The Charismatic Charlie Wade - Season 3 Episode 21 - Classic Novel (2024)


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Zeke quickly said, “Mr. Wade, it’s the peak hour now, the hardest time to get a taxi. Why don’t I send you there, if you don’t mind?”

Claire was curious and skeptical about this coincidence, but she was too desperate to say no to the generous offer. “Thank you so much for the lift, Mr. White.”

“You’re too welcome, it’s my pleasure.” Zeke hurriedly got out of the car and opened the door for them happily.

Charlie simply rubbed his nose sheepishly without a word. He was well aware that Zeke had grabbed the best opportunity to flatter him, and coincidentally, he needed his help, so he didn’t refuse the offer.

The driver drove in front while Zeke sat in the front passenger seat and started a casual conversation with Charlie.

On the way, Claire listened to their conversation while a puzzling sensation brewed inside her.

Zeke White was one of the successful businessmen in Aurous Hill that earned a much higher honor and reputation in the business circle as compared to Lady Wilson. Such a figure usually possessed a firm and stern temperament, and yet, inside the car, Claire could clearly feel that Zeke seemed to butter Charlie up and it was so obvious that it was getting a little greasy.

Then, she peeked at Charlie and found that he remained natural with a stoic look, making the whole scene even more mysterious.

Logically speaking, when ordinary people got to meet a prominent figure like Zeke White, they would be very humble and try their best to please him. Yet, on the contrary, Charlie looked indifferent, and he didn’t even seem to care about Zeke.

What was more peculiar was that Zeke had given Charlie a villa worth more than 100 million dollars! It was so bizarre and odd!

On the other hand, Claire had long heard that Zeke was very much into metaphysics and very superstitious. He would pray, worship, and give offerings to the God of Wealth at home on the fifth and fifteenth of each month. It just so happened that Charlie seemed to have familiarized himself with this kind of superstitious study, and that was probably why Zeke was so polite to Charlie.

Nevertheless, she did not believe in these superstitions at all.

Ten minutes later, the car parked at the entrance of Spikeworth Corps. Again, Zeke swiftly got out of the car and opened the door for them.

Claire quickly blurted a thank you and followed Charlie into the company.

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“Master Wade, I’ll be here waiting for you,” Zeke said from behind them.

Charlie nodded to him and said, “Thank you for the lift, but you don’t have to wait here. I don’t know how long we will take.”

“It’s okay. I don’t have anything to do today, anyway.”

Zeke bowed to him and continued, “The White family’s business is not doing so well recently, it has got me really worried. I would like to find some time to consult with you.

Charlie smiled and said, “You were born in the year of Rooster, weren’t you? Your birth sign clashes with this year’s Tai Sui, which is the main reason for your misfortune and disturbances. Buy some herbs such as mugwort, caltrops, atractylodes, and Poria. Put them all into a bag and bath in the herb- infused water to treat eczema. After the eczema is gone, you won’t be as unlucky as you are now. The

eczema is caused by the blocked internal circulation that is not only affecting your body but also your luck.”

Zeke was so shocked as he listened to Charlie’s remark, his jaw almost dropping to the floor.

Charlie turned and left after he had finished speaking. Zeke slowly regained his composure from the daze and mumbled, “Genius, Master Wade. You are a godlike genius! You even predicted eczema on my thigh, even my wife doesn’t know about it!”

He bowed respectfully to Charlie with a look of worship on his face as Charlie walked away. It looked as though he had made the best decision by buttering Charlie up!

Zeke stood upright and snorted. “Huh, Graham Quinton. You were so damned lucky when you hopped on Master Wade’s wagon, but so did I! I’ll catch up to you with my own wagon and do better than you!”

Charlie walked into the lobby and sent Claire into the interview room.

As Claire entered the interview room, she saw several candidates making a line for the interview, so she joined the queue.

Charlie strolled around the hall to pass his time. As he glanced downstairs from the window, he shook his head with a bitter smile as he saw that Zeke was still waiting by the entrance. He couldn’t help it if the White family insisted on worshipping him like a God.

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The Charismatic Charlie Wade - Season 3 Episode 21 - Classic Novel (2024)
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