotiate with their supreme commander.”

“And I, for one, will be your negotiator!”

Chapter 3345

Charlie felt that really let himself in the army, to search for the whereabouts of the opponent’s supreme commander, and even have to control the other party, which is really not very realistic.

Other than that, he still doesn’t know who the opponent’s top commander is and what he looks like.

When more than 10,000 people are inside, even if he can successfully infiltrate, it’s difficult to find the other and determine their identity within a day or two.

But think about this problem from another angle. It is not so complicated.

He can go directly to him.

Once Hamid heard Charlie’s words, the whole person exclaimed, saying: “How can this workBrother? This kind of thing is surely ninety percent deaths, how can you go and take this risk?”

Charlie smiled blandly and said, “As your negotiator, I will go to meet with the other side in a big way, what’s so life-threatening about it? Do you think they will kill me?”

Hamid said offhandedly, “It’s not that there’s no such possibility! The other party now hates me to the bone, and may really take it out on you!”

Charlie laughed: “It won’t happen. There is an old tradition, two countries at war, do not kill the envoys, and this is also the basic principle that all countries in the world adhere to now.”

“Just like the Geneva Convention, since it is stipulated that no deliberate killing of medical personnel on the battlefield, all countries must comply with this basic principle, like the two fascist countries in World War II did not comply with any conventions, in the end, I believe you are also very clear.”

He added: “If the Cataclysmic Front can develop to this scale and wants to take root in the Middle East, then they will definitely abide by these basic principles.”

Hamid said, “But they may not be willing to make peace with me, their current idea is to fight me to the end, it is said that they have long let out the word that as long as it from my base, even a mouse, they will not let go.”

Charlie laughed: “There is no point in them saying more harsh words, the actual situation is. They are in this stalemate with you right now, it won’t do them any good.”

After saying that, Charlie continued his analysis, “This stalemate, on the surface, seems to be unfavorable to you, but in reality, at the real disadvantage is the Cataclysmic Front and the government army.”

Hamid said with a sad face, “Brother, in fact, to speak from the heart, I am quite unsure sometimes, my preparation time is not long enough.”

“So the supplies are not enough, far from your previous advise for three years of strategic reserves so much, and now the number of people has increased several times, nearly 10,000 people here to eat and feed the horses, will accelerate the consumption of supplies, the most will last a year and a half ……”

Speaking of which, Hamid sighed and said seriously, “Brother it is a turtle in a jar ah!”

Chapter 3346

Charlie laughed: “What is the fear of a turtle in a jar? As long as this jar is strong enough, the other party simply cannot break your strong jar in a short time.”

Saying that, Charlie added: “Moreover, you have to understand one thing, your current situation is completely different from theirs. Although you are trapped in the jar, but this itself is your nest.”

“You are just blocked in your own home, there is food and drink, what do you have to fear? Not only do you not have to be afraid, but your quality of life also will not even have any decline because of being trapped.”

Speaking of this, Charlie turned his words and laughed: “But those people who are besieging you outside are not as happy as you are.”

“The army of 15,000 to 20,000 people made up of the Cataclysmic Front and the government army must stay up here in the wind and rain all the time, with the wind and rain, the sun and the rain. They all had to tough it out at your doorstep, so you can imagine who has a harder time.”

When Hamid heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up. Excitedly said: “Brother, you go on…..”

Charlie laughed: “You see, it is like a group of fishing friends who ran to the black fish pond, holding a strong desire to catch the largest standard fish in the pond, but the big fish hide in the water it just does not show its head.”

“The fishing friends have no choice but to grit their teeth and set up a tent at the side of the fish pond, ready to fight a protracted war.”

“The wind and rain, the sun, food and sleep, mosquito bites, even if, but also delayed serious work, can not be fishing for a fish, the annual salary of hundreds of thousands of jobs are not doing, or a year of several million businesses are not doing it?”

“So, they can make do with a day or two at the fish pond. Who can stand it for three or five days?”

“Even if there is a hard-core fishing friend who is very stubborn and can really grit his teeth and stick it out, but when he sticks it out for a week and the fish are not caught, his wife will have taken the kids and remarried the old man next door, so what else can he do at that time?”

Hamid said excitedly: “D*mn, it is like that!”

Charlie nodded: “15,000 people from the Cataclysmic Front are here to besiege this one fish of yours, and the daily cost is tens of millions of dollars. And this cost is completely pure loss.”

“But what if these 15,000 people pull to other battlefields? Maybe the money earned can cover the cost of tens of millions of dollars a day, but also bring tens of millions of dollars of profit to the Cataclysmic Front, this reverse and positive, that’s two tens of millions, do you think they can afford to drag it out?”

Speaking of this, Charlie smiled and said very firmly: “If Cataclysmic Front really dares to drag on a year and a half with you, your supplies have not been consumed, the Cataclysmic Front itself will go bankrupt.”

“Most of their people are mercenaries, mercenaries and construction team workers are no different, who pay to work with whom, not pay or give less, they will definitely go.”

“You heard of which construction team workers have feelings with the site owner, can not pay wages, and still willingly continue to work for him?”

Hamid laughed and said excitedly, “Got it! I really get it! Now the most passive is actually not me, the turtle in the jar, but them, the guys who want to catch the turtle!”

Charlie nodded and laughed: “So I believe that the Cataclysmic Front must be very worried right now, if you suddenly announce that you want to make peace with them at this time, they will definitely seize this opportunity.”

“Even if they are not ready to actually make peace with you, they will definitely seize this good opportunity to make contact with people on your side first, so that they can feel your attitude and probe your mouth.”

Hamid nodded his head and said: “Brother’s analysis makes sense! Then I will find a channel to contact them and see if they are willing to negotiate!”

Charlie laughed: “When contacting them, you must be sincere and tell them directly that if they are willing to talk, you will send someone with full authority to represent you to personally go to their territory and talk to them”

“But you must clearly tell them that your representative must talk to the Supreme Commander of the Cataclysmic Front!”

Hamid immediately stated, “No problem, I have a friend who is a supplier of goods to the government army and has a good relationship with the top brass of the government army, I can ask him to help send a message!”

Chapter 3347

The state of Walter Chen of the Cataclysmic Front these days was indeed as Charlie had guessed, incomparably tormented.

He originally thought that the army pressed and siege without fighting, will definitely bring huge psychological pressure to Hamid and his men, and it would not even take long for Hamid’s internal army to become disorganized, or even defect.

But what he didn’t expect was that a few days had passed and not even a dog has run out of Hamid’s side.

Fighting this kind of siege war, the most afraid is the enemy’s will.

Once the other side is not afraid. That will really be indefinite consumption, until Hamid runs out of ammunition, or their side can not support until.

And these days. His financial deficit was alarmingly high.

His adjutant approached him and reported to him worriedly, “Commander, our 15,000 men, their daily salaries and expenses are at least 30-40 million dollars, at this rate. Our money won’t last too long.”

The four battle commanders of the Cataclysmic Front, all adopt the mechanism of independent accounting, which is equivalent to each of these four people opened an independent branch for financial aspects to achieve self-sufficiency, but also to ensure profits, if there is a deficit, it can only be resolved internally.

Walter heard this data, the whole person’s expression is harder than a dead father.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Definitely can’t continue like this, pass my order, from today onwards, as long as there is no war, everyone’s salary will be reduced by half!”

When the adjutant heard this, he said nervously, “Commander, everyone is complaining a lot lately, if you deduct half of their salary again, I’m afraid they will protest en masse!”

Walter questioned in exasperation, “These people stay in the barracks all day long and do nothing, they don’t have to fight, they don’t have to take risks, and they get paid as they are. What do they have to complain about?”

The adjutant said awkwardly, “There has been a lot of negative emotions in the last two days, on the one hand, people are extremely dissatisfied with the current food, on the other hand, it is the problem of accommodation conditions.”

“Yesterday they even sent a few representatives to come and complain to me a lot, and wanted me to find you to solve the problem.”

Walter said with a black face, “Explain to me clearly one by one, what exactly they are not satisfied with.”

The adjutant busily said, “Then I will talk about them one by one, first of all, the food problem, now except for the middle and senior officers. Everyone else has the same food standards as the local government soldiers.”

“Even the suppliers are the same, the local diet is not quite suitable for our soldiers’ habits ……”

“Our soldiers pay a lot of attention to physical fitness, so the usual eating habits are a little more Western American, eating a lot of beef, vegetables, milk, and even peanut butter and ice cream every day.”

Said the adjutant and continued, “As for the accommodation problem, the main thing is that people are really not very satisfied with the current marching tents.”

“The tents are all cobbled together by government troops everywhere, most of them have been sitting in storage for a long time, and leaks are a common occurrence. Now it happens to be the rainy season, so the tents are very humid inside, and the feeling of living is too bad;”

“Moreover, the problem of power supply cannot be guaranteed at all now, and the only few generators sets available cannot meet the common use of more than 30,000 soldiers from both sides.”

“So now we can only use the rotating power supply, and on average, each soldier can use electricity for an average of no more than four hours per day.”

“So everyone is now asking for a unified replacement with modular movable board houses, and then ensure 24-hour power supply.”

Chapter 3348

Walter cursed furiously, “These ba5tards! Are they here for war or for vacation?”

The adjutant said helplessly, “Commander, although they are here to fight, you should know. They don’t like fighting hard battles themselves!”

Saying that, he added: “The grassroots soldiers of our organization are the purest mercenaries.”

“They train and fight for their lives in order to earn more money to enjoy life, otherwise. Who do you think would be willing to risk so much to run out and do this kind of work?”

Walter had nothing to say for a while. He was well aware of the current situation of the Cataclysmic Front.

Although it was true that the Cataclysmic Front has four battle commanders as well as hundreds of starred battle officers, the tens of thousands of ordinary officers and soldiers have joined the Cataclysmic Front almost exclusively for the sake of profit.

For these mercenaries, there is no loyalty to the Cataclysmic Front to speak of, people just think that this organization’s income, scale, and popularity are good, so choose to sell their lives for more profit.

Therefore, this group of people will not endure humiliation and forge ahead for the future of the Cataclysmic Front.

What they care about is only themselves.

At this time, his adjutant added: “In addition to the accommodation piece, in fact, it is also understandable, you think about it. We do not know how long this siege will last, three or five days, or ten days and a half months.”

“We should be able to accept, gritting their teeth in the tent to survive, even if the problem of power supply can not be solved, but if this day will continue for two or three months or even longer. Then everyone is certainly not willing to live in a tent for these months ……”

Speaking of this, the adjutant reminded, “Commander, the summer in Syria will soon arrive, when the daytime temperature is easily thirty-seven or even forty degrees, everyone living in tents will not be able to resist at all ……”

The adjutant’s words made Walter feel extremely pressured.

The difficulty of solving the problem of food is not too big, he can purchase food from Israel, whether it is steak or vegetables and milk, Israel can be a stable supply, it is only a matter of spending a million dollars more a day.

However, the modular mobile home is really not a good solution.

Modular activity board house, and the domestic site with the kind of activity board house although of the same nature, but not a thing, not only the construction process is more complex, supporting more features, and manufacturing costs are geometric growth.

If you want 15,000 people to live in this kind of house, and a stable power supply, the cost must be at least tens of millions of dollars.

Thinking of this, Walter was so helpless that he could only tell his adjutant: “Go back and tell them to be patient, after April 5th, maybe the Supreme Commander will personally come to Syria to solve these problems, in that case, everyone will only need to hold on for another week or so at most!”

Walter excused using Joseph’s name, sort of temporarily put off the gang’s request, but he has been torn in his heart about this.

For him, he didn’t want this matter to be solved by Joseph in the end, because then it would mean that he had failed extremely completely in Syria.

Therefore, he still hoped in his heart that he could find a way to solve the problem personally.

In this way, he could also preserve his position as a battle commander.

When the adjutant heard this, he couldn’t help but say with some concern: “Commander, does this matter have to be solved by the Supreme Commander himself? In that case, it’s really a bit unfavorable for us!”

Walter said annoyedly, “If we don’t have a good solution for Hamid, then even if I don’t want him to come, he won’t care about me!”

Just as he finished speaking, the commander of the government army hurriedly came in and said out of the blue, “Chen, Hamid dragged someone to bring me a message, he wants to start peace talks!

Chapter 3349

“Peace talks?!”

Upon hearing Hamid’s initiative to make peace talks, Walter immediately said angrily, “This son of a b!tch killed more than two thousand soldiers of my Cataclysmic Front, causing us to lose face in the international mercenary field.”

“Now he still wants to make peace talks with me! I tell you, this is absolutely impossible! We, the Cataclysmic Front, will not agree!”

The government army commander asked rhetorically, “Not willing to make peace and not willing to attack, are you going to continue to spend so much time?”

Walter said in a cold voice: “The matter of no peace talks, did we not reach a consensus a few days ago?”

“At that time, we were all very united in our opinion that we wanted to completely destroy Hamid’s forces. Did you change your mind now after just a few days?”

The other side spoke, “The situation on the battlefield is constantly changing, and the reason we said we were not willing to make peace at the beginning. It was because we felt that Hamid was definitely going to resist to the end and would not be able to agree to make peace with us.”

“But now hasn’t he already shown his intentions in this regard? Then why don’t we take this opportunity to have a good talk with him?”

Walter said in a stern voice, “We, the Cataclysmic Front, have nothing to talk to him about. Even if you guys want to make peace with him, we won’t change our initial intention and will definitely shred Hamid and all his men into pieces!”

The other side frowned. Opened: “If your will to finish Hamid is so strong, then I suggest you hurry up and give him a painful fight, don’t keep on spending time here, even if you can accept it, I can hardly stand it!”

After saying that, he said with some impatience, “How about this, let’s withdraw our troops first, and Cataclysmic Front, continue to surround Hamid here.”

Walter wrinkled his eyebrows and cursed: “Are you fckuing kidding me? We came to help you fight the war, and you want to withdraw your troops?”

“Or what?” The other side asked him rhetorically, “Do you want me to spend a year here with you? Do you think we have only one opponent in the country, Hamid?”

“We have many more like Hamid, enemies waiting for us to purge, we don’t have the energy to spend time with one man here.”

Saying that, the other party said in a resolute tone: “Our military hierarchy has given clear instructions, if there is not a clear solution to this matter within 5 days, we will all withdraw our troops to go back to rest and recuperation.”

“And then re-formulate the battle plan, whether you participate or not!”

Walter saw that the other party was not joking with him at all, and was a little nervous.

He was not afraid that the government troops would withdraw at this time.

He was mainly afraid that the government troops would think that the strength of the Cataclysmic Front was not good enough and would leave the Cataclysmic Front alone.

If that happens. All the efforts and sacrifices made by them in the early stages would be in vain.

As soon as the government forces turn their back, as soon as the two sides stop cooperating, the matter of the 100 square kilometers of land, will certainly be reduced to nothing!

Thinking of this, Walter hurriedly advised: “you do not rush to withdraw, Hamid at this time to take the initiative to request peace talks, the reason must be that he can not hold on.”

“So he wants to find a way to live through peace talks before the collapse of the whole line, if we insist on no deal. Maybe the other side will disintegrate on its own!”

Chapter 3350

The head of the government army spoke: “According to the information we got, Hamid should have a large reserve of supplies, more than dare not say, but to last a few months is certainly no problem for him!”

Walter said, “Those are all outside rumors, we do not know how much reserves Hamid actually has, what if he deliberately put a smoke bomb to confuse us?”

“If Hamid deliberately put up a smokescreen to confuse us and make us think that he has plenty of supplies and then make peace with him, then we will have fallen for his trick!”

Walter added: “And you should not forget. He has integrated a lot of stragglers some time ago, and now that his numbers have doubled, the supplies will be consumed faster and faster!”

“Not good, now even a month will not last, and all we have to do is to be a little more patient, and at the same time be a little more resolute with Hamid.”

“If we don’t leave any chance for him to mediate, he will definitely be in disarray!”

The other party shook his head and said, “My superiors have agreed to peace talks, and as far as my superiors are concerned, as long as Hamid is willing to publicly surrender and disarm all his soldiers and disband them in place.”

“We can no longer hold him legally responsible, and even if he is willing. We are willing to integrate him into the government army and let him hold an official position.”

“What?!” Walter blurted out, “Hamid should publicly be hanged for k!lling so many of you. But you guys still want to put him in an edict?”

The other side said unconcernedly, “As long as he is willing to surrender, those are not problems, you should know. If Hamid surrenders, the confidence of all the opposition will suffer a serious setback, which is a great thing for us.

Walter gritted his teeth and said, “Hamid is the sworn enemy of our Cataclysmic Front! If you guys want to make an edict for him, you have to think about how our Cataclysmic Front will respond to this matter in the future! Do you want to make an enemy of the entire Cataclysmic Front?!”

When the other party heard these words, they were obviously a little worried.

Indeed, no one would dare to provoke the powerful Cataclysmic Front casually.

Walter saw that the other party was a bit hesitant, so he said while the iron was hot: “Putting aside the attitude of your superiors, you and I should have the same attitude towards Hamid.”

“We both want to kill him before it is too late. So this matter you do not so anxious to agree to Hamid, in my opinion, you might as well first decisively reject him, so that it can give more psychological pressure!”

“Can reject him, you also have nothing to lose, and he is unlikely to be annoyed because you refuse to make peace with him. Following that, send troops to attack us.”

The other party thought for a moment and said, “To tell you the truth, Commander Chen, even if I don’t want to make peace with Hamid, I’m afraid this matter is no longer up to me.”

Walter immediately said: “It’s useless even if you can’t, don’t forget that you alone can decide whether to negotiate or not, even if you agree to negotiate with him and reach a settlement with him, we will not agree! If Hamid and his men dare to come out, we will fight them to the death!”

The other side suddenly became embarrassed.

If Walter was really unwilling to make peace, there was really no point in just them going to talk to Hamid, after all, who could do anything to them if the Cataclysmic Front did not withdraw its troops by then?

Thinking of this, he said helplessly, “Commander Chen, I will give you at most five more days to consider, after five days if you are still not willing to make peace with Hamid, then we will have to withdraw our troops!”

“Okay!” Walter thought that he could delay for five more days, so he agreed without hesitation and said offhandedly, “Then you should talk back to Hamid first, and say that you will not consider peace talks for the time being!”


Subsequently, the news soon came back to Hamid through an intermediary.

When he heard that the government forces were not willing to negotiate with him, he was furious and cursed: “D*mn, I want to negotiate, but they are not willing! What a disgrace!”

After saying that, he asked Charlie, “Brother, what should we do now? Wait for them to change their minds?”

Charlie frowned and shook his head, “I’m in a hurry to go back and have things to do, I can’t wait.”

After saying that, he added: “They are not willing to make peace, so I think they should not know enough about your strength.”

“Yes!” Hamid said in a cold voice: “They must think that I am a soft bun!”

Charlie grunted and said, “This way, you immediately take pictures of all your reserves, send them the photos, then tell them that this is just the tip of the iceberg of all your strategic reserves, and finally give them a chance to make peace talks, I don’t believe they won’t agree this time!”

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