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  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5976These gangsters were full of rage earlier, but after Porter finished talking, they huddled together and shivered violently in fear. Charlie sneered in amusem*nt as he looked at their frightened expressions. These gangsters were always so nasty and arrogant. Today was finally the day where they were scared out of their wits. The best way to deal with these evil forces in the United States was to double-cross them. You had to fight knives with guns and be more fearsome than they were. Moreover, morality did not exist in the people in this line of work. Morality was a more stringent code of conduct than the law. All illegal things violated morality, but not all things that violated morality were illegal. Every penny earned by these gangsters was obtained by violating the law. To them, morality meant nothing as they didn't even take the law seriously. Hence, the best way to deal with them was to be more ruthless than them. Charlie also knew that his deterrent power was far from
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5975These leaders would not submit to Charlie even if Charlie killed Antonio right in front of them today. They might pretend to be submissive just to stay alive. However, once they escaped this hell hole, the first thing they would do was to come back—loaded up on guns and guys—and kill Charlie. Moreover, Charlie had told them to submit to the Oskian Gang and give their income to the gang. It meant that they would be able to leave here alive, didn't it? They weren't intimidated knowing they would be alive at the end of the day. All they had to do now was to be patient and wait for the chance to retaliate. Therefore, they secretly scoffed at Charlie's offer, but since their mouths were stuffed and they were bound together, they put on indifferent expressions. On the other hand, Charlie couldn't care less about their response. He smirked and continued, "Also, guys, listen carefully. From tomorrow onwards, each of you must have a full-time financial advisor. This person will keep d
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5974The crowd wondered what Antonio was up to as they watched his bizarre movements in confusion.It wasn’t until Antonio hopped and revealed the lower half of his body that everyone realized one of his legs was gone. What was even more startling was the dreadful state of his injury. He hadn’t seemed to have dealt with the wound of his severed leg. The blood in the wound was still fresh, and it looked shocking to the eye.Antonio had long since lost his aura as a mafia leader.To minimize these people's hatred toward him, Antonio took off his hat after laboriously jumping up to the second floor.The view made the crowd even more speechless. Both of Antonio's ears had been cut off, leaving only bloody scars.Antonio's horrific injuries showed that he must have been subjected to inhumane torture. At this point, it went without saying that someone else had tricked them into coming here today and bound them together. Right at this moment, Charlie and Porter walked up the stairs one af
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5973Aman knew that Charlie sparing his life was already repaying kindness with enmity. In this situation, his best choice was to take what he could get and not attempt to plead further. Otherwise, if Charlie changed his mind, he might end up with an even worse offer.He could only say to Charlie helplessly, “Mr. Wade, rest assured, when I get to Syria, I will do my best to collaborate deeply with Commander Hamed, and contribute as much as I can…”Charlie nodded approvingly and said with a smile, “Good, good. Mr. Ramovic, you are a righteous man. There aren't many truly righteous people left in this society.”After saying that, Charlie checked the time and said to Porter, “Porter, it's dawn, and almost everyone has arrived. Arrange for the ship and then go upstairs to administer a strong dose to those upstairs. You can then set sail with them to leave the United States.”Porter nodded respectfully and asked Charlie, “Mr. Wade, how exactly should I administer the strong dose? Do you have
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5972Charlie smiled and said, “If I had the same knowledge as you, I would have learned your method and let Antonio kill you.”As he said that, Charlie looked at Antonio and asked him, “Antonio, I have a proposal for you. If you are willing to kill Aman, I will let you stay in New York and continue to manage the Zano family. What do you think?”When Antonio heard this, he didn't care whether what Charlie said was true or not. He blurted out without hesitation, “Mr. Wade! As long as you give me a gun, I will beat Aman's head into a pile of flesh now!”Aman's face turned pale.He didn't know whether Charlie really meant this. After all, he had thought of using Antonio to kill Charlie just a few hours ago. If Charlie also used his own method to treat him, he would definitely die in Antonio's hands.When Charlie saw that Aman's face was full of fear, he smiled and said, “You don't have to be so scared. I've already said that I won't argue with you.”Aman was relieved immediately. At this
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5971Charlie pointed to Antonio beside him and said, “This is the boss of the New York Mafia. Get acquainted with each other. There are quite a few prominent figures from New York gangs upstairs. You should greet them one by one later. These people have a rebellious nature. When I deal with them alone, they won't be convinced. It requires someone like you, famous, well-connected, and with a team behind you, to truly intimidate them. After daybreak, you will take him and his men by boat out of the United States and then arrange to go to Syria, handing them directly over to Hamed.”Porter nodded immediately and said, “Okay, Mr. Wade. Is there anything else you want to instruct me or convey to Commander Hamed?”Charlie glanced at Antonio and continued, “This is Antonio, a true Sicilian man despite having a lame leg. Tell Hamed that medical conditions in Syria are limited, so he doesn't need to bother treating him. Just find a carpenter to make him a wooden leg. They're in the middle of const
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5970Antonio made full use of his identity as the underground emperor of New York. Every gang leader he notified arrived eagerly and excitedly.However, no one could have expected that waiting for them in Oskiatown was a scene where they were all tightly bound with stinky rags stuffed in their mouths. They were huddled together in a corner of the second floor of a roast goose restaurant alongside other top members from various gang units.As more people arrived, Antonio grew increasingly anxious.During a brief lull between the last batch being taken upstairs and the next one arriving, he couldn't help but ask Charlie miserably, “Mr. Wade… I've tricked all these gang bosses into going to Syria. I’m betraying all of them. When we get to Syria, if they join forces to come after me, I won't end up dead there, right?”Charlie smiled and asked him, “So, what do you think should be done?”Antonio swallowed nervously and cautiously said, “Since I'm cooperating like this, why don’t you leave m
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5969Charlie wanted to use this trick to turn all the gangs in New York into his puppets in one night.After returning, these surviving second-in-commands who were completely shocked would never dare to disobey Charlie again, considering that Charlie was backed by the powerful Ten Thousand Armies. They would definitely obey Charlie's orders wholeheartedly.The Zano family's decades of hard work would also be cut off by Charlie after tonight.Antonio, who had already accepted his fate, could only lament to Danial at this time. “Danial, not only us but also the leaders of other gangs. When they arrive one after another, we will go to Syria together and set off early tomorrow morning.”Danial was even more surprised and asked him, “Boss, we are a gang, not mercenaries. What can we do in Syria? We can't go to Syria to grab territory, right? The people over there are much fiercer compared to us. We are still using 9mm pistols to grab territories, but they should be running around with RPGs t
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5968He came from humble beginnings and didn't understand much about political maneuvering. His philosophy was simple, that was, as long as his brothers worked hard alongside him, he would ensure they were well taken care of. If there was food on his plate, there would be soup for his brothers.However, Maikey was much smarter compared to him. When Maikey graduated from high school, he was the only talented student from his African-American neighborhood to be accepted into a reputable public university that year.In that neighborhood, crime and divorce rates were sky-high. Many young people learned to shoot and do drugs before they even grew facial hair. If a day passed without a gunfight in the area, everyone would have trouble sleeping due to the unfamiliarity.In such an environment, Maikey's acceptance into university was a testament to his exceptional intellect. However, once he entered university, the stark contrast between his impoverished background and the lavish lifestyles of w
  • The Charismatic Charlie Wade PDF & Novel Online by Lord Leaf to Read for Free - Urban/Realistic Stories - MegaNovel (2024)
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