Whiskeytown Camera (2024)

1. Webcams - Whiskeytown - National Park Service

  • This camera is located on the roof of the park visitor center and looks west over Whiskeytown Lake. View Webcam ...

  • Last updated: June 5, 2024

2. Whiskeytown Visitor Center Webcam (U.S. National Park Service)

  • This camera is located on the roof of the park visitor center and looks west over Whiskeytown Lake. Status. Active. Refresh.

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3. Whiskeytown Lake Webcam

Whiskeytown Lake Webcam

4. Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Visitor Center

  • "This camera is located on the roof of the park visitor center and looks west over Whiskeytown Lake. Made possible, in part, by Whiskeytown Sailing Club, ...

  • Image from National Park Service Web Camera Database - Montana State University (MSU) Library

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Visitor Center

5. Whiskeytown, CA Live Traffic Cameras & Local Road Conditions

  • Access Whiskeytown traffic cameras on demand with WeatherBug. Choose from several local traffic webcams across Whiskeytown, CA. Avoid traffic & plan ahead!

Whiskeytown, CA Live Traffic Cameras & Local Road Conditions

6. Whiskeytown Lake Webcam - NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - See Cam

  • Northern California Webcams. Lost Coast Headlands · Mendocino Coast · Mount Shasta · Shelter Cove · Whiskeytown Lake · Lava Beds National Monument ...

  • Travel Webcams > NORTHERN CALIFORNIA > Whiskeytown Lake Webcam

Whiskeytown Lake Webcam - NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - See Cam

7. Wind and weather webcams Whiskeytown Lake - Windfinder.com

  • You can view all wind and weather webcams as well as live cams nearby Whiskeytown Lake on the above map. Click on an image to see large webcam images.

  • Windfinder.com - Wind & weather webcams Whiskeytown Lake for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and sailing

Wind and weather webcams Whiskeytown Lake - Windfinder.com

8. Whiskeytown Lake - .

  • Get Started. Whiskeytown Lake · Whiskeytown Lake Webcam · Kayak Tours · Camping · Whiskeytownlake.com is for sale! Mountain Bike Trail Maps · View Larger Map.

  • whiskeytown lake website

Whiskeytown Lake - .

9. Whiskeytown Marinas LLC • Whiskeytown Lake | Boat Rentals ...

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  • Whiskeytown Lake, located 8 miles west of Redding in Northern California, stem's its name from Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and is a favored lake by locals and tourist alike for Boating, Camping, and RV's

10. R-S mailbag: Whiskeytown webcam update. Who's exempt from jury duty?

  • 25 jan 2022 · Anyone over age 69 who feels they can't serve must request an exemption from the Shasta County Courthouse in Redding. Email jury@shasta.courts.

  • The webcam atop the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area Visitors Center has been offline since September. Will it be replaced — and, if so, when?

R-S mailbag: Whiskeytown webcam update. Who's exempt from jury duty?

11. Photography In The National Parks: Whiskeytown National Recreation ...

  • 17 mrt 2021 · ... camera-ready views framed by bare tree limbs, exemplifying beautiful and haunting scenery of a part of Whiskeytown lake and surrounding ...

  • Western landscapes are suffering more than a glancing blow from this year’s wildfires. Many of those fires are encroaching upon National Park System units. Two years ago, a wildfire devastated 97% of the 42,000 acres of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area in California. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of park staff and their partners, most of this park is once again open for recreation, including landscape and bird photography. Before heading home from her Redwood National and State Parks visit, contributing photographer Rebecca Latson took a detour over to Whiskeytown, returning with tips on what you can see and photograph within this recreation area risen from the ashes of the 2018 Carr Fire.

Photography In The National Parks: Whiskeytown National Recreation ...
Whiskeytown Camera (2024)


Why is Whiskeytown Lake so clear? ›

Why is Whiskeytown Lake Usually Clean and Clear? Whiskeytown Lake has two separate sources of water: 1) Clear Creek and its tributaries and 2) during the summer, Clear Creek Tunnel, a manmade tunnel that connects Whiskeytown Lake with the Trinity River watershed at Lewiston Lake.

Can you drink on Whiskeytown Lake? ›

Alcohol is not permitted at Brandy Creek Beach, Oak Bottom Beach, East Beach, and the Whiskey Creek Group Day Use Area Beach. Elsewhere in the park, such as along the shoreline or in your campsite, please drink responsibly and never drink and drive or drink and boat.

What is Whiskeytown, CA known for? ›

The area became known as a source for gold. The Redding Record Searchlight reports miners averaged $50 in gold per day, and in 1851 a 56-ounce gold nugget was found. The first woman arrived in town in 1852, and by 1855, about 1,000 gold miners lived in Whiskeytown.

Is there a town under Whiskeytown Lake? ›

Construction was finished on Whiskeytown Dam in 1963, submerging much of the original town under the reservoir and prompting the moving or demolition of many structures and even the Whiskeytown Cemetery. When water levels are low enough, the foundation of some original buildings is still visible.

What is the deepest part of Whiskeytown Lake? ›

Maximum depth. 264 feet. Recreation at Whiskeytown is administered by the Na- tional Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior. The National Park System is dedicated to conserving the great natural, historical, and recreational heritage of the United States for the benefit and enjoyment of all the people.

Can you swim in Whiskeytown Lake? ›

Most visitors to Whiskeytown come for its cool, clear waters. Swimming, wading, and scuba diving takes place along the shorelines or at one of the parks designated beaches.

Are there fish in Whiskeytown Lake? ›

The clear waters of Whiskeytown support a variety of game fish that can be successfully caught from a boat or from the lake and stream shoreline. Brown trout are dark brown or olive on back, golden brown on sides, white/yellow on belly.

Are jet skis allowed on Whiskeytown Lake? ›

Popular activities at Oak Bottom include swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking. the marina. Jet skis and similar brands of personal watercraft are banned on Whiskeytown Lake.

What happened to Whiskeytown? ›

They disbanded in 2000 with Adams leaving to pursue his solo career. Whiskeytown gradually expanded its sound outside the confines of alternative country while still maintaining its alternative roots.

What animals are in Whiskeytown Lake? ›

Black bears, coyotes, mountain lions, and fox can all be found in the park along with numerous rodents, rabbits, and insectivores.

How did Whiskeytown get its name? ›

While hauling supplies back to his mine, the pack on his mule's back broke loose and a whiskey barrel tumbled down the hillside, breaking on rocks below and spilling its contents into a creek. From this christening came the name Whiskey Creek, and the small settlement next to the creek became known as Whiskeytown.

What time does Whiskeytown open? ›

All Park Hours

The park is open year-round, 24 hours a day.

Can you camp anywhere on Whiskeytown Lake? ›

Oak Bottom Campground is the only campground located on the shores of Whiskeytown Lake. The campground is operated by a concessioner and is open year-round.

How much does it cost to camp at Banning State Park? ›

Camping fees at Banning State Park in Minnesota vary depending on the type of campsite and the time of year. During the peak season (April to October), a standard campsite costs around $23-$25 per night, while a group campsite can cost up to $90 per night.

What is the most clear lake in California? ›

Of all the lakes across California, it is the state's most famous that is also the cleanest. Lake Tahoe, which straddles the Northern California-Nevada border, is one of the cleanest lakes in the US, and the absolutely cleanest lake in California.

Why is lake water so clear? ›

During the summer months, the sun warms the surface layer, creating a thermal barrier that prevents the water from mixing. This process is known as thermal stratification. As a result, the surface layer remains clear, while the bottom layer is rich in nutrients and supports a diverse ecosystem.

Why is Clear Lake called Clear Lake? ›

Clear – Air – of Clear Lake

Many newspaper articles and local legends state that Clear Lake was named after the air quality of the valley in which its basin is formed, and not given to the Lake to describe its water quality.

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